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Scenery Review - Updated : KRSW - Southwest Florida International Airport by Aerosoft

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Scenery Review - Updated : KRSW - Southwest Florida International Airport by Aerosoft
It is funny in X-Plane where you find your place. I live in Australia and I do use my local airports in YBCG - Gold Coast International and YBBN - Brisbane Airport a lot in my everyday flying. But my place is set out in Florida, KLAL - Lakeland Linder Regional Airport. I even made a home there by installing a portable office and all the odds and items in fuel drums and cones and all the odd stuff I needed to make it look like it was a work place. Most reviews start there, but I do try to make different reviews match certain locations. But KLAL is still my first port of call in any review. There are many reasons for this, but mostly it is a set parameter in finding out an aircraft's frame-rate (which I call Frame-Weight) and if the aircraft delivers the certain performance and conditions the developer has set out in the aircraft, in other words the scenery is an excellent base line.
KLAL works well for other items, mostly in checking the frame-rate against X-Plane's default scenery (a lot of autogen on one side and none on the other), Its runways are extremely wide (Needed for aircraft like the Akoya) and you have great approach paths with the runways that are very good for circuits and you have one single ILS approach. Taxi distance to the runway is very small, but overall it is a really great airport to do reviews...  so KLAL stuck.
So if you want to do a review flight (Mostly in the lighter aircraft catagories), the most common routes I use is to either KOPF - Opa-Locka Executive Airport but it is surrounded by a lot of (heavy frame-rate) autogen or I go to KFMY - Page Field in Southern Western Florida. KFMY - Page Field is a lovely little airfield situated in Fort Myers but until now there was a huge blank space by the side of KFMY airport... This is KRSW Lee Country-Southwest Florida International Airport.
So when Aerosoft announced that a KRSW - Southwest Florida scenery was in the works I was very interested, that scenery would certainly fill in a very big hole in my network and it was perfect for testing out larger regional and small airliners from KLAL. KRSW is just a perfect fit from so many angles, and so it has proved to be just that in my use of the airport in reviews since it was installed.
KRSW - Southwest Florida Intl Airport (RSW)
As airports go RSW is not an old airport as it was only conceived in 1973 when it was clear that the existing airport in Page Field would be too small (They were certainly right there). So the government of Lee County selected a site near Interstate 75, which was then under construction. The aipport groundbreaking was done in 1980, and Southwest Florida Regional Airport was opened on schedule, May 14, 1983, with a single 8400-ft runway. Delta Air Lines operated the first flight. The original terminal was located on the north side of the runway at the end of Chamberlin Parkway.

The airport was renamed Southwest Florida International Airport in 1993, though it had hosted international flights since 1984 and U.S. Customs since 1987, mainly for flights to and from Germany. The name change coincided with the completion of a 55,000 square foot Federal Inspection facility annexed to the original terminal's Concourse A. The single runway was also lengthened to 12,000 ft (3,658 m) at the same time to better accommodate international service (making it the fourth-longest runway in Florida). The airport has hosted Boeing 747s (including Air Force One), but as of 2009 the largest aircraft scheduled to RSW are the Airbus A330-200s on Air Berlin's non-stop flights to Düsseldorf and seasonally the Boeing 767-300s operated by Delta Air Lines non-stop from Minneapolis/St. Paul, Atlanta, and Detroit .


The Midfield Terminal Complex expansion was required when in 1988 the original airport terminal had by then already exceeded its annual capacity of 3 million passengers; by 2004, the airport was severely overloaded in serving nearly 7 million passengers annually. The original terminal had  only 17 gates on two concourses. While three of the gates were added in a minor expansion of the B concourse in the late 1990s, the original terminal's design was however not conducive to a major expansion.


With this small terminal operating at more than double its intended capacity, construction of a new Midfield Terminal Complex began in February 2002. The $438 million terminal opened on September 9, 2005. The terminal, was designed by Spillis Candela/DMJM Aviation, and has three concourses and 28 gates and which can eventually be expanded to five concourses with 65 gates. Demolition of the former terminal north of the airfield was completed in spring 2006.


KRSW first Impressions

First a note. This review has been updated to cover the changes by Aerosoft since the original release in November 2015. Since the changes were recent I thought it was better to update this current review than redo the changes in a separate post.

The route flight was from KATL-Atlanta to RSW by Rotate's MD-88 in current Delta colours.


KRSW - First Impression 1.jpgKRSW - First Impression 2.jpg

KRSW - First Impression 3.jpgKRSW - First Impression 4.jpg


The route is almost a direct line south from Atlanta and around the half-way mark you come directly over the western-Florida coast. You follow the coastline directly all the way down to a descent point just south of Tampa around Sarasota.


Approaching Fort Myers is a great panorama as there is a set of barrier islands called Boco Grande, Cayo Costa, Captiva and Senibel Islands which are national park areas. The following directly above the Island chains they are a great tool for selecting the approaches for both Page Field and RSW. Page Field is a slightly easier vector because it is directly inland from the hook of Senibel Island, where as the Southwest Florida approach is just slightly more south over Estero Bay. In GA approaches you can get a lot lower (1500ft) and it is visually a great approach over the chain of islands.


KRSW -  Landing Ext 1.jpgKRSW - First Impression 6.jpg


RSW can be very hard to locate. I am arriving on RWY 06 the only runway with an ILS approach. And you can't see the actual runway from a distance.

The problem is created by the way the developers have used the photo texture base in squares. At a distance they blend into the background and you get a green cast over the actual airport approaches. Approaching RSW lower in a GA the problem is magnified by the fact you can see the only the photo texture squares which are zig-zagged when angled from a distance. It is almost impossible to get a course or angle directly onto the runway as the runway itself does not exist, so your only choice is to use the ILS or CDI (course deviation indicator ) to get a line on the centre of the runway... 


KRSW -  Landing Ext 2.jpgKRSW -  Landing Ext 3.jpg


This issue is caused by not having your "Anisotropic Filtering" setting too low, it has to be set at least 16x or the full setting to make the textures clean and if you use this high setting and then runway texture quality will be very good to excellent.


KRSW - First Impression 9.jpgKRSW -  Landing Ext 4.jpg


Closer to the runway you can see great detailing on the surfaces with ribbing and joins that are very good. The ribbing design however can cause a little interference in patterns on my iMac screen. but I didn't find it annoying or distracting.


KRSW - First Impression 11.jpgKRSW - First Impression 12.jpg


The actual airport and terminals is to your right (landing on 06) and a cargo facility and the GA areas are on the left. Mid-field on the left is the control tower complex. From a landing perspective the terminal buildings look excellent and realistic and you enjoy the arrival at RSW.


KRSW - First Impression 13.jpgKRSW - First Impression 14.jpg


Runaway and taxiway marking and runway/taxiway signage are excellent, as noted the surfaces are very good at this level. Infields are also good and the visual aspect is great. There are no charts provided with the scenery but a link http://airnav.com/airport/KRSW) is provided for download. There are three arrival charts (STARS) and four departure routes (SIDS) and five instrument procedure charts.


KRSW - First Impression 15.jpgKRSW - First Impression 16.jpg


The main parallel runway taxiway is F with another A  which is a smaller parallel taxiway on the north side of the 06/24 RWY. Taxiway's J and L are arrival and departure taxiways for the main three concourses. There are no ramp numbers at RSW just gate numbers with my bay B4 which is situated on concourse B (far south). 


KRSW - First Impression 17.jpgKRSW - First Impression 18.jpg


The airport is buzzing with vehicle animations, a lot of movement in mostly baggage trucks and carts, vans and service trucks. The animation routes are excellent and you enjoy the visual movement when departing or arriving at RSW. Gates are also all activated with Marginal's animated gates and here you have marshals to guide you into the bays and park the aircraft.


KRSW - First Impression 19.jpgKRSW - First Impression 20.jpg


Visually the airport looks great from the ramp. There is the option for static aircraft that requires xOpenScenery to be installed.


KRSW - First Impression 23.jpgKRSW - First Impression 24.jpg

KRSW - First Impression 25.jpgKRSW - First Impression 26.jpg


There are few placements of vehicles and gate equipment, but I have my "Number of Objects" set at "a lot" and if you go up to the higher settings (Tons - Higher Tons) you certainly do get a lot more ramp objects but they come at a severe high frame-rate cost (in my case nearly 50%) and so a bit more refinement on the objects would compliment the excellent airport animations.


In the update Aerosoft have changed the above settings on the "Number of Objects" to be more efficient at a lower setting i.e. "a lot". That now means that the ramps are now full, if even cluttered from the sparse view that you had before.


KRSW - Update 7.jpgKRSW - Update 8.jpg

KRSW - Update 9.jpgKRSW - Update 10.jpg


In one way you would think that adjusting the object setting would be a great advantage and a visual step forward, and it is. But I found different situation in that it pulled my frame rate down because of the all extra loaded objects. And it took away the advantage that before if my framerate was too low I could then reduce the amount of objects and lose a certainly a lot of the visual impact of static ramp objects to gain framerate and have that user factor of the scenery. Now I can't do that? and my framerate suffers because I can't now adjust the amount of "objects", so it is one step forward but two steps backward in trying to fix the feature. (see Important update notes below on object changes).


Aerosoft KRSW - Southwest Florida International


Southwest Florida International Airport

KRSW Airport Diagram.jpg

6/24 12,000ft (3,658m) Asphalt
Elevation AMSL 30 ft / 9 m


Airport Overview


KRSW - Overview 1.jpgKRSW - Overview 2.jpg

KRSW - Overview 3.jpgKRSW - Overview 4.jpg


Orthophoto images are used under the scenery and they are very good, quality and has great definition. There is a slightly different colour balance to the default X-Plane scenery but not to the point it looks false or stands out poorly visually. So from a visual on the ground or approach view the airport looks very good.

In the update you have an extended area now to the east with a full set of new of added taxiways in G3, G5, G6, H, K and L.


KRSW - Update 1.jpgKRSW - Update 2.jpg


This greatly enhances your arrival and departure options and make the latest airport developments current.


KRSW - Update 3.jpgKRSW - Update 4.jpg


Also added in with the update by the new taxiways is the new $16 million Airport Rescue and Fire Fighting facility that was opened in July 2013. And well recreated is this new facility.


KRSW - Overview 5.jpgKRSW - Overview 6.jpg

KRSW - Overview 7.jpgKRSW - Terminal 6.jpg


Intergration with the X-Plane scenery is excellent with a lot of traffic entering and departing the scenery, so you have that activity aspect to the areas, As noted in the first impression on arrival the runways and taxiway textures and detailing is excellent, and from the air point of view they do look very authentic. The huge carparking areas do dominate the southwest points of the scenery, and they are a mixture of flattened cars in the orthophoto and added in 3-D vehicles, but only one southern section of the carpark is covered by the 3-D items, with the rest of the parking areas empty unless you use those heavier higher "Object" settings, and then still one large carpark is empty.  There are a lot of outlaying airport support buildings that are very good, if a little blank in texture detailing.




KRSW - Terminal 2.jpgKRSW - Terminal 1.jpg

KRSW terminal layout.jpg


KRSW has only one large terminal with three concourses D, C and B. There are no A area gates (probably in the older demolished terminal).


KRSW - Terminal 3.jpgKRSW - Terminal 4.jpg


The airports landside and terminal construction is very good in that lots of pored concrete infrastructure look. The terminal design is well done and detailed. The areas are however quite blank. There is no advertising, roadway direction signs or small items like coke-cola machines and other great detailing details, so it comes across as bland, certainly far more could have been done.


KRSW - Overview 8.jpgKRSW - Terminal 5.jpg


The outlaying airport support buildings that are very good, but again a little blank in texture detailing. Can you find your rental car company from the rows of buildings? I can't because they are not branded. And the "Welcome to Southwest Florida International Airport" signs over the road are missing as well.


In the update the amount of static objects as noted above have been increased substantially and this does come across as a better viewpoint.


KRSW - Update 5.jpgKRSW - Update 11.jpg

KRSW - Update 12.jpgKRSW - Update 6.jpg


The changes have reflected well on the rental car areas and many areas of the carparks, but the upper level terminal carpark is still quite barren when is should be quite busy. The RSW airport entrance sign has been added, but the resolution is quite low, but at least now it is in there.


Concourse B - Gates B1-B9


KRSW - Terminal Concourse B 1.jpg

KRSW - Terminal Concourse B 2.jpgKRSW - Terminal Concourse B 5.jpg

KRSW - Terminal Concourse B 3.jpgKRSW - Terminal Concourse B 4.jpg


B Concourse is for International departures in Air Berlin, Air Canada, and far northern state American airlines in Frontier, Sun Country and LCC Southwest Airlines. The concourse in design is excellent with as noted has with all gates it has working airbridges. The Customs and Immigration services for the international flights are located on the lower level of Concourse B


C Concourse - Gates C1-C9


KRSW - Terminal Concourse C 1.jpg

KRSW - Terminal Concourse C 2.jpgKRSW - Terminal Concourse C 3.jpg

KRSW - Terminal Concourse C 4.jpgKRSW - Terminal Concourse C 5.jpg 


Central C Concourse is used by Delta, Delta Connection, United, United Express and Westjet. There is not a lot of differences in all three concourses in design or construction as there is no different buildings built at different times in the airport's history, so they all have a samey appeal.


Concourse D - Gates D1-D10


KRSW - Terminal Concourse D 1.jpg

KRSW - Terminal Concourse D 2.jpgKRSW - Terminal Concourse D 3.jpg

KRSW - Terminal Concourse D 5.jpgKRSW - Terminal Concourse D 4.jpg


The northern concourse D is home to American Airlines, American Eagle, JetBlue, Silver (local) and Spirit Airlines. All three concourses are identical as noted but Con D is the one I favour and use gates D2 and D4. No particular reason, but it feels great there and taxi times are closer to RWY 06. Concourse detailing is good.


Control Tower 1.jpgControl Tower 2.jpg

Control Tower 3.jpgControl Tower 4.jpg


Mid-Field north is the control tower and firestation complex. The complex is a modern US standard in design, functional and efficient the tower is not distinctive. The design is however well done but the carpark behind could do with at least a few cars and trucks...  The Fire Station on the airport layout chart is noted on the south and opposite Concourse B, but this is the new $16 million Airport Rescue and Fire Fighting facility that was opened in July 2013.


Control Tower View 1.jpgControl Tower View 2.jpg


Tower view is excellent with no obstructions to block or hide the view, and both ends of the runway are clearly seen.

East of the Tower/Firestation complex, There is a small industrial area and the airport's fuel storage.


KRSW - East 1.jpgKRSW - East 2.jpg


And slightly north-east of the Control tower is the long term undercover carparking and rental outlet.

West is the General Aviation area.


KRSW - GA 1.jpgKRSW - GA 3.jpg

KRSW - GA 4.jpgKRSW - GA 2.jpg


There are two general aviation hangars, one smaller behind, but the larger open door hangar is very usable. GA ramp areas are excellent with just the right amount of GA aircraft to find the right parking space. To the east there is a very good "Private Star Services" hangar and office building.


KRSW - GA 5.jpgKRSW - GA 6.jpg


Finally far east on the north side there is a small cargo area run by the Lee County Port Authority with one warehouse that is mostly usable for regional cargo routes, certainly you can still park a big hauler here but it is not that big a facility.


KRSW Nightlighting


KRSW - Nightlighting 1.jpgKRSW - Nightlighting 2.jpg


All runway and approach lighting is very good with a MALSR: 1,400 foot medium intensity approach lighting system with runway alignment indicator lights on RWY 06. Taxiway and signage is very good.


KRSW - Nightlighting 3.jpgKRSW - Nightlighting 4.jpg

KRSW - Nightlighting 5.jpgKRSW - Nightlighting 6.jpg


There is not much variety in the lighting in one for landside and building ramp lighting airside, but there is a lot of it and it covers all the airport's areas including the carparks and inner and outer roads. Terminal and concourse windows are all one dimensional grey and quite boring.


KRSW - Nightlighting 7.jpgKRSW - Nightlighting 8.jpg


The ramp work areas are well lit but with not much variation and do not throw the lighting out far from the concourses. So overall the lighting is good and workable, but not exceptional.



Southwest Florida Intl Airport is an extremely popular airport, mostly because it does not have the serious heavy volumes of the eastern Florida ports. Basically it is regional port, but a far reaching one and its position on the western end of the Floridian peninsula gives the airport a wide arc of destinations. Seasonal is big business here as the winter snowbirds come down here to escape the northern Canadian and higher US states cold winter weather.



In rank Atlanta is the overwhelmingly busiest route, double of anywhere else and no doubt a hub connection route. But many airports to the Eastern seaboard ports are also very heavily utilised.


  1. Atlanta, Georgia - 597,000 : Delta, Southwest, Spirit
  2. Chicago–O'Hare, Illinois - 313,000 : American, Spirit, United
  3. Detroit, Michigan - 283,000 : Delta, Spirit
  4. Charlotte, North Carolina - 238,000 : American/US Airways
  5. Boston, Massachusetts - 229,000 : JetBlue, Southwest, Spirit
  6. Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota - 221,000 : Delta, Southwest, Spirit, Sun Country
  7. Newark, New Jersey - 215,000 : JetBlue, United
  8. Baltimore, Maryland - 172,000 : Southwest
  9. Chicago–Midway, Illinois - 166,000 : Southwest
  10. Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas - 152,000 : American, Spirit


1  Delta 22.44%
2  Southwest 22.44%
3  JetBlue 12.32%
4  American 9.56%
5  United 8.62%


Delta and Southwest are the most popular airlines for RSW taking between them almost halve of the passenger loads.


1 Toronto 133,534 - Air Canada, WestJet
2 Düsseldorf 39,891 - Air Berlin
3 Montréal 5,713 - Air Canada
4 Ottawa 4,165 - WestJet


Canada is easily the most popular international route, but the Düsseldorf numbers show the future potential of more overseas vistors to RSW.



The overall impression of KRSW - Southwest Florida Intl Airport (with the update included) is that this is now a very good scenery. the road signage and general advertising are still missing and the terminal windows are bland and really boring at night and building lighting is average. There is an annoying MM (Middle) marker beacon that drives you mad as you sit on the go point of RWY 06 (I moved it in the local map).


There is the situation of the "Number of Objects" settings that for me in the first place was a viewpoint of sparse ramps but good framerate. And now with this update the situation of full ramps, but as the lower "Number of Objects" setting does not allow for any lowering of the number of objects (well you can go lower but to a detrimental effect of the overall X-Plane view being worse) in the scenery it has now created the opposite effect foe me on that now I have all the visual fulfilment that I can wish for but I can't adjust the render settings and recover any usable framerate. So if you have a slower or less powerful computer the original release version is actually a better performer in the framerate area.


That is a shame because the airport building basics are all very good, so are the orthophoto textures, runway and taxiway textures, animations are first rate and in all KRSW is overall a really great airport.


From a personal point of view I love Southwest Florida Intl Airport and use it regularly if not most of the time while doing reviews, in fact if you follow the reviews here you will find that KRSW is in most of them, and that is the main point to understand about the scenery.

Its geographical position and lightness of frame-rate (if the objects are kept down) keeps me coming back here and it is a regional airport par-excellence. It is just a really good and flexible airport to have and use in your network, so usable and flexible that you do easily overlook its now minor faults. With Aerosoft addressing KRSW's those small faults it is very close to perfect. RSW overall well worth adding to your network, as noted in the images here the airport is great visually and the airport is highly usable.


This always brings up the question on how you value your scenery. Good scenery is a great investment in one main area...  How much you actually use the scenery. Yes you can spend money on a really great detailed scenery, but if you never use it then it is a waste of money. But a scenery like KRSW that if like me in that if I use it almost constantly then I know I am getting my money's worth and that is a very good investment...  So yes overall KRSW it is a very good to great investment.



X-Plane Store logo sm.jpg


Yes! KRSW - Southwest Florida International Airport by Aerosoft is available from the new X-Plane.Org Store here :


KRSW - Southwest Florida International Airport


Price is US$24.99


Features :

  • 10 cm/pixel aerial ortho imagery covering the entire airport (approx. 8.41 sq. km)
  • 1 cm/pixel custom ground detail/markings
  • Baked-in, ray-traced ambient occlusion on all major buildings
  • Baked-in, ray-traced night illumination on the airport terminal building
  • Specular reflections and all-HDR lighting
  • Accurate building heights, measured using LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) elevation data
  • Designed using X-Plane 10-native methods for maximum performance
  • Animated jet bridges and marshallers at all gates (using the freely available AutoGate plugin by Jonathan Harris)
  • Static aircraft as an option
  • Animated and static ground vehicles
  • Volumetric grass
  • Road traffic
  • Compatible with HD Mesh Scenery v3 by Andras Fabian


Installation :   Download file size is 1.75gb to your X-Plane - Custom Scenery Folder. Installed file size is two files -

"KRSW 1_Roads" 10.80mb
"KRSW 2_Scenery" 1.09gb

Aerosoft scenery installer is provided and you require an installation key


Notes: There are a lot of ground textures in gigabyte size and they take up a lot of memory. So a minimum of 2gb in graphic VRAM is recommended, there is not a lot of autogen around the airport so that aspect does not have an impact on your frame-rate.

There is a clever trick that the developers of KRSW - Southwest Florida Intl has built in to the scenery to adjust the amount of objects (hence your framerate) to your preference. You need WED 1.4r2 (WED 1.4r1 does not work on saving) and open up Aerosoft KRSW 2_Scenery folder in the WED application. In the OBJs group you will find the groups of scenery objects named New, Density Level 1, Density Level 2 and inside those folders are the categories of scenery objects. You can adjust the amount of objects in the categories by clicking off the eye and resaving the scenery. I found I needed to only adjust a few categories to recover a significant amount of framerate, and still leave a great selection of objects in view. Well worth adjusting and making the scenery as efficient as you can to your system's capablities. 


Documents :  There is an Aerosoft manual (12 Pages) in German and English. No charts are provided with the scenery but a link http://airnav.com/airport/KRSW) is provided for download. There are three arrival charts (STARS) and four departure routes (SIDS) and five instrument procedure charts.


Requirements :

X-Plane 10.40 + (any edition)
Windows Vista / 7 / 8 / 10; Linux; Mac
Multi Core Processor (CPU): Quad Core 3,0 GHz
Minimum 8 GB RAM
2 GB Free Hard Disc Space
2 GB of on-board, dedicated VRAM



Review by Stephen Dutton

Updated review 17th February 2016

Copyright©2016: X-Plane Reviews


Review System Specifications:

Computer System:  - 2.66 Ghz Intel Core i5 iMac 27”- 9 Gb 1067 Mhz DDR3 - ATI Radeon HD 6970M 2048 mb- Seagate 512gb SSD 

Software:   - Mac OS Yosemite 10.10.4 - X-Plane 10 Global ver 10.45

Addons - Saitek x52 Pro system Joystick and Throttle : Sound - Bose  Soundlink Mini

Scenery, Plugin or Aircraft

- McDonnell Douglas MD-80 by Rotate ((Rotate MD-88 - X-Plane.OrgStore) - US$59.95

- JARDesign Ground Handling Deluxe Plugin (Ground Handling Deluxe - X-Plane.OrgStore) - US$14.95


Logo Header X-PlaneReviews 200px.jpg

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Hi Stephen,

Thank you for writing such a great and detailed review of the scenery. I've noted the shortcomings you've mentioned and will take care to avoid the same mistakes in my next project.
However, I'd like to point out that there are some setting-dependent elements of the scenery that are missing in your screenshots:

  1. The ramps and car parks are full of 3D vehicles but the Number of Objects in the Rendering Options must be set to Extreme in order to see them all.
  2. The zigzags in the orthophoto textures should disappear by increasing the Anisotropic Filtering in the Rendering Options to 16x.
  3. The building textures will look much better if you set the Texture Resolution in the Rendering Options to Extreme.
  4. The volumetric grass can be activated using the guide in post #2 here: http://goo.gl/gEG01t
  5. If the runway grooves display an interference pattern on your system, how to fix it is described in post #4 here: http://goo.gl/KFsUqK

Furthermore, a major update to the scenery will be released this month and will include new taxiways, a new fire department and other improvements.

I hope this info makes your flights at KRSW even better. Thank you once again for the great review.

Best regards,


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Hi Stephen, I have completed developing a free update to the KRSW scenery and it will be released by Aerosoft soon. Here are some of the improvements:
  • All scenery objects will now display even when the Number of Objects in the Rendering Options is set to Default (you no longer need to set it to Extreme to see all the objects)
  • Added taxiways G3, G5, G6, H, K and L
  • Added the new fire station
Click on the images below to see the improvements:
By default, Static Aircraft and Volumetric Grass are disabled in the scenery. Here are detailed instructions on how to enable them:
1. Quit X-Plane
2. Navigate to your X-Plane 10/Custom Scenery/Aerosoft KRSW 2_Scenery/ folder
3. Here you will find four folders, namely:
Earth nav data
Earth nav data.Base+Static Aircraft
Earth nav data.Base+Static Aircraft+VolGrass
Earth nav data.Base+VolGrass
4. Rename the Earth nav data folder to Earth nav data.Base
5. Choose one of the other three folders and rename it to Earth nav data (for example, if you want to enable both Static Aircraft and Volumetric Grass, rename Earth nav data.Base+Static Aircraft+VolGrass to Earth nav data). X-Plane only uses the folder that you name "Earth nav data".
Note: Enabling Volumetric Grass may have a significant performance impact on some systems.
If you see a strange 'shadow' or 'waves' on the runway, follow these instructions to fix it:
1. Navigate to the folder X-Plane 10/Custom Scenery/Aerosoft KRSW 2_Scenery/
2. Find the file 847.pol and rename it to 847BAK.pol
3. Download the 847.pol file attached to this post and place it in the X-Plane 10/Custom Scenery/Aerosoft KRSW 2_Scenery/ folder
You will no longer see the runway grooves and the associated artifacts. If, however, you want to get the runway grooves back, simply reverse the above procedure.


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