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GoFlight : GF-Pro Yoke System

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So how many days till Christmas 2013...  And how much money can you save up till then?


I don't drool much, but this Simulator Add-On is in the "What can I sell to get it category"... 


It is the  GoFlight GF-Pro Yoke System.


It is an exact replica of a Boeing 737 Yoke.




Each yoke handle has five programmable buttons; Trim, View Selection, A/T Disengage, and two Voice Call buttons.  Also included is a Hat Switch and Thumb Joystick for controlling your mouse.

And yes it works with X-Plane (I understand the programmable buttons work but I am not sure about everything else).




If you are standing up...  I recommend you now sit down?


The Cost is US$749.95...  So it depends on how serious you are about your simulation experience!


For more information then go to the GoFlight Site.


30th August 2013






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