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News! - Project Update : MD11 by Rotate

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News! - Project Update : MD11 by Rotate


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Rotate has released a WIP (Work In Progress) video of their forthcoming McDonnell Douglas DC-11 Tri-Jet for X-Plane11. The developer is noted for their excellent MD-80 which has a huge following in the simulator, and the larger MD-11 aircraft has been in development now for 3 years.... yes 3 years.



The video shows extensively the MD-11's exterior model and detail, showing the concept is almost complete in this area. We also get our first comprensive look at the systems and the highly detail FMC integration, with functional flight management computer screens joining the primary flight displays in what appears to be in a completed and fully operational state.


The developer also noted "The light at the end of the tunnel is getting bigger as we are approaching beta", yes a beta, so is an Easter Release imminent!


Video courtesy of Rotate



News by Stephen Dutton

3rd February 2021

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I will almost certainly but this, but it’s interesting that this has so much attention of the community. But then I guess the release of the PMDG FSX version did as well.


I flew on the MD-11 many times, not easy to do as the passenger variant, at least in AA colors, had a short life. American wasn’t happy with the purchase, the performance being the stated issue but the landing behavior probably had them worried as well. Singapore just cancelled theirs when the real performance data was available. It didn’t sell a huge number but became an affordable freight option. MD got it wrong with the three holer - Boeing got it right that two engines and improved reliability meant that was the way to go for long haul. In many ways the 11 led to MDs downfall and yet as a community we see it as an icon.


I guess it’ll be the same for the upcoming BAE 146 from JF. Four engines for regional and short haul? Another interesting idea, but probably as wrong as you could get.


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I guess the flight simulation community’s heart beats differently. We perhaps view such planes differently? The MD-11 has definitely something iconic about it and is definitely on my list of icons, headed by the DC-/C-47...
I never actually set foot on the -11, I only flew in the predecessor DC10-30 that NWA used on some transatlantic routes. The aircraft is known to be a handful, it has had a number of accidents, it lands fast...

In the sim, it was one of the best experiences I had with the fsx version by PMDG. I must have flown over 2 thousand sim hours on it, which is a lot for me. I am really looking forward to this, and would love it in the Lufthansa Cargo clothing to go with my beloved copy of Northbound Lady. 


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I flew the 10 many times, mostly in AA colors but before that in BCAL. On what the simulation community wants it seems - that from most releases - it's current commercial aircraft. This issue is that one Airbus is pretty much like another - and some Boeings have been around for a long time - so perhaps the MD-11 is seen as something different. Generally though outside FJS and Rotate have classic aircraft succeeded, at least from a sales point of view? What is interesting is that how Rotate, who haven't had a new release in a very long time, are so well regarded based on the long running and excellent MD-80. What the community seems sure of is that Rotate are going to make the step up - the MD80 is great, but it is a little dated - with the MD11 to what contemporary XP11 aircraft can achieve. I've no reason to believe that they can't but  it does show the value of a good product and good customer relations with the community. Good vibes last a long time. Some other developers should take note.

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I’m really getting tired of the clay models and constant wip photos from developers. I don’t car if the cabin has leather seats. I just want to fly. It seems like that’s all we get. How far off could md-11 be. it’s really killing xplane.  Plus no one releases scenery anymore. Maybe it’s time to switch sims. 

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