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Aircraft Update : F/A 18-F "Rhino" Super Hornet 1.2 by Colimata

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Aircraft Update : F/A 18-F "Rhino" Super Hornet 1.2 by Colimata


The F/A F18-F "Rhino" has had an upgrade to version 1.2. There are a few bug fixes and overall it is general cleanup to match the X-Plane 10.50 release.


FA-18F_Test 1.jpgFA-18F_Test 2.jpg

FA-18F_Test 3.jpgFA-18F_Test 4.jpg


Full Changelog is here:


New functionality:

Compatibility check to X-Plane 10.50

Autopilot can be programmed on the ground

Formation lights are dimmable

Engine shutoff procedure

NAV lights can be switched off

Strobe lights can be switched off

Marker volume can be muted via switch

Optimized supersonic model

Bugfixes / improvements:


More realistic engine fuel flow on high power levels

Correct TAS values in HSI

Correct GS values in HSI

Correct GPS coordinates in HSI when on southern hemisphere

Correct optimum range values in flight data menu

Standby altitude indicator has digital readout

Generator tie switch closed by default

Rear cockpit has night lighting


Optimized textures that need less memory with same quality

Wingfold works correctly also on the armed version

Rotating engine blades

Anticollision tail lights both red

Two new nav lights on the insight of the wing tip launcher


Nice to see the wingfold now works correctly, rear pilot area is now lit and the internal turbofans rotate!...   Yeah.


FA-18F_Panel 4.jpgFA-18F_Panel 7.jpg


A full X-PlaneReview Review is available on the F/A 18F here:   Aircraft Review : F/A 18-F "Rhino" Super Hornet by Colimata



And the updated manuals can be downloaded here

FA-18F v1.02 MANUAL.pdf
FA-18F v1.02 Quick start manual.pdf




logo logo sm.jpg


The FA18-F Super Hornet 1.2 by Colimata is available from the New X-Plane.Org Store here :


FA18-F Super Hornet


And is priced at only US$24.95


WINDOWS ONLY (for now)
X-Plane 10.40+ (any edition)
min 1Gb VRAM Video Card (low X-Plane settings) - recommended 2Gb VRAM
Current version: 1.02 (last updated August 17 2016)




Stephen Dutton

7th September 2016

Copyright©X-Plane Reviews: X-PlaneReviews 2016


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