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News! - Aircraft Release : Panavia Tornado GR4 v1.0 by X-Trident

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News! - Aircraft Release : Panavia Tornado GR4 v1.0 by X-Trident


X-Trident have released their Tornado GR4 Fighter. Come again...  released?  Yes a final release because when the aircraft debuted back in October 2016 it was only then a pre-release beta, but a beta you could then buy. Now it has had a formal release as the completed aircraft.


Tornado_Head 1.jpgTornado_Head 2.jpg

Tornado_Head 3.jpgTornado_Head 4.jpg


And what a sensational aircraft this Tornado is. The Panavia Tornado Project for X-Trident is actually their second aircraft after the excellent AMX Fighter and this aircraft is a step up from that acclaimed aircraft in detail and features.


X-PlaneReviews covered the original beta release in a full comprehensive review here : Aircraft Review : Panavia Tornado GR4 by X-Trident


Tornado_Head 5 LG.jpg


And mostly the update work since then has been fine tuning and finishing off the minute details. But a note that the aircraft is still only for X-Plane10 as the the Tornado is not yet configured for X-Plane11, but some details that that X-Plane 11's reflection mapping will be on the X-Plane11 release version has been shown.


Tornado_Wingswept 1.jpgTornado_Wingswept 2.jpg

Tornado_Wingswept 3 LG.jpg


The full list of features has now been noted and they include:


  • Pilot and navigator 3d cockpits
  • Realistic performances
  • Detailed startup sequence
  • Moving map
  • Terrain following radar
  • Radar warning
  • Long and short range guided bombs
  • Custom HUD with CCIP for gravity bombs; air and ground targets tracking
  • Weapon control panel with multi-configuration capability
  • Realistic / animated in flight refueling with the provided buddy tanker
  • Animated ejection sequence
  • Custom throttle control
  • Custom internal and external lights
Advanced features
  • Terrain avoidance radar
  • Terrain mapping radar
  • Ground targets (can be damaged and destroyed by bombing)
  • Detailed manual
  • Weather sensitive wing vortices
  • Custom sound plugin
  • Tacan navigation (air to ground and air to air)


The addition of the detailed manual (85 pages) is thankfully required as the aircraft uses the more advanced X-Plane (10.50/XP11) weapon  features, they are quite complicated to set and use, so the manual needs to be read before setting up the aircraft.


Tornado_HUD 1.jpgTornado_HUD 2.jpg


HUD (Head Up Display) has had a lot of attention and is far more detailed with better graphics on the v1.0 aircraft, systems are more workable as well.


Tornado_Cockpit 2.jpgTornado_Cockpit 1.jpg


Full engine startup is now possible with an excellent checklist to follow and use (well worth printing out for use). Not every switch still works, but more detail in systems have been added, so it is a very good semi-functional cockpit now.


Tornado_Cockpit 3.jpgTornado_Cockpit 4.jpg


Rear seat Navigator/bombardier's station is more workable, but still pretty basic.


All the great ground features are still here...


Tornado_Ground 1.jpgTornado_Ground 2.jpg

Tornado_Ground 3.jpgTornado_Ground 4.jpg


...    You get engine and inlet covers, remove before flight tags on the aircraft and on the armaments and even a cockpit canopy support, note the excellent rear and realistic engine covers. A cockpit ladder is also provided, that gives you a lot of authenticity on the ground and now there is an excellent military grade Ground Power Unit (GPU)


Tornado_Ground 5.jpgTornado_Ground 6.jpg


Aircraft refuel system is excellent with beautifully animated probe and provided (A.I.) buddy tanker.


Tornado_Refuel.jpgTornado_Refuel 2.jpg


Buddy 1.jpgBuddy 2.jpg

(images courtesy X-Plane.Org)



More liveries have been added to the package, from six to nine, including now a standard RAF.


They consist of as per the original set : AM 6th Stormo Camo (Italian) as the default, 50th Stormo (Italian), P-01 D9591 (German), MarineFlieger 43-87 (German), ZA412 617 Squadron (Dambusters) RAF (British) and RSAF (Saudi).


Tornado_Stormo default .jpgTornado_50 Stormo.jpg

Tornado_LW D9591.jpgTornado_LW Marineflieger.jpg

Tornado_RAF 2 DAM.jpgTornado_Saudi.jpg


And new liveries including: Luftwaffe 44 -37 Camo (German), Za491 20 Squadron Tabuk Nikki and the new RAF ZA714 617 Squadron.


Tornado_LW 37 Camo.jpgTornado_Tabuk Nikki.jpg

Tornado_RAF 1.jpg


The Tornado GR4 can be a tricky aircraft to fly and so needs a bit of study and practise to get the very best out of this aircraft, but that is not to say you won't have a lot of fun doing it, as it an exciting aircraft to learn and fly.


Expect the X-Plane11 version as soon as the new X-Plane application goes final....




X-Plane Store logo sm.jpg


Yes! the Panavia Tornado GR4 v1.0 by X-Trident is NOW available from the new X-Plane.Org Store here :


Panavia Tornado


Price is US$38.95



X-Plane 10 fully updated (any edition) - 64bit mode (not fully compatible with XP11 beta at this time)

Windows, Mac , Linux in 64bit mode
1GB VRAM Minimum. 2GB+ VRAM Recommended
Version 1.0 (last January 16th 2017)



X-Trident - Support forum for the Panavia Tornado


Stephen Dutton

20th January 2017

Copyright©20167 X-Plane Reviews


Thanks To:

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- EGOV - RAF Valley 2017 for X-Plane v10 by rcmarple (X-Plane.Org) - Free


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