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News! - Aircraft Updated : SSG E-Jets Evolution Series v1.6 by SSG

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News! - Aircraft Updated : SSG E-Jets Evolution Series v1.6 by SSG


SS E-Jet v1.6 release header.jpg


When doing reviews you can usually do two reviews in one. If an aircraft review, then you can also check out a new scenery release, or if a new scenery then you check out a new aircraft or an updated version. Or you can just simply fly an older aircraft to a new scenery release to see how it performs after a fair time after it has been updated or released. It is in this last aspect last year I picked out SSG's Embraer E-Jet in it's Evolution Series, to checkout a new scenery release in Northern Italy.


The route was quite simple and in reality it was just a hop over the Alp's into Italy from Switzerland, but as a simulation it was wrought with issues and a straight forward simulation it was not. This was significant because if you want a Embraer E-Jet then you have two choices with either the X-Crafts E-Jets or the Supercritical Simulations Group's E-Jet Evolution option. It has been over the years a Ding-Dong battle between the two series of aircraft and that is healthy, sometimes with X-Craft's superior modeling and quality, to the SSG's version of a more authentic Primary Flight Display and authentic Flight Management System (FMS). Currently X-Crafts held the lead again with a significant update recently, as the SSG version was feeling a little dated, but to note that X-Crafts are also totally redesigning their E-Jets versions, and with (finally) an authentic FMS, and hopefully and again (finally) an authentic PFD.


I was left after that simulation a bit down. Of the two versions then the SSG was always a better choice and for the more expansive features and that authentic aspect, that made it in reality the better aircraft, but that flight showed the aircraft was also feeling very tired or worse extremely buggy.


So here finally is an update to the SSG E-Jet Evolution Series, and to version v1.6. This update covers the full Evolution Series that includes both the E-170 Evolution and the E-195 Evolution variants.


This new version v1.6 has drastically improved FPS, especially when using Vulkan/Metal, although it is also compatible with OpenGL, and the aircraft feels very different from before, notably the more fluid flight model that makes the experience of flying them feel different in a good way. This coupled with the improvements to their systems, automatic pilots, better Flight Management Systems and display screens based on the real aircraft and the flight characteristics in both manual and automatic flight are now quite impressive. But most of all those buggy, bugs have seem to be corrected or fixed. I did find a (very) few in programming the FMS, but nothing like the trauma it had to deal with last year...   overall the aircraft performed extremely well on a service from LSZH (Zurich) to EBBR (Brussels).


Changelog v1.6

  • Newer SASL3 plugin now implemented 
  • Improved FPS with Metal/Vulkan enabled
  • Improved MCP manipulators
  • Improved VR configuration
  • New terrain map for the ND
  • Removed incompatible features like loading FMS Plan and pushback truck object.
  • Fixed engine TO flex temperature
  • Fixed crash issue with ND range selection


It does not look like a huge changelog, but it certainly hits the spot in every area that really counts...  the E-Jet from SSG is now REALLY, really good again.


SS E-Jet v1.6 release head 1.jpgSS E-Jet v1.6 release head 3.jpgSS E-Jet v1.6 release head 2.jpgSS E-Jet v1.6 release head 4.jpgSS E-Jet v1.6 release head 5.jpg


SS E-Jet v1.6 release head 6.jpgSS E-Jet v1.6 release head 7.jpgSS E-Jet v1.6 release head 8.jpg


It is recommended to do a full download from the X-Plane.OrgStore, and not use the Skunkcrafts updater, to updated this new v1.6. I did so and had no issues that a lot of users have had by download with Skunkworks, currently the update is only for Windows and Mac users.


Currently also for a short time, the SSG E-Jet Evolution Series is on sale for US$34.95, and with a saving of 46% on the full US$64.95 price. Separately the E-170 or E-195 variants are also only US$29.95 each... 


Either way if you already own or newly purchase any of these SSG E-Jets they are amazing value and have been nicely updated to boot

...  Highly Recommended.


X-Plane Store logo sm.jpg


The Embraer E-Jet Evolution Series by Supercritical Simulation Group is currently available! from the X-Plane.Org Store here :


Embraer E-Jet170LR Evolution

Your Price:US$34.95 SALE US$29.95


Embraer E-Jet195LR Evolution

Your Price: US$34.95 SALE US$29.95

Twin package of both advanced E-Jets by SSG is also available:
E-170 Evolution

E-195 Evolution

Embraer E-Jets Evolution Series

Your Price: $64.95 SALE US$34.95



X-Plane 11 
Windows, Mac (Linux coming soon)
4 GB VRAM Minimum. 8 GB+ VRAM Recommended 

Current version: 1.6 (April 17th 2021)


News by Stephen Dutton

26th April 2021

Copyright©2021 : X-Plane Reviews


(Disclaimer. All images and text in this review are the work and property of X-PlaneReviews, no sharing or copy of the content is allowed without consent from the author as per copyright conditions) All rights reserved.

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