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News! - Aircraft Update : x737 is now version v5.0.1 by EADT

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News! - Aircraft Update : x737 is now version v5.0.1 by EADT

The change with the excellent x737 v5.0 update was overwhelming as the European Aircraft Developer Team (EADT) made the biggest jump forward in the aircraft's long history. But as the focus was on the actual design the smaller bugs and items were left a little down the list.

737_head 1.jpg737_head 2.jpg

737_head 3.jpg737_head 4.jpg

v5.0.1 has now been released and the list of improvements is quite substantial, yes they are mostly nip and tuck details but important ones at that, show here is the the v5.0.1 update log...

  • heading/track values consistent now across the systems (used different sources before)
  • improved viewpoint for better accessability of mouse control
  • issues related to magnetic variation fixed
  • exterior lights fixed (taxilight etc.)
  • pressurization reliable after the doors have been operated (weren't fully closed), no more nuisance altitude alerts
  • gear warning horn 12dB less volume
  • gear warning can no longer be silenced below 200ftRA with flaps <= 15
  • nose gear lowered a bit (was some cm above ground)
  • taxi lights animated fine now
  • trim wheel sound no longer pauses every 10s
  • 32bit support on Mac OS X restored (was gone)
  • closed some holes in the cabin shell
  • bouncing nosegear: fixed
  • misaligned engine exhaust fixed
  • FOV and viewpoint issues fixed
  • fixed several holes in the cockpit
  • added ATC IDENT button on transponder
  • no more lateral oscillations (requires x737FMC update)
  • DU switching issues fixed
  • slip indicator on PFD now operative
  • added menu item for GROUND POWER REQUEST (x737 popup menu)
  • added datarefs to detect if STD or MTR is engaged on EFIS CTL
  • engine sounds modified, engine roar now taken from as sampled sound
  • engine sound volume set according to X-Plane's engine sound volume slider
  • autopilot: ILS landings very stable now (new ILS controller)
  • PFD: 'NO VSPEEDS' flag retracts after takeoff
  • AP DISCONNECT handle no longer disengages ATHR
  • GPU is disconnected if the aircraft moves more than 5m from the point where it was supplied
  • fixed an OGL error occuring on Windows 7 when the battery was connected
  • retextured some clock and MCP objects

Big list isn't it...  One thing that I didn't like that has been rectified in v5.0.1 is the heading variation which was off by a few degrees? I did complain about this as it made aircraft approaches a bit of a do or die effort, which heading was the correct heading to use? get it wrong and you were going in the wrong direction... I think the third item on the list "issues related to magnetic variation fixed" was part of the issue.

Another big annoyance was the "altitude alerts". There was a workaround for this issue, but you always had to be aware of it, early beta versiones were even worse and that issue has been fixed here also.

The ground power was another item needed, and now fixed on the drop dow menu. It was annoying that you parked at a gate or stand and you then had to start the APU to shutdown the engines instead of just connecting up to the ground power, I had to have a post-it note on the computer to start the APU on landing to be ready at the gate...  Fixed (thank god)

The x737 was always a bit odd on ILS capture, in that most cases it worked, but at many airports it did not. It felt like the band was too narrow, certainly in the vertical beam and it would be many times a toss of the coin as if you went down the slope or overflew the runway, and yes it was seriously annoying and ruined many a perfect flight.

The engine sounds have been upgraded to real sounds for engine power up, and very good they are too. A small note is you now can adjust the main engine sound via the X-Plane menu, which confused me at first because I had a very quiet x737 until I adjusted the slider up (I had them switched down for the CRJ-200 sound pack review). So I can confirm that the slider works.

AP (Autopilot) disconnect now does not now also disconnect the ATHR (Autothrust). I never worry about this as I use a manual thrust on landing, but make sure it is disconnected when coming out of the ILS beam unless you will still be under the power setting (I did find on v5.0 the autothrust did not disengage sometimes on landing at all and sent you onwards into the scenery!  I havn't checked yet on this v5.0.1 update if this fixes that issue.

The x737FMC has been updated to v3.21, so make sure you update the FMC plugin to the new v5.0.1 x737.

X-PlaneReviews did a full review on the x737 v5.0 release here: Aircraft Review : x737project v5.0 EADT


This v5.0.1 update is essential in clearing up many items that needed attention with the x737 even before the big v5.0 makeover. Now your favorite Boeing -800 version is feeling more complete than ever, this is a great update. My only gripe now is the day overhead and panel lighting is still not working? hopefully that will be included in the next update, otherwise this is now a seriously great aircraft.

The X-Plane.Org is a proud sponsor of this x737 project and has supported the project since its inception almost 10 years ago.
For more information go to the EADT x737 website here: x737 Project for X-Plane

Download the x737 v5.0.1 update here:

x737Project - EADT

You can (or should) make a donation to EADT here : Donate for the x737 Project!

Stephen Dutton
9th June 2016
Copyright©2016: X-PlaneReviews

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