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News! - Aircraft Updated : BAe 146 Professional updated to v1.2.3

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News! - Aircraft Updated : BAe 146 Professional updated to v1.2.3


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Just weeks after the significant update (v1.2.1) that included the UFMC (Universal Flight Management Computer) installation into the JustFlight BAe 146 Professional aircraft, here comes a quick follow up update in v1.2.3.


Again the fixes focus on the newly installed UFMC, here is the v1.2.3 changelog...


UFMC fixes:
-RTE LEGS page number not updating
-HDG mode does not work with FPLN loaded
-Acceleration altitude missing from FMC.  Added to Takeoff REF PAGE #2
-Level off at MCP altitude on GS.  On GS engaged the Aircraft levelled off at MCP Altitude
-Blocking MCP altitude on RNAV APP.  At RNAV approach the MCP altitude was not possible to change
-VS/IAS flickering on RNAV approach
-IAN approach MCP altitude problem fixed
-Distance readout and groundspeed not working after C&D start
-Takeoff N1 value.  Now N1 At takeoff match the Aircraft value
-VNAV Altitude correct behaviour.
RNAV mode fixes:
-AP will be in RNAV mode if any of the HSI switchover switches (pilot or copilot)  is in the RNAV position
-LNAV and VNAV only works in RNAV mode
-If VNAV or LNAV is engaged, if the HSI switchover is changed to NAV, VNAV and LNAV will disengage
-When an RNAV approach is selected on the Approach PAGE, when close to the IAF waypoint, you have to press GS AP button to arm the RNAV approach. The status will change from White to green when it engages the approach.
-When a VOR, LOC or GLS approach is selected, when close to the IAF Waypoint, you have to press GS AP button to arm the approach, GS and V/L will arm. Because these approaches uses V/L AP mode (need tune the proper navigation frequency) you have to change the switchover to NAV (both of them) to let the autopilot engage the V/L mode and perform the approach
-For ILS approaches you have to change from RNAV to NAV to capture the LOC and GS path

JF_BAe_146_v121_FMS 3.jpg

I highlighted the "HDG mode does not work with FPLN loaded" bug, because it was seriously annoying...   When leaving the runway and moving over to the Autopilot, if you switched over to the "Heading" mode, you couldn't set the actual heading if you had a flightplan in place, this caused me all sorts of pain and anguish in wanting to connect into the flightplan downstream of the airport....  it is fixed thank god, "oh the time and the trauma that one caused".
I like the detailed RNAV approaches, and here in v1.2.3 JustFlight have focused a lot of attention on that particular area, but to note that for ILS Approaches you still have to switchover from the RNAV mode to NAV mode to capture the ILS beams, as noted it is always best to read the manual in detail, as the aircraft has very detailed (authentic) systems to be worked through.
A full overview of the UFMC Universal installation is here: Aircraft Update : BAe 146 Professional v1.2.1 by Just Flight
JF_BAe_146_v121_Flight 3.jpgJF_BAe_146_v121_Flight 4.jpgJF_BAe_146_v121_Flight 5.jpg
I found the JustFlight British Aerospace 146 Professional a very detailed simulation, it is an aircraft that does require time and hours on the clock to get the very best return for the simulation, that is the deal... it won't come to you quickly, but that is also the attraction and shows how deep you can now go in X-Plane simulations.



X-Plane Store logo sm.jpg


Yes! the British Aerospace 146 Professional v1.2.3 by JustFlight is now available from the X-Plane.Org Store here :


BAe146 Professional - JustFlight

Price is US$74.99

  • X-Plane 11
  • Windows, Mac or Linux
  • 4 GB VRAM Minimum - 8 GB VRAM Recommended
  • Download Size: 3.8 GB
Current Version: Version 1.2.3 (October 13th 2021)


Note!, you can use the Skunkcrafts updater to update the aircraft to the latest version, or download the v1.2.3 update directly from your X-Plane.OrgStore account.


News Update by Stephen Dutton

15th October 2021

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