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X-PlaneReviews : Traveling and away

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X-PlaneReviews : Traveling and Away


There is never a good time to have a break in X-Plane because it is now always 24/7 in something coming along and with new releases. But I will be away for three weeks from today while I travel back home to the UK from Australia and for not just a visit but for my 60th Birthday.


The site however will not be completely without content as there are some really great release reviews all lined up for you to read and explore and there is some really great stuff coming...  So still check in regularly as you usually do and catch up on those great releases...


          ...  Of course I will be back on the cusp of the X-Plane11 release and will bring you the full details of everything about our next chapter in simulation, it is exciting and very close now to this great event.


Thanks everyone for your commitment to X-PlaneReviews and see you soon.


Stephen Dutton

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Guest Stefaan. -  EBOS

Enjoy the trip Stephen, and have a great 60th birthday with many more to follow.

We're up ahead exciting times in X-Plane ;-) 

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