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NEWS! - In Beta... First look Felis Boeing 747-200B Classic!

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NEWS! - In Beta...  First look Felis Boeing 747-200B Classic!


News header _B742B Beta 1.jpg


This is a brief and first look of the coming Felis Boeing 747-200B Classic that has now started it's beta development phase. Note the aircraft depicted here is a Beta version, things and items can be changed or revised on release, as this post is just an overview of the aircraft in the current beta phase state.


The initial surprise is that the aircraft here is that it is an American? Felis Aircraft are usually Russian in context, like his last release of the Tu-154M and AN-24, Yak 40. But there is nothing to doubt this X-Plane developer and his impressive development skills.


First impressions of the B742...  well very impressive, if even totally brilliant. If you follow X-PlaneReviews you will know I am a Boeing 747 fanatic, but sadly really good and certainly a classic Boeing 747's has not been available in any quality form on the X-Plane Simulator in the past... that aspect has now seriously changed with the coming release of this quality Felis developed aircraft.


The tighter 10 window hump signifies the -200 version, and the classic 747 profile.


B742_PW_Felis - Head 1A.jpgB742_PW_Felis - Head 2A.jpgB742_PW_Felis - Head 3A.jpgB742_PW_Felis - Head 4A.jpg


Pratt & Whitney JT9D-7's are also impressively modeled and finely detailed, they all sound pretty great as well...


B742_PW_Felis - Head 5A.jpgB742_PW_Felis - Head 6A.jpg


Nose gear and the traditional four gear bogies are excellent in quality and detail, yes it is all very real now...  a 747 Classic.


B742_PW_Felis - Head 7A.jpgB742_PW_Felis - Head 8A.jpg


The Felis B742B feels the huge heavy it is, feedback on the ground is simply excellent, and a great choice of steering inputs.


B742_PW_Felis - Head 9A.jpgB742_PW_Felis - Head 10A.jpg


Sluggish performance (and noise) shows the age of the aircraft, you take ages to get up to speed for rotation...  absolutely perfect.


B742_PW_Felis - Promo 1.jpgB742_PW_Felis - Promo 2.jpg


Simply stunning in the air...  but it's in the feel and feedback that really gets you, so perfectly 747 good.


B742_PW_Felis - Promo 3.jpgB742_PW_Felis - Promo 4.jpgB742_PW_Felis - Promo 5.jpg


Nothing really prepares you for the complexity provided here in this cockpit...  it is absolutely overwhelming.


B742_PW_Felis - Cockpit 1.jpgB742_PW_Felis - Cockpit 2.jpgB742_PW_Felis - Cockpit 3.jpg


Worse is that everything in here is active, almost every switch and every system panel are all authentic as well (most with a satisfying click and a co-pilot feedback)...  Study grade? Certainly, with even far more system depth than FJS Boeing 727 Series, this is the very best authentic system for the era in aircraft I have yet seen in X-Plane of this 70's style aircraft, complex and it certainly requires serious study to fly the machine to it's performance limits... so you WILL require time to learn the systems as in a lot of procedures, as in here it is not just a one button or one switch press, it is all very complicated but also devilishly rewarding to fly.


B742_PW_Felis - Cockpit 4.jpgB742_PW_Felis - Cockpit 5.jpgB742_PW_Felis - Cockpit 6.jpg


Both the Autopilot and Autothrust are as per the period and are both accessed via mechanical switch gear and systems, there are also the various modes to select and use.


B742_PW_Felis - Cockpit 7.jpgB742_PW_Felis - Cockpit 8.jpg


Engineers Station is dense...  very dense in authentic working systems.


B742_PW_Felis - Cockpit 16.jpgB742_PW_Felis - Cockpit 17.jpg


Supported are both the Delco Carousel IV-A Inertial Navigation System. Nicknamed "CIVA" and custom made for the aircraft here (It is not the Philipp Ringler Addon version) and the standard X-Plane FMC are both provided.


B742_PW_Felis - Cockpit 9.jpgB742_PW_Felis - Cockpit 10.jpg


Both side Pilot and Engineer station tablets are excellent, includes AviTab, Options, excellent Load& Balance Sheet that you can actually print out!, Load calculator, Payload Settings, Ground settings (JARDesign Ground Handling Deluxe vehicles) and a "fast" load option.


B742_PW_Felis - Tab 1.jpgB742_PW_Felis - Tab 4.jpgB742_PW_Felis - Tab 2.jpgB742_PW_Felis - Tab 3.jpg


 Night lighting is also excellent and all is highly adjustable...


B742_PW_Felis - Cockpit 11.jpgB742_PW_Felis - Cockpit 12.jpgB742_PW_Felis - Cockpit 13.jpgB742_PW_Felis - Cockpit 14.jpgB742_PW_Felis - Cockpit 15.jpg


Cabin is also fully rendered! Main lower deck with three cabins...  Economy, Business and that famous pointed nose First, and the bubble upper deck.


B742_PW_Felis - Cabin 1.jpgB742_PW_Felis - Cabin 2.jpgB742_PW_Felis - Cabin 3.jpgB742_PW_Felis - Cabin 4.jpgB742_PW_Felis - Cabin 5.jpgB742_PW_Felis - Cabin 6.jpg


There is a lot of the feel of the FlyJSim Boeing 727 Series in here, but with far, far more development and with a much more bigger system depth...  There has been an excellent pre-release video released...



Currently there is no release date or pricing from Felis, and I am not at this time going to predict either, but certainly a release in August is a certainty...  barring any bugs or hiccups.


B742_PW_Felis - Promo 6.jpgB742_PW_Felis - Promo 7.jpg


My thoughts are, if you want serious in depth simulation, then again this Felis Boeing 747-200B will certainly deliver in spades and again available only in the X-Plane Simulator...  I was expecting good, but what you get here is simply brilliant and complex simulation... on Approach and coming soon!


B742_PW_Felis - Final.jpg


Felis Boeing 747-200B Classic


KLM Livery is courtesy of Delta_Who


On release the Felis Boeing 747-200B will be available from the X-Plane Store logo sm.jpg



News! Profile by Stephen Dutton

27th July 2021

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(Disclaimer. All images and text in this review are the work and property of X-PlaneReviews, no sharing or copy of the content is allowed without consent from the author as per copyright conditions) All Rights Reserved


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