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News! - JustFlight shows off BAe146 Pro custom FMC

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News! - JustFlight shows off BAe146 Pro custom FMC


JF Bae 146 News_ header FMC.jpg



When X-PlaneReviews did the comprehensive review of JustFlight's exceptional BAe146 Professional, there was one glaring exception...  a Universal FMC. Instead we had installed in the aircraft the crappy default X-Plane FMC, which is pretty basic, and useless, to the point it only just does the route for you to follow, and it doesn't look authentic either (not a lot of love there is there). Personally I thought the custom FMC would be months away, but no, as on the JustFlight Facebook page they already give us a glimpse of the coming nirvana. Notes are as follows...


"The upcoming v1.2 update will include a variety of fixes and changes, including further improvements to the TMS, but most importantly it introduces a several new navigation options to choose from!

In addition to the existing X-Plane 11 FMC, you will now be able to choose from custom UFMC (complete with LNAV/VNAV autopilot integration and performance calculations), the always-popular RealityXP GTN or nothing – for those of you who prefer the classic VOR and NDB navigation for which the 146 was originally designed.

The v1.2 update is currently undergoing final testing ahead of its release this month. Here are some pics that show off the work to date."


BAe146 UNi FMC 2.jpgBAe146 UNi FMC 1.jpgBAe146 UNi FMC 3.jpgBAe146 UNi FMC 4.jpg


As noted there will be three FMC options, Blank Plates, Universal FMC or the XP Realistic GTN in a custom install...  no note is if the current default FMC will also be kept. Note that the blank plate option is very realistic as airlines such as Loganair, AirUK, and Jersey/British European had no FMC systems fitted in the aircraft. The Universal Avionics UNS-1E avionics suite was the installed FMC system in all the BAe146/Avro Series.


Currently under final testing and the v1.2 release is coming within this month...  says it all, Brilliant!


JustFlight's Facebook Page is here: JustFlight-Facebook


News! Update by Stephen Dutton

11th June 2021

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