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News! - Aircraft Update : Boeing 767-300ER 1.1.12 by FlightFactor/Steptosky

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News! - Aircraft Update : Boeing 767-300ER 1.1.12 by FlightFactor/Steptosky


FlightFactor_aero and SteptoSky have released an update for the Boeing 767. This v1.1.12 is mostly a bug and refine update, but there is a few special new features.


767-300ER_Head 2.jpg767-300ER_Head 4.jpg

767-300ER_Head.jpg767-300ER_Head 1.jpg


The main new features are:

  • *new click system, with lots of new options for cockpit interaction 
  • many FMS and AP improvements  
  • new cockpit tooltip system 
  • a lot of additions to the many 
  • new glow effects
  • updater (still in beta)


First new feature is the "tooltip"




On the iPad menu under Cockpit Interactions (General/Cokpt Interaction) there is a new selection called "tooltips". You can select right, left or hover mouse clicks (or off) to show what the item you have selected is and what it does...  handy.


Second feature is the lovely new glow effects.


The highlight here is the FMC panel to show off the effects to their full advantage.




Developers have spent years trying to make text and lettering clearer in the cockpit and now they want to make them blurry again...  but with a reason.


It is to show the depth of the glass in the instrument and the internal text reflection on that depth of glass. It is a amazingly lifelike and another step forward in realism in the cockpit...




In the darker cockpit environment the new glow effects are simply amazing, beautiful.


767-300ER_Instru 1.jpg767-300ER_Instru 2.jpg


The glow effects are also used on the instrument lighting reflections. Most notable is the artificial horizon reflection that changes and glows with the instrument's activity.


Full 1.1.12 changelog is:


- added kg/lb option
- fixed some CTDs during STAR/APP setup
- fixed some drawing artifacts on Intel HD Graphics
- fixed CTD when you enter awy/wpt on the rte pages without entered dep/dest
- added logic for checking airac cycle of the co-routes
- reworked AT&AP
- AP: reworked AT&AP modes switching/engaging/disconnection logic(for example: you can engage CMD without engaged FD), closer to real life
- AP: reworked AT&AP modes internal logic( for example: ALT_HOLD modes now correct reacts to changing baro setting), closer to real life
- AP: added new AT sub modes: SPD_LIM, SPD_FLAPS, ALPHA
- AP: added new AP sub mode: ALT_CAP
- AP: added several configurable AP options
- AP: and other changes
- improved the fast&slow indication for old style eadi.
- reworked the click system, implemented new modes of cockpit inteaction with many options
- added in-cockpit clickzone tips from the manual
- added the ability to manipulate objects in several ways with options 
- fixed RTO disarm bugs
- added a menu page for detail volume options for each group of sounds
- added a menu page with cockpit inteaction options
- added a page with detailed lighting effects options
- added a new glow special effect
- improved flightmodel with more precice CG bahaviour 
- fixed a bug with mach on MCP
- fixed a bug with tail light
- added an autosave option to the menu
- fixed the throttle block RTO issue
- fixed an issue with idle throttle blocking 
- added GA and disconnect switches to the throttle and the yokes 
- change the behavour of the plane when flying with open doors 
- change the APU logic to depend on main bat as per manual 
- added covers to the engines
- added an option for more red (old type) digital displays 
- fixed cargo door text issue
- some fixes for RESET MCP ALT message logic.
- fixed wrong track indication on the ND during moving back (pushback for example).
- added missing RTE COPY function to the PIP variant of the FMC.
- fixed co-route loading bug with duplicates of waypoints.
- fixed displaying the assumed temp in wrong conditions.
- fixed staby instruments' electical dependencies
- added support for unnamed oceanic points even if the nav database doesn't include those points.
- made it so the menu autosave option includes all the airplane specific data as well as the defaults   


Check out X-PlaneReviews full comprehensive release review of the Flightfactor_aero/SteptoSky Boeing 767:


Aircraft Review : Boeing 767-300ER Professional by VMAX and Flight Factor




logo logo sm.jpg


Yes! the Boeing 767-300ER Professional by VMAX and FlightFactor is NOW! Available from the new X-Plane.Org Store here :


Boeing 767-300ER Professional


Price is US$64.95


If you have already purchased any of the above Boeing 767-300ER Professional aircraft then go to your X-Plane.OrgStore account, log in, and download ver 1.1.12, check under the "Requirements" tab if the aircraft is the updated version and it should be noted like this "Current Version: 1.1.12 (last updated August 24th 2016)"...



X-Plane 10.40+ (any edition) running in 64bit mode.

Windows 7+, Mac OS 10.9+ or Linux 14.04 LTS or compatible. 64bit mode
1Gb VRAM Video Card Minimum. 2Gb+ VRAM Recommended. 3Gb+ VRAM Preferred


FlightFactor Developer Support : FlightFactor 767 Professional




Stephen Dutton

25th August 2016

Copyright©X-Plane Reviews: X-PlaneReviews 2016


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