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Aircraft Update : Airbus A350 XWB Advanced v1.3 by FlightFactor

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Aircraft Update : Airbus A350 XWB Advanced v1.3 by FlightFactor


This is a blink and you will miss it moment, in that FlightFactor has upgraded the A350 XWB to version 1.3. Officially the upgrade only includes new external reflections or a glossy exterior to the aircraft.


A350_Head 1.jpgA350_Head 2.jpg

A350_Head 3.jpgA350_Head 4.jpg


The reflections change is small but highly significant as it completely changes to look of the aircraft as the original had a slightly flat look about it. But now the A350 looks brilliant and is highly reflective were it needs to be and note on say the wings. The gloss also helps the other areas in more realistic chrome as highlighted by the Trent XWB engine inlet surrounds and leading edge spoilers.


A350_Flying 1.jpg

A350_Flying 2.jpg


In the air the aircraft does look far better and more far realistic in its lofty surroundings.


The A350 XWB is an odd one in FlightFactor's fleet. Early versions were a little not too refined enough, but good and even great in concept. The missing Thales FMC/MCDU or Flight Management & Guidance System (FMGS) is the obvious missing item from the flightdeck, but the FMC is to date still coming in the promised "Pro" version but when is still a lottery, and with this FMC becoming available then certainly will there come more Airbuses from this mostly Boeing sourced developer.


So the A350 XWB has flown a little under everyone's radar, but I do fly it far more than than I note in these reviews. The big surprise in this v1.3 update is now how very complete now (except for the obvious) the aircraft is. No doubt it has had a lot of quiet attention from the developer, but it has matured quite nicely. There is not a lot of noted items in the changelogs, but there is no doubt been of a lot of refinement done in the aircraft and although not mentioned, the sounds are certainly far better than for that I remember them only a few months ago, then they were whiney-droney, but now feel far more layered and deeper in context, start up and shutdown feels far better, but in flight you are moving away from that whiney sound you had before, it is still there, but not as mono as it felt before. 


A quick flight and and landing showed me how nice the aircraft really is now and the early oddness is falling away. The only blight which is mostly on all FlightFactor aircraft is the constantly annoying cabin attendant on the overhead panel. I know you have to fix the issues he notes, but when you are in a heavy workload period like taking off or landing and the stupid bugger should be strapped in his seat and not constantly annoying you with comments of adjusting the cabin temperature and whatnots...  You start swearing at the aircraft for him to just go away.


A350_Ground 2.jpgA350_Ground.jpg



No doubt the aircraft is now ready for the "Pro" version and FMC and all, until then it is now quite a nice aircraft to put into service and hopefully down the track a A350-900ULR variant or "hub smasher" of this aircraft would really give X-Planers a reason to cover some serious point to point long distance flying in the near future.


Changelog is:

- added external reflections




logo logo sm.jpg

The Airbus A350-900 XWB Advanced from FlightFactor is Available from the  X-Plane.Org Store.
Price is currently US$ 49.95 : Get the - Airbus A350 XWB Advanced - Here
Livery packs at US$10 for ten liveries are available here: A350 Liveries Include: North America, Oceania, Africa & Middle East, Asia, Atlantic, Europe 1, Europe 2 and Pacific.



X-Plane 10.40+ in 64 bit mode
Windows - Mac - Linux - 64bit Operating System required
1Gb+ VRAM Minimum, 2Gb+ VRAM Minimum. 8Gb RAM
Version : 1.3 (last updated July 22, 2016)
Support forum : FlightFactor A350 XWB



Updated by Stephen Dutton
27th July 2016
Copyright©2016: X-PlaneReviews

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