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News! - Aircraft Update : Phenom 300 v1.1r by Aerobask

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News! - Aircraft Update : Phenom 300 v1.1r by Aerobask


Phenom 300 v1.1r News_ header.jpg


Certainly already the aircraft release highlight of the year 2021 is Aerobask's sensational Embraer Phenom 300. Just as quick is this post-release update to version v1.1r (not v1.0r, as a few other commentators have noted?). The changelog is quite substantial and covers a lot of (slightly) missed areas.


You can update the Phenom 300 by using the built in "Skunkcrafts" updater, but to note to use the updater via loading in first another aircraft. Otherwise you can go to your X-Plane.OrgStore account and redownload the aircraft.


Changelog v1.1r



  •         Fixed aircraft not working if Aerosoft cycle_info.txt present in Custom Data
  •         Fixed holes in cabin ceiling
  •         Now supports axis mapping for the flaps lever
  •         FLC mode now synch AP speed with actual speed. New option for overriding this
  •         Smoother elevator action
  •         Put GFC700 IAS/MACH action at proper location
  •         Reworked GCF700 textures
  •         Fixed PFD lateral mode when new mode engaged after TO
  •         New logic for TRIM CAS/aural
  •         Fixed GCU477 FPL button animation
  •         Yokes now moving with servos
  •         Fixed speedbrakes actuators animation
  •         Fixed missing strobe and nav spills
  •         VR config: fixed fuel switch
  •         VR: clickable sliders (but not draggable)
  •         Added fictionnal button to force narrow EIS (for using Wide FPL mode)
  •         Disabled animation of backup pitch trim when using yoke trim or commands
  •         Fixed altitude alert
  •         Reduced seepbrakes/ground spoilers efficiency
  •         Fixed cockpit lightning
  •         New fmod adapted to the some of above fixes


X-Plane Reviews have done a through comprehensive review on the Aerobask Phenom 300, here;


Aircraft Review : Embraer EMB-505 Phenom 300 by Aerobask


And here are just a few images out of the review...


phenom300 - EIDW 24.jpgphenom300 - EIDW 25.jpg

phenom300 - EIDW 26.jpg


phenom300 - Cockpit 1.jpgphenom300 - Cockpit 2.jpgphenom300 - Cockpit 3.jpgphenom300 - Cockpit 4.jpg


phenom300 - Cockpit 11.jpg

phenom300 - Cockpit 13.jpgphenom300 - Cockpit 14.jpg


phenom300 - Cabin 4.jpgphenom300 - Cabin 5.jpg

phenom300 - Cabin 6.jpgphenom300 - Cabin 8.jpg


phenom300 - Synthetic Vision 8.jpg


phenom300 - EGGD 12.jpg


Please watch the inserted YouTube video on the review page, as it is a very good detailed overview on how to fly the real Phenom 300 Private Jet. 



X-Plane Store logo sm.jpg


Yes! the Embraer Phenom 300 v1.1r by Aerobask is NOW available from the X-Plane.Org Store here : 


Phenom 300

Price is US$44.95


  • -  High quality interior and exterior 3D model

  • -  High quality PBR 4K textures

  • -  Flight model and performances based on the real datas.

  • -  Custom FADEC, ATR and Thrust Levers behaviour.

  • -  Realistic engine behaviour (as far as XPlane allows us to customize it).

  • -  X1000 PFD and MFD from Laminar Research - Custom system pages, EIS, VSpeed and CAS

  • -  Synthetic Vision made by Oscar Pilote and Aerobask

  • -  Aerobask X1000 TouchScreen feature

  • -  GFC700 autopilot with custom CSC mode (FADEC-based cruise adaptive thrust system) + 2D popup

  • -  GCU477 (alphanumeric keypad) supporting new LR commands for XP11.50 + 2D popup + physical keyboard on-demand capture

  • -  Accurate custom coded IESI with 2D popup

  • -  High quality FMOD sounds (recorded from a real aircraft) from Daniela Rodríguez Careri

  • -  Full-mode FMOD aircraft - Accurate doppler, distance attenuation and flyby effects.

  • -  Enhanced night-time lighting ambience with spill lights for a great rendering

  • -  Simulated Stall Protection and Stick Pusher system

  • -  Custom Electrical, Bleed Air, Fuel, Pressurization (ECS), Engine Fire and Ice Protection systems.

  • -  Avitab support in 3D tablet (requires the Avitab free plugin).

  • -  Animated Cabin with Passenger Control Tablet (Shades, Tables, Doors and “airshow” system).

  • -  Various 4K PBR liveries and additional 2K PBR livery for low-spec hardware

  • -  VR-ready and VR-friendly

  • -  Custom documentation based on AFM, POH, PTM and QRH.

  • -  Tested and approved by real EMB-505 Phenom 300 pilots


 X-Plane 11
Windows, MAC or Linux 
4 GB VRAM Minimum - 8 GB+ VRAM Video Card Recommended 
Download Size: 600 MB
Current and Review Version: 1.1r (25th March 2021)



News by Stephen Dutton

26th March 2021

Copyright©2021: X-Plane Reviews


(Disclaimer. All images and text in this review are the work and property of X-PlaneReviews, no sharing or copy of the content is allowed without consent from the author as per copyright conditions) All Rights Reserved


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