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News! - Aircraft Updated to X-Plane11 : Airbus A350 XWB v1.4.3 by FlightFactor

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News! - Aircraft Updated to X-Plane11 : Airbus A350 XWB v1.4.3 by FlightFactor


FlightFactor have updated their Airbus A350 XWB aircraft to be flyable in X-Plane11. The note here is flyable or compatible and not a totally configured aircraft for the new X-Plane version as the simulator is still within its beta stages (XP11b11 at this article). But flyable or usable is still a very nice place to be.


We saw a very nice and more complete upgrade to the A350 v1.30 just back in July 2016, and right there and then it felt like a completely new aircraft than the earlier predecessors. Here again with this version v1.43 you see a solidness that was missing in the earlier releases of this Airbus aircraft, it usually came off second best compared to the Boeing designs of B757/767 and the B777 Series. But now it is a very though machine and becoming very mature as it ages. Again the FMC is still not a full total replication of a FMS (Flight Management System) like on the B757/767 and in this case the SID/STAR component is still missing for now, but it is coming, I swear it is.


A350_Head 1.jpg


FlightFactor put a nice shine on to the A350 in the last update, and in XP11 the aircraft looks amazing.


A350_Head 2.jpgA350_Head 4.jpg

A350_Head 3.jpgA350_Head 5.jpg


The exceptional lighting of X-Plane11 is bringing aircraft alive in realism and put that factor together with highly detailed aircraft and the results are stunning.


A350_Head 6.jpgA350_Head 7.jpg


Version v1.4.3 notes are:


- added xp11 compatability
- Introduction of popup screens
- Terrain on ND now available
- support of custom earth_nav.dat files.


Not a big update list, but you do feel there are more improvements than listed that have been addressed under the skin.


The complex sets of monitor screens that is unique to the A350 flight deck has had some slight changes.


Popup screens


A350_Screens 1.jpgA350_Screens 2.jpg


The OIS (Onboard Information System) side (and center) menu screens, were...  let us say "a little buggy" in the original release of the A350 XWB. nothing really wrong but the effects of using the huge X pointer was a bit hit and miss. The problem was making out the screen active areas and the outer panel not active area, but all the issues have now been resolved, but to give you a secondary option, you now have a new menu

(options) selection that allows you to switch into two modes.


The new item is the MFD control that has two options "Wheel+Popup" and "Touch Screen"


Default is "Touch Screen" that still gives you that enlarged X pointer.


A350_Screens 3.jpgA350_Screens 4.jpg


But the newer selection in "Wheel+Popup" will freeze the X Pointer and when you want to make a selection the pop up window comes up and you can only use the standard hand (finger) selector for choosing items on the menus. (sorry the hand selector does not show in the images).


A350_Screens 6.jpgA350_Screens 5.jpg


It does make selections easier and quicker, but you do have a full pop-up screen every time you want to change a menu item.


Another new feature is "Terrain on ND" which is a radar terrain map showing on the Navigation Display. It is like the unit on the Boeing 757/767, but none adjustable.


A350_Terrain 1.jpgA350_Terrain 3.jpg


Sea is noted in blue, and you have terrain data details on the right. The ground profile is also shown on the vertical display on the lower part of the Navigation Display.


Aircraft data in X-Plane11

In X-Plane11 the Navigation data system has had a complete overhaul. One of the changes is that the usual "Custom Data" or navigation data details is now missing in the main X-Plane root folder. Developers now have to supply the actual aircraft with the data to include Navigraph and Aerosoft Navdata Pro with navigational data. To allow the A350 to fly in X-Plane this data has now been included within the update v1.4.3


A350_FMS 1.jpg


Note the excellent click to complete checklist system, green for completed checks and blue for not covered checks.


Cockpit is now very refined with lots of nice touches and details. Note the working rear FMS unit and left - right pilot flying selection.


A350_Cockpit 1.jpgA350_Cockpit 2.jpg

A350_Cockpit 3.jpgA350_Cockpit 4.jpg


Cockpit night lighting is now excellent, lovely place to be on a long overnight flight.


A350_Night 1.jpg


Liveries supplied are: Blank, House/Qatar, Airbus House, Airbus Carbon, Air France, British Airways, Lufthansa and United are the default liveries


A350_Livery Blank.jpgA350_Livery QA.jpg

A350_Livery House.jpgA350_Livery Carbon.jpg

A350_Livery AF.jpgA350_Livery BA.jpg

A350_Livery LH.jpgA350_Livery UA.jpg


There are sets of 10 other liveries you can purchase from different regions of the world including  Oceania, Africa & Middle East, Asia, Atlantic, Europe 1, Europe 2 and Pacific.



Developers are caught at the moment with X-Plane11. Fix up the aircraft and the details change with a sudden new beta update. But we are well along the beta path now and an RC is on the horizon soon anyway. Personally I have found X-Plane11 in basic form extremely stable, so creating a compatible X-Plane11 aircraft is not going to go seriously out of whack anytime soon, as this excellent A350 in X-Plane11 shows.


This update is just that in a compatible and flyable aircraft for X-Plane11, but the new "Terrain on ND" is a very nice and useful feature to have as well.


The A350 from FlightFactor is becoming brilliantly good now, and is starting to fulfill its potential as one of the great aircraft to fly in X-Plane, and there is still more to come.



X-Plane Store logo sm.jpg

The Airbus A350-900 XWB Advanced from FlightFactor is Available from the  X-Plane.Org Store:


Airbus A350 XWB Advanced
Price is currently US$ 49.95
Livery packs at US$10 for ten liveries are available here: A350 Liveries Include: North America, Oceania, Africa & Middle East, Asia, Atlantic, Europe 1, Europe 2 and Pacific.


If you already have purchased the A350 XWB from FlightFactor then go to your account at the X-PlaneStore and update to v1.4.3.



X-Plane 10 (fully updated) or X-Plane 11
Windows - Mac - Linux - 64bit Operating System Required
1Gb+ VRAM Minimum, 2Gb+ VRAM Minimum. 8Gb RAM
Version : 1.43 (last updated February 10th, 2017)
Support forum : FlightFactor A350 XWB



Updated by Stephen Dutton
13th February 2017
Copyright©2017: X-PlaneReviews

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  • 9 months later...

Yes I think so. The current version is still v1.43 which is the version updated to X-Plane11 from X-Plane10 and not a completely new A350 v2.0 X-Plane11 version. It is not currently a total X-Plane11 version but as noted in this review an adjusted version to fly in X-Plane11. If FlightFactor do upgrade to V2.0 then you will have to totally repurchase the aircraft at full cost...   So if you go to your X-Plane.OrgStore account, you should still be able to download the v1.43 A350.  SD

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  • 1 year later...

Yes a full FMS with SID/STAR is coming for the FF A350, yes it really is... but you can get around and still use SID/STARS with the current default system...  I detailed how to do that here.... 

Plugin Update : WebFMC Pro v1.4.0 by Green Arc Studios It is detailed in the A350 section. SD


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  • 9 months later...

thanks for your reply on the a330! this will prbably be my last question on vram, because these two are the only planes I actually want (apart from a330 that i cant run, so i use rwdesign), could i possibly run the 777 extended/a350 (hopefully with the sid/star update) with 1.5GB vram? they seem to work with other people with the same vram on the org, could the planes possibly work with the least settings (minimal)? plz answer and thx!


for example this guy in the first post says he gets pretty reasonable fps (25-30) with 777 extended and a350, and he has the same specs as me: 



ps im not good with computers so this question might sound dumb to you.

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Same as before, you may just get away with the FF Boeing 777, but certainly not the FF A350, not with that graphic number, he must be running the card on the very XP basic settings, you would be wasting your money.

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  • 1 month later...

hello stephen. I'm considering this aircraft, but people have different opinions on the FPS of it.

Some say it is similar to the FFA320 Ultimate in FPS, others say the FPS is better than the FF777.

Which one is true? If none of them are. true, then how does the. A350 compare to the A320 and 777 in frames?


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