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News! - Aircraft Preview - Pipistrel Panthera v3 by Aerobask

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News! - Aircraft Preview - Pipistrel Panthera v3 by Aerobask


Aerobask is working on an update to their Pipistrel Panthera for Version Three of the aircraft. This not just an update but a full complete overhaul of the aircraft design and panel fitout. (a common theme lately) with an improved 3D model, textures and animations.




Never a designer to stand still, Aerobask are delivering soon even a more feature busting Garmin GTN750/650 avionics suite that has been completed designed from scratch.




The new system has map and terrain capabilities, interactive checklists, animated menus, basic SID/STAR support and Victor and Jet airways support. There is video here to see the new system in action with the terrain feature.


There is a new Panthera default livery, matching the official scheme, new weight&fuel menu and exquisitely detailed GTN750 home screen.
you can chose your checklist from different groups and tick them off as you go through the list.
A full list of the features noted are:
  • weight&fuel and options menus
  • reworked 3D model and new default livery
  • new landing gear and extra animations
  • new interior with reflections and new materials
  • new sound system
  • new Dynon Skyview avionics with extra touch-screen capabilities
  • new Garmin GTN750/650 avionics with map and terrain capabilities, interactive checklists, animated menus, etc..
  • basic SID/STAR support
  • Victor and Jet airways support


The v3 Panthera will be a new and highly improved version, and existing customers will receive a coupon for discounted purchase on the new aircraft. Release is going to be around early August 2016.




X-PlaneReviews original release and update reviews are here:


Aircraft Review : Pipistrel Panthera by Harranssor

Aircraft Update Review: Pipistrel Panthera version 2.0.9. by Aerobask


Images and video are courtesy of Aerobask




Stephen Dutton

26th July 2016

Copyright©X-Plane Reviews: X-PlaneReviews


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Guest Ratbo

As a newcomer to the X-Plane revolution I have recently purchased  both the Lancair Legacy and DA42 Twin Star from Aerobask and have been having a lot of fun flying around NZ in both.  The quality, pricing and frame rate is exceptional and I will be definitely checking out this latest upgrade as soon as I upsize my hangar.


Kind regards



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