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News! - Upcoming : Panthera 3.0 HD and Eclipse 550 NG by Aerobask

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News! - Upcoming : Panthera 3.0 HD and Eclipse 550 NG by Aerobask


Aerobask have announced the coming release of their Panthera 3.0 HD and Eclipse 550 NG. Developers are reluctant to release aircraft lately as the unreliability of the X-Plane11 beta and don't want to just deliver X-Plane10 aircraft and then redo all the work again for X-Plane11...  catch22.


But the work does go on regardless and they are all out there wanting to move forward.


Both the new versions of the Panthera and Eclipse will come soon with a sophisticated avionics built in for X-Plane developed by Lionel : 2 Dynon Skyview, 1 GTN750 and 1 GTN650.





Here is a list of the coming main features:

Accurate flight model built by X-Aerodynamics according the real datas (for Eclipse 550).

Accurate display. The resolution matchs the real instruments.

Touch Screen Operation


SID/STAR procedures

Moving-Map with several resolution available to save the FPS according the CPU/GPU

Terrain Map

COM/NAV/Transponder managed by the GTNs


Advanced TCAS (works with AI aircrafts, IVAO, VATSIM, Pilot Edge)

Interactive Checklists

PBR textures for X-Plane 11


But note that a lot of new X-Plane11 features will also be part of the packages and both aircraft will be X-Plane11 compatible when released!





There is also a video available to show how the GTN 750 system works with the built in charts feature...


Important Note!
With the major thrust changes in the X-Plane11beta 12/13 Aerobask have released patches to update their older products to accommodate the changes, these are:


Here are the links:


These patches will allow you to use current Aerobask aircraft in both X-Plane10 and X-Plane1 until a formal release is posted of the simulator.


Expect all products to be current before Easter, although there is no release date on these aircraft, but that is out of everyone's hands for now.




Stephen Dutton
7th March 2017
Copyright©2017: X-PlaneReviews

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