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News! - Released - FA18-F Super Hornet by Colimata

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News! - Released - FA18-F Super Hornet by Colimata

After their excellent Mig-29 Fulcrum now Colimata follows up that great aircraft with another iconic fighter in the FA18-F Super Hornet. This aircraft has been the mainstay of both the American Naval and Airforce military attack and defensive forces for the last three and a half decades, and is also serving the national forces of Australia, Canada, Finland, Kuwait, Spain and Switzerland.

Important Note: At the time of release the FA18-F Hornet is available for "Windows" only, Mac to follow!



Highly detailed this aircraft is a must for any fighter lover (or Maverick)

  • Beautiful exterior model
  • Tons of animations and detailed mechanics - Control surfaces, flaps, slats, air brake
  • Complex landing gear with doors
  • Correct canopy animation with three positions
  • Engine fans, nozzles
  • Intake protection doors, secondary air intakes


Aircraft comes with a fully 3D Virtual cockpit, authentically modeled on the real F18 systems.


Interactive displays with custom programmed menus and indicators:
  • Custom FA-18F Attitude direction indicator, Engine indicator, Horizontal situation indicator with navaid information and navaid map, Flight data indicator, Weapons indicator, Fuel indicator, RADAR.
  • Custom upfront control display (below the HUD). Interactive menus for COM1, COM2,
  • Autopilot, Settings, NAV1 and NAV2. Functional keyboard for value input. 12 storage slotsfor COM frequencies plus 12 storage slots for NAV frequencies.
  • Simple navigation via the HSI map.
  • All displays adjustable in brightness and contrast (color).

The HUD (Head Up Display) is totally detailed and animated.


  • Ultra realistic, projected, collimated, focused to infinity 3D Head up display.
  • Projected: The HUD is only visible from realistic angles, and moves realistically with the pilots head movements.
  • Focused to infinity: The symbols stay on the same focused point, even if the pilot head moves.
  • Collimated: The size of the HUD stays the same relative to the pilots eye, no mater if he's near or far the HUD.
  • HUD symbology partially rejectable/hideable (pitch ladder, bank scale).
  • Adjustable line thickness, brightness, color. Info about gear,flaps, tailhook, ILS, AoA (plus AoA bracket) and many more directly in the HUD.

Aircraft comes in both "Standard" and "Armed" versions.


Gear is highly detailed and fully animated (Retraction and Extraction), Naval cable hook also animated.


External aircraft:
  • 4k textures: High quality textures in 4k (see screenshots). Including normal maps. 2k version available to save video RAM.
  • Animations: Tons of animations. Control surfaces and their combined actions. Two stage
  • airbrakes. First control surfaces alone, second adds brake doors. Animated Canopy, nozzles, wingfold, etc.
Refined flight model: 
  • correct landing speeds and AoA, max. turn rate, top speed, fuselage/wing root extensions lift simulation, etc.
  • Landing gear: Carefully animated, complex landing gear. Including plugin driven strut stiffness for carrier landings, normal landings and taxiing.



16 high quality 4k liveries (optional 2k): USA Flighttest, VFA-32 Swordsmen, VFA-41 Back Aces, VFA-102 Diamondbacks, VFA-103 Jolly Rogers, VFA-147 Argonauts, VFA-213 Black Lions, Australia, Canada, Finland, Kuwait, Malaysia, Spain, Switzerland, Factory rollout, neutral

Two liveries are provided with the aircraft and the rest can be downloaded for free on the forum.

Familiar (to me!) Australian Airforce RAAF is authentic and here is a small selection of the other liveries.





The FA18-F Super Hornet by Colimata is available from the New X-Plane.Org Store here :

FA18-F Super Hornet

And is priced at only US$24.95

WINDOWS ONLY (for now)
X-Plane 10.40+ (any edition)
min 1Gb VRAM Video Card (low X-Plane settings) - recommended 2Gb VRAM

Current version: 1.01 (last updated  March 23rd 2016)

Cockpit images Courtesy of Nicolas Taureau


Stephen Dutton

Updated : 29th March 2016

Copyright©2016: X-PlaneReviews


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Hum, Maverick was in an F-14 ;)

Very interesting and tempting, thanks for the quick presentation!

I'm curious about how advanced the flight model might be, and whether it could be exploited in X-plane (not really at ease with fast-flying planes, unless one reduces the settings enough). Also curious about how thorough and faithful avionics systems are.

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3 hours ago, Redglyph said:

Hum, Maverick was in an F-14 ;)

Very interesting and tempting, thanks for the quick presentation!

I'm curious about how advanced the flight model might be, and whether it could be exploited in X-plane (not really at ease with fast-flying planes, unless one reduces the settings enough). Also curious about how thorough and faithful avionics systems are.

I am quite sure Maverick can fly anything ;). Not tried the aircraft to check the full flight model yet as it is Windows only, but coming soon. SD

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  • Stephen unfeatured this topic
  • 2 years later...

i am very disappointed by this product.


it is not told in the reviews how bad the flight model is.

This has nothing to do with flying.


some of the graphics and mostly of how this thing flies reminds me of the 1980's Atari game over products.


The external look of the F/A-18 is so attractive that most of us tend to lose control over our minds when

developing a purchase behaviour like with this product.

X-plane has not a single fighter jet in its program. There is basic models like X-15, F-4, B52, but these serve as file source only i believe.

Nobody would fly these really.

So, Colimata comes at the right time with the right promise, and there is no competitor.


What i would classify as typical freeware after having purchased and tested it, comes with an arrogant price on the .org.

USD 30,00 for this low quality is pure robbery.

I don't understand why they don't kick this from the shelf to protect consumers.

This damages X-Plane as a whole and discredits the .org as qualified sales point.


There is no money back guarantee it seems, so be careful with what you buy. 

if you can not test a product before purchase, you are going to end up with this kind of chunk.


The truth is hard, sorry Colimata.

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