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Behind the Screen : April 2016


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Behind the Screen : April 2016


Some months you breeze through, and some months you cover most of what X-Plane can throw at you with a smile and a lot of flying. But April 2016 was nothing like that, in fact it was the total opposite.


With the purchase and setting up of the new Windows power monster I went into the month behind anyway, three weeks behind and it just went downhill from there. Easter was a blockbuster of releases, you would think that X-Plane would be slowing down as it got comfortable and running into 2016 and settling down nicely into a smatter of releases. Wrong.


Fighters were falling out of the sky. Bam, bam, bam and there was three in as many days with first Colimata’s F/A 18-F Super “Rhino” Hornet. I like Colimata’s aircraft and the F18 was no exception, just a few more weeks of development would have made it more functional, and it fell just slightly short that way, but X-Plane now finally has an exceptional F18 which was badly needed. If you look at the images of the review It was amazing in the twilight, a really beautiful aircraft. The new Windows multi-core processors have done great things here on bringing up the quality of the details at close inspections, but it also shows and highlights poor detailing (joins, gaps & textures) as well so the reviews will get even more critical. Overall as you can see the very high quality you get with current designs in X-Plane today, most are exceptional.


Second release was MLADG’s Messerschmidtt Bf 109-G2, One aircraft that stuns the senses and at US$18 a real bargain to boot. Third aircraft was another X-Plane stalwart in Khamsin and he finally released his magnificent North American P-51D Mustang. Oh the “power” of the thing…  it is amazing to fly low and fast with no armament and a light fuel load, I wished there was more liveries and was quite disappointed in the fact I couldn’t fly the aircraft in a more modern sense, but overall this gem was another great aircraft from the master.


While still bombarded with all these fighters another one then came back into view with X-Trident’s Tornado. The project was originally put on hold to deliver their excellent AB-412 Huey helicopter, which is a masterwork, but then late last year the project was then reborn and I got a taste of an early beta. Still a fair way to go, but this is a fighter going to be worth your flight commander stripes. Amazing machine and it is really great in quality and design. So watch out for details of a release of the Tornado, with my guess is going to be around mid-year.


Still the releases kept coming with next Aerobask with a sort of hybrid of the Epic 1000 and the internals of the Epic Victory in their version of the Dynon Avionics Skyview system. Once G1000 systems were as rare as a drive-in movie theatre in Casablanca. But they are now everywhere in X-Plane lately these days, Still not sure that I like these G1000’s as much as I should do, its all those menus to branch and root through. I like the good old dial and lever sort of flying. Hop in and go and twiddle the knobs to find your way there as you hold the yoke in one hand and a map in the other and then hone into the nearest VOR radio waypoint. The lovely Carenado F33 Bonanza is still my absolute favourite to get away from the real world and potter across a country to…  well nowhere and then just come back again.  


Scenery was also dropping into the custom scenery folder with scary regularity as well. To be honest I had fell behind and paused on all sceneries in March so I could use the immense power of the Windows to create a better environment around the packages, as the iMac’s power just couldn’t deliver the correct views that the work deserved. The wait was certainly worth it, as the sceneries could now be used to their full advantage and the sheer quality of the work was heightened to the ninth degree. In other words it looked incredible, and shows how really good the X-Plane simulator is now, if you can run the settings at there almost full whack. The promise of Laminar Research’s next v10.50 beta release and the fix and development of the default autogen (tall buildings) has me in euphoric anticipation of the sheer wanting of it all.


The stalled scenery reviews got back into the swing with Joe’s Pilot+Plus LSGG Geneva. It is lovely place to visit and I know the area well around Lake Geneva. A new scenery developer in JustSim really surprised me in the quality of their work, it is exceptional and I am now a huge fan, however there is a need of a bit of life in the scenery, as this emptiness takes away the sheer good work everywhere else. I liked LOWL - Linz better than LEGE Girona, but at these prices you should be gobbling them up and using them, they in the quality to value ratio are great deals…  more to come and visit there for me on JustSim.


Rio…  There is something in the water down there in that Southern Continent. Passion no doubt, but those Brazilians are a do or die lot. The problem is there is too much passion, in fact too much of everything. The great SBGL - Galeão from Richard G Nunes had so much in there that my iMac had a coronary and simply rolled over, now there is another level of added heavy scenery with SBRJ - Santos Dupont going into the same area and the detail is so overwhelming you can want to buy an ice cream in there to look over it all. It is brilliant work and now we do have a Rio to match X-Plane’s quality…  but you need a power machine to run it all….  A bit like the Brazilians.


Tom Curtis released his huge KDFW - Dallas Fort-Worth. That for me came out of nowhere. DFW is an airport I fly through a lot and enjoy its position in the X-Plane world, and Florida to DFW and then onto the American West coast is a favourite route that I do east or west bound. It is one of the few remaining Qantas (QF) ports as well, but I strangely even after all these years in X-Plane I have still not flown directly from Australia across the pacific, it is on my long to do list.

I covered a lot of ground (excuse the pun) in April but there a few sceneries still to catch up, I hope to cover them through May.


Two projects far apart in design and even that one was freeware and one is payware, but both have a commonality of being Boeing 737’s. Both after five and six years of development they were also released only a week apart, so if there is something in astrology and planetary cycles then this one bares it out. The IXEG B737 Classic and the EADT B737-800 are worlds apart in many ways, but are both filling a hole needed in our X-Plane universe as this is one of the most successful range of aircraft ever produced.


I was in the beta team on the EADT B738 and there is nothing so frustrating in flying and testing an aircraft and not shout in this site “This is totally  brilliant” and want you all to share in the EADT dream. Month after month the aircraft grew and just got better and better and I had to keep my trap shut. To stop wayward copying and pirating EADT created login serial numbers that were ingeniously clever and not even Apple Computer (even under a government order) could crack them open. But the final result is a landmark for freeware in X-Plane…  and I can now shout my love for it all as well, and throw some donation money to the talent at EADT...   it was well earned.


So for X-Plane April was a huge month and now we soon will be going into a new beta cycle with v10.50. There are a lot of goodies coming, with that new autogen, ATC fixes, New Manipulators, apt.dat changes to sort static aircraft out around airports and the default KingAir and Baron having had upgrades. But it is not the candy store aspect that is good about X-Plane betas, it is the constant refinement of the underlying code that makes the simulator as powerful and efficient as it is. Only area that needs urgent attention is the cloud system, brilliant as it is, it is not very efficient and needs a refinement to make come more into line with the other features. Will the clouds be updated (refined) in v10.50? Well you don’t know until Laminar Research open up their box of tricks, but I hope so.


There was the sad announcement that Aerosoft is closing their ASN review site, but Angelique is vowing to go it on alone, and good luck to her in that. ASN had been part of my growth and in a way allowed me to create X-PlaneReviews as my experience grew. So when something significant goes that touched your life, it is always going to be a moment of reflection.


Stephen Dutton

6th May 2016

Copyright©2016: X-PlaneReviews


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Hi Stephen,

It's always a pleasure to read the "Behind the scenes" résumé, thanks!


Sad to read that ASN will shutdown. Maybe Angelique could write some reviews here times to times, her reviews are really fin like yours :-)

Do you plan to write a review of the IXEG 737 Classic ?


Thanks for your time,



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  • 2 weeks later...
9 hours ago, Guest Peikai said:

do you have any plans to write a review of the IXEG 737 Classic, as someone asked previously ?




There was no review aircraft provided and the cost in Australia is AUS$100, so no.

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