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Aircraft Review : BK-117 by ND Art & Technology


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The BK-117 was a joint development between MBB (Germany) and Kawasaki (Japan) during the 80s and 90s. The Bk-117 has been very successful as a medevac helicopter thanks to its exceptional performances, generous cargo space and smooth flight model.

After the merge of MBB and Aerospatiale in 1992, the BK-117 became part of the Eurocopter line-up. The BK-117 evolved into what is known today as the EC-145


BK-177 model from ND Art & Technology


This model is not new, as it was initially released in 2009. However, it has been updated to work perfectly with X-Plane 10 and it is 64 bit compatible.


Where to get it: BK-177 X-Plane.org Store

Download size: 68Mb

Price: $29.95

X-Plane requirement: X-Plane 10. 32 or 64 bit.

Updated store#



Two versions of the BK-117: Regular model and BK-117 with Weather Radar Radome

PDF flight manual

7 paint schemes


First Impressions


When you load the BK-117, the first thing you see is a unique menu where you can decide which doors to open and close.





Door controls can also be assigned to buttons. By default the Bk-117 comes loaded with a pilot, 2 paramedics and 1 (badly hurt) patient:



You can adjust the number of occupants in the BK-177 using  the Weight and Balance menu of X-Plane.




The cockpit is a full 3D cockpit. Instruments are well modeled and easy to read:




The Bk-117 includes many systems such as autopilot, stability augmentation, and engine controls.


A default GPS 430 is installed. It also comes with a Medivac G20T handheld GPS. The G20T will only give you the distance to a target coordinate.




Overall the cockpit is very well made and easy to navigate:




Dark and cold start-up


The Bk-117 does support a dark and cold start-up.


Nils from ND Art & Technology has published a video about the start-up procedure:




Exterior and flight Model:


Everything is modeled in detail: The frame, doors, Main rotor, and blades.  You'd be highly unlikely to find any defect in this model.




Details on the rotors:




The Bk-117 is fairly easy to control.  As long as you own a decent joystick you should be able to master the Bk-177 very quickly.


The aircraft is very forgiving thanks to the Stability Augmentation system implemented by the designers.


Thanks to the autopilot you can use the Bk-117 for longer flights such as search and rescue missions. The Sperry helicopter autopilot is fully simulated in the systems plugin.


SAS Control and Sperry Autopilot:



Additional Paint schemes:







Hard to believe this model is four years old already. It still looks like a brand new release .

ND Art & Technology's BK-117 is a pleasure to fly. It has everything you would look for in a payware model: Detailed graphics, systems to mimic the real aircraft, and great flight model.

On top of all that, the Bk-117 is easy on your computer. I was able to maintain a frame rate of over 55fps during all my tests.


Highly recommended for anyone who is interested in learning to fly a chopper.


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Guest Douglas Culver

I had this chopper several years ago before I went to Microsoft Gold. I have missed it every since. Microsoft doesn't have anything remotely close. Nemeth Designs is coming out with the BK117 this Fall. I might try X-Plane 10 in the future just to be able to fly the BK117 from ND developers once again.


Doug Culver

Watertown, Wi.

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