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News! - Scenery Released! - La Guardia 2020 by AirportTech

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News! - Scenery Released! - La Guardia 2020 by AirportTech


KLGA Head.jpg


Now who would have thought of all places that KLGA - La Guardia Aiport in the middle of New York City would be the signpost to the future of airport design and create futuristic terminals straight out of the Jetsons...  Not many people in New York city I would say.


But old faithful "La  B......  Guardia" is doing just that with a complete 2.4 billion US dollar demolish and rebuild of the original 1953 sprawling current amalgam of decades of additions and modifications. And the "New" La Guardia with a one intergrated single terminal will be built in stages and be finally completed by 2021.


But the flyers of X-Plane won't have to wait that long to sample this new modern facility as AirportTech has delivered their 2020 version of the new futuristic design coming soon to Queens.


KLGA Head 3.jpg

KLGA Head 1.jpgKLGA Head 2.jpg

KLGA Head 4.jpg


Scenery comes with these great features

  • New Year 2020 Layout
  • High resolution textures
  • Accurate airport layout and ATC routing
  • Animated jetways with docking guidance system
  • Animated ground, sea and rail traffic
  • Full HDR night lighting support
  • World Traffic 2 support
  • Optional static aircraft
  • Custom airport diagram, and all charts
  • Compatible with DD NY Airports and DD NY City


KLGA Terminal 1.jpgKLGA Terminal 4.jpg

KLGA Terminal 5.jpgKLGA Terminal 2.jpg

KLGA Terminal 7.jpgKLGA Terminal 8.jpg

KLGA Terminal 3.jpgKLGA Terminal 6.jpg


Provided with the scenery is a lot of information about the new layouts of KLGA, including:


  • Airport Diagram and Gate layouts
  • Approach Charts
  • Arrival Charts
  • Departure Charts


KLGA Welcome to NYC.jpg


Requirements are:

X-Plane 10 (any edition)

Windows, Mac , Linux
1Gb VRAM Video Card Minimum. 2Gb+ VRAM Video Card Recommended


KLGA Tower 1.jpgKLGA Tower 2.jpg

KLGA Tower 3.jpgKLGA Tower 4.jpg


Lighting is good, and the future will be different with KLGA in front of the Manhattan skyline looking more like SiFi than 70's "Welcome Back Kotter".


KLGA Night 1.jpg

KLGA Night 2.jpgKLGA Night 4.jpg


Lighting detail is good and it is great down there on the ramps.


KLGA Night 5.jpgKLGA Night 6.jpg

KLGA Night 3.jpg


Runways 04/22 and 13/31 look great on approach and with very good lighting and sign guidance on the ground.


KLGA Night 7.jpgKLGA Night 8.jpg


So timetravel to New York in the 2020's with the "New" futuristic KLGA - La Gaudia now...





logo logo sm.jpg


The KLGA - La Guardia 2020 by AirportTech is NOW available! from the X-Plane.Org Store here :

KLGA - New York La Guardia 2020


Price is US$19.95




Stephen Dutton

1st August 2016

Copyright©X-Plane Reviews: X-PlaneReviews 2016


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