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Aircraft Review : Boeing 767-300ER Professional by VMAX and Flight Factor

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15 minutes ago, Guest Chrisrob57 said:

Yes it is for x plane 11  you check x plane org 767pro was in the sale   it states x plane 10 amd 11    it works great only fmc out of date is all thats wrong 


Yes your right it has been updated...  There is a FMS data issue but that was a Laminar Research issue and not a FlightFactor issue and I heard you had to install the X-Plane10 data into X-Plane11 to update to the latest data.  SD

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8 minutes ago, chrisrob57 said:

could you get me the file i need please


It is the "Custom Data" folder, but I can't post that as it is too big. Laminar Research should update that soon...  SD

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It's always going to be a personal and subjective choice.

From a personal standpoint, I highly recommend this aircraft, as everything you read and hear about it is true. 

The modelling is excellent, the systems are deep and involving, and the handling is as one might expect.

Are there better aircraft? No, I don't think so, as I believe that this FlightFactor model is right up there at the top of the tree. It set the benchmark. 

Think about the sort of flights that you want to do, and whether it's the correct size of aeroplane for those flights, as it's smaller sibling, the FF 757, is also a high quality product. 


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