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News! - Laminar Research Promo : File a flight plan!

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News! - Laminar Research Promo : File a flight plan!


Laminar Research (and for those how don't know is the creator of X-Plane) have released a teaser promo video for....  Well X-Plane11? Has to be folks.


New fonts, new look Laminar Research...  all the signs of a new age of the simulator. That Thanksgiving day 2016 release date is now starting to look very attractive...  You heard it here first.

Stephen Dutton

5th August 2016

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What the hell it has this short (and bad made) video to do with File a flight plan?

Instead I am thinking about  X-Plane user very poor use of one of the best and mostly near real dispatch software :  SimBrief.com

One extremely talented man has developed it and presented to us for free use! Nearly every important aspect of flight planing is included

and flightplans can be directly downloaded to put into X-Plane FlightPlans  folder (or X-Life FlightPlans folder as well). 


In fact I think that most of X-Plane user are gamer! They are not interested to dive deeper into the real simulation world. My conclusion is based on the contemplation of charachters and content of the contributions that appear in X-Plane.Org forum


You wrote about simBrief.com in short at 2013, but I think it is worth to put it again on the X-Plane blackboard. Maybe more user will be motivated to use it. And I don't see X-Plane developing such a dispatch solution in the near future.....

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