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NEWS! - Aircraft in development : UPDATED FlightFactor Boeing 777 Pro v2

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NEWS! - Aircraft in development : UPDATED FlightFactor Boeing 777 Pro v2


FF Boeing 777 v2_Header.jpg


A decade ago we were all in thrall of an in-development of a Boeing 777. A new generation of mature modeling and extremely high quality textures were to bring to X-Plane the world beating Boeing 777 Twin-Engined airliner. But it was not by who you think it was, it was by XP-Jets a team that had broken away from XPFP (X-Plane Freeware Project). The project promised at the time the ultimate and the next level of computer simulation of flying aircraft. But there was one problem, the development was glacial slow, years slow to be exact.


Out of the blue came an aircraft release to trump everything, it was by a brand new outfit called FlightFactor Aero, and supported by VMAX, and that aircraft was the Boeing 777 Worldliner...  overnight, the expansive XP-Jet development was now dead and buried, gone within weeks. That was back in February 2013.


The newly formed FlightFactor broke a lot of barriers with their release of the Boeing 777 Worldliner, an astounding model for it's time, and even a fully working FMS system...  even behind the scenes it was different, breaking away from the rule of mostly a single or double amateur developer(s), this aircraft was created by a team, and they came with a 3rd party investment. In many ways they broke all the rules, and set out the future of aircraft development for the X-Plane Simulator in being a business model, and not just in being a hobbyist sharing their skills and creations.


That was then, and this is now...  Flightfactor went on to create the Boeing 757/767 twins, a very advanced chrome based Airbus A320 Ultimate, a basic but clever Airbus A350, and have already announced the development of a Boeing 787 Dreamliner...  but what of that original Boeing 777?


There was a Boeing 777 Worldliner Pro-Extended Pack, that added in the -200LR, -200ER and -300 variants, and a lovely -200F cargo option. Different engine configurations were also installed with the GE90-115B and the PW4090 coming later...  in May 2014, but since then really nothing?


The FlightFactor B757/767 twins have had a lot of updates, mostly twice a year, and that is were most of the team's focus has gone, but any new aircraft or even updates to the B777 have been...  really not a lot except for the X-Plane version changes, and even then they were quite thin on the ground, the hole in the instrument panel is still there as are the stiff bendy wings, oh and the really annoying fuel switches are still the wrong (manipulator) way around, and still a pain to use and really still only one side of the aircraft is actually flyable, and that is all after 8 Years of X-Plane development...   So there was those "in the long tooth" moments last year when the Boeing 777 looked like being not updated at all, with the focused move to the announcement of the coming B787 Dreamliner...   the venerable FlightFactor Boeing 777, looked like it was never going to get the expected v2 overhaul it deserved at all...  but today that changed!


Today FlightFactor announced that the Boeing 777 was in a v2 Professional development, and showed you images to prove that, yes, now, after all these years the aircraft will be totally revitialised for X-Plane. Prior to the the original post...   Flightfactor have again posted images of the external development of the Boeing 777 v2...  unlike the earlier images they do show a more complete aircraft...

FF Boeing 777 v2_External_4.jpgFF Boeing 777 v2_External_3.jpgFF Boeing 777 v2_External_2.jpgFF Boeing 777 v2_External_1.jpg


Ramzzess (FlightFactor) has lately got a type rating on the Triple-Seven, and has noted that being a real world pilot on the type, will transfer to the new v2 Triple-Seven development in being the most comprehensive version of the aircraft, in not only for the X-Plane Simulator, but for any deskbound simulator platform...


FF Boeing 777 v2_1.jpgFF Boeing 777 v2_4.jpgFF Boeing 777 v2_2.jpgFF Boeing 777 v2_3.jpg


FF Boeing 777 v2_5.jpgFF Boeing 777 v2_6.jpg


FF Boeing 777 v2_7.jpgFF Boeing 777 v2_8.jpg


FF Boeing 777 v2_10.jpgFF Boeing 777 v2_9.jpgFF Boeing 777 v2_11.jpgFF Boeing 777 v2_15.jpgFF Boeing 777 v2_13.jpgFF Boeing 777 v2_14.jpgFF Boeing 777 v2_16.jpg


FF Boeing 777 v2_Mon_1.jpgFF Boeing 777 v2_Mon_2.jpgFF Boeing 777 v2_Mon_3.jpgFF Boeing 777 v2_Mon_7.jpg


FF Boeing 777 v2_Mon_5.jpgFF Boeing 777 v2_Mon_6.jpg


FF Boeing 777 v2_Mon_8.jpg


...  ultimately though this new Boeing 777 v2 Pro comes at a time of another X-Plane revolution. The quality of newly released aircraft is almost extreme in their quality and system details, and this is very unlike the era that FlightFactor arrived in ten years ago to develop aircraft for the X-Plane Simulator. My point being that any new products from FlightFactor will have to go up or notch or two now to compete in that esteemed high end category they once called their own domain. Once any FlightFactor aircraft was a highly regarded release, but the situation has moved on a long way on since FlightFactor released their last aircraft in the A320 Ultimate, and to be honest, in areas it is still wanting with an half finished cabin. I am not saying that the coming Boeing 787-900 and now this ultimate version of the Boeing 777 Worldliner, won't be good, as FlightFactor has always been that...    but the competition has not only caught up, but passed FlightFactor in many significant areas....   overall it will be interesting to see what they can do when they deliver their "Next Generation" of aircraft.


Don't expect the aircraft soon on the above new external images...  the work is not so much on the visual, but on systems, release is slated not for 2021, but for 2022, and no date or price of Quarter has yet been signaled.


No matter whatever you think... with this new v2 Boeing 777 Worldliner Professional, it will certainly keep the punters very happy, including myself, whom has have spent many hours circling the globe in it's cockpit...  but it also now has to deliver big time in other aspects than what the original did on it's release now over 8 years ago...  it will be interesting and exciting at the same time.



Updated News! - Profile by Stephen Dutton

23rd August 2021

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