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Flight Factor : Boeing 777 Extended "happy first birthday!"


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VMAX released the Boeing 777 Series (Professional) one year ago today.  It is hard to believe in how quickly the time has passed...




The release was a landmark event for the X-Plane simulator. Certainly other releases before the Boeing 777 had many of the great features already available. But the difference with the VMAX release was that you had them all in one aircraft.


It is a complex machine to learn and fly (The Manual alone is 532 pages and is a pure Boeing product) . And the highlight of the aircraft is Philipp Münzel's incredible FMS (Flight Management System). Again it is a complex beast...  but like everything in life once understood it is an amazing tool for flying this huge giant of an aircraft.




The FMS system took me a fair while to work out. certainly with the setting of the SID (departure) and STAR (Arrival) settings. but that is part of the learning curve you do in creating this level of simulation. The rewards are overwhelming once mastered. And this aircraft rewards you like no other machine in X-Plane.  I would give one piece of advice. Fly it and fly it often... It requires you to be on-board for a period of time to get the best out of the aircraft. Like a real pilot it demands refresher flights often to keep your skills sharp.


For a newcomer to these sort of aircraft it may sound a bit daunting...  but it isn't really if you are prepared to spend a little time on the aircraft.


In the "Extended' package there are the versions and in that you get the Standard (Professional) - 200LR (Long Range) version:




There is the "Cargo" F version with a large opening freight door.




And the -300ER (Extended Range - longer fuselage)




Price is US59.95 for the "777 Worldliner Professional" : 777 Worldliner Professional


And for an extra US$25.00 you can have the Extended Version (Cargo and -300) : Extended Upgrade


You can also purchase in packs, 10 liveries for US$10 for all versions : B777 Livery Packs





  • Officially licensed By the Boeing © Corporation
  • Accurate dimensions based on 2D and 3D drawings supplied by Boeing ©
  • X-Plane 10 - Mac, Windows and Linux - 32 and 64bit

Fully Functional FMS - Plan your routes like a real pilot

  • Custom designed Flight Management Computer, integrated with other plane systems
  • Custom programmed LNAV logic for terminal procedures
  • Custom designed Navigation Display
  • Tterminal procedure database with RNAV approaches and transitions
  • VNAV managed climbs and descends
  • Takeoff and approach speed calculation
  • Custom autopilot modes for autoland
  • Optimum cruise performance and step climb calculation

Incredible 3D modeling - the best eye-candy

  • Amazing virtual cockpit with crisp details - Dynamic reflections
  • Custom 3D sounds and Announcements
  • Add-ons: Push-back truck, Fuel Truck, Passenger bus and Emergency slides ...
  • On-Screen Menus: Configuration and loading menu, Quick Zoom
  • True-to-life radio navigation with procedural-, route-, and navigation support auto-tuning
  • Custom programmed FMC navigation using GPS-, radio- or inertial navigation with individual position errors and management of actual and required navigation performance
  • Magnetic, true and polar grid course reference
  • Alternate airports, diversion and arrival management
  • Ground proximity warning system using real sounds
  • FMC can be used on external touchscreen or tablet, optimized for the new iPad

If the coming Boeing 757 from VMAX is as good as their B777 then we will have a double treat! as for the B777 itself it has had a lot of improvements over its year of release, for more information on the last version update ( then go here:


I can't list here the amount of pleasure and experience this aircraft has delivered for me over the last year...  Currently the Freighter version is being used on my 2013 Formula One (Follow the flyaway races) program with Singapore GP coming up in a few weeks... with Korea, Japan, India, Abu Dhabi, Austin (US) and finally Sao Paulo (Brazil) coming till December and will certainly keep me in the B777 cockpit for quite awhile...




For an interview with one of the developers of the Boeing 777 Roman Berezin : then go here:



7th September 2013

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Stephen has said it all really and there is little else to say, apart from the fact that this one aircraft alone in my humble opinion has done more to place xplane over the tipping point of critical mass than all before it. The number of simmers that I know who have converted to xplane just because of this aircraft is staggering.

One can only imagine what the 757 will do.

I fly the T7 about three times a week and I learn something new every day. The failure system is simply marvellous in its execution as failures seemingly appear with such randomness you can never know what to expect. The FMC is a tour de force and sets the standard for all future pay ware developed aircraft for xplane.

Many simmers don't like flying at night because of landing but with this aircraft set up right you can do your ILS or procedural approach with ease, switch off the auto pilot at say 4 miles out and just follow the glide path down to a perfect landing. There is nothing more satisfying than rolling out after a flight whether it be 1 hour or several, knowing that you mastered all the flight systems to arrive safely at your destination.

Your main problem is going to be deciding which airports to fly to as this aircraft truly opens up the world.


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Is this company VMAX the same crowd that published the FS2002 software title "READY FOR PUSHBACK" ? 


Dave Britzius

(Cape Town)

I checked this out and yes it is the same outfit... However the person that created the software is not associated with VMAX any more.

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