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NEWS! - New Platform : Steam Deck running on X-Plane

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NEWS! - New Platform : Steam Deck running on X-Plane


NEWS_ Steam Deck running on X-Plane.jpg


By and large X-PlaneReviews doesn't look at the mobile aspect of X-Plane (even though it creates oodles of cash for Laminar). Mostly because the Mobile aspect is a more closed default world with no addons provided. 


Gaming however is also big business, hence the return of Microsoft with the Microsoft Flight Simulator - MSFS, that is becoming lately more a gaming platform than an actual Simulator with the latest X-Box portal...  you can't blame Laminar Research in not spreading the goodwill to gaming also with it's huge user base.


Hence the reveal of X-Plane (Simulator) running on an early production model of the much anticipated Steam Deck, and the first time that a portable gaming device is able to run the full desktop version of the simulator. Steam Deck is an upcoming handheld gaming computer developed by Valve Corporation, and it is expected to be released in December 2021.


Steamdeck App.jpg


A user also noted the same portable gaming device being connected up to a full simulator setup, with joystick and throttle inputs...




There is a very good chance the Steam Deck setup will also be revealed at the upcoming FlightSim Expo, starting today and running to the Sunday 26th September in San Diego, and a crossover announcement of the forthcoming new version of the X-Plane Simulator... either X-Plane12 or as noted "X-Plane Next Generation"... on the Steam Deck there is no branding of either, but the current X-Plane logo...  we wait in breathless anticipation.



News by Stephen Dutton

24th September 2021

Copyright©2021: X-Plane Reviews


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