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News! - Something BIG is here...

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News! - Something BIG is here...


A few days Laminar Research and a few other outlets posted a notice the "Something BIG is coming", and here it is and it is certainly not anything to do with X-Plane 12, and yes I am disappointed in that aspect as...  well I/We want to know about X-Plane 12!



The something BIG is the formation of the Flight Simulation Association, formed by the same people that brings you the yearly FlightSimExpo. Of which this (fingers crossed) will be held June 4-6, 2021, Town and Country Resort, San Diego, CA, USA as a A Hybrid In-Person and Online Event.


The new FSA is noted as a "Hub" for Flight Sim Enthusiasts, to advance Simulation as a hobby, Pilot Training-Aids and the passion for Aviation. The association is promoted as a new hub to offer users discounts, webinars, learning resources, and the ability to locate simmers nearby, and was created in partnership with more than fifty developer and content creators, including;


  • A2A Simulations
  • Aerosoft
  • Flight Velocity
  • Flightbeam
  • FlyTampa
  • FS2Crew
  • Honeycomb
  • iniBuilds
  • Javiator
  • Just Flight
  • LatinVFR
  • PacSim
  • PropWash Simulations
  • RealSimGear
  • Stay Level Avionix
  • TFDi Design
  • Virtual Fly
  • X-Plane.org


To note it has been very rare to have in the past any sort of collaboration between partners, not to say between Simulation platforms, one notable omission is of course Microsoft and MS2020 which usually do their own marketing and promotions, but a few signees noted do provide for the MS2020 platform, but I doubt they will provide the promoted deals and savings on the MS2020 platform. So it begs the question is the FSA a response to the rest of Simulation forming an association against Microsoft's onslaught, that aspect is debatable and even a point of view, but not out of the question.


If anything it is still a hugely good thing to promote our simulation presence in the bigger world. No doubt simulation has grown hugely in the last few years and not all of that growth can be attributed to Microsoft, we were growing significantly well before the release of MS2020, no doubt the exposure of MS2020 has brought Simulation into a more worldly view, but also something like FSA was certainly needed well before the Microsoft revolution...  We have a very exciting and active hobby.


There is a a membership that costs US $30 per year, although a 30-day free trial is currently available. For the membership you get discounts, webinars, learning resources, and the ability to locate simmers nearby, and FSA was created in partnership with more than fifty developer and content creators. Currently there is already US$500 in discounts available with most popular products and the stores currently available. FSA also introduces a Simmer Search tool, a tool to find likewise simmers in your area or country.


Overall though I have lamented that Simulation has certainly not been promoted enough in the real world, most converts have been by mostly personal recommendations, so a body to do serious promotions is seriously welcomed, the point is will or can they actually promote Simulation other than say a jazzy website and yearly Expos, that for me is the big question, but if you invest in the body, then you would also expect results...  on that aspect we will see if FSA will deliver, as I want to see Simulation promoted to people that don't know it exists, and find a world that can excite, learn and enjoy our wonderful hobby.


You can find Flight Simulation Association here, so take a look.


Flight Simulation Association


Facebook, or Twitter.



News by Stephen Dutton

11th March 2021

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