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News! - Plugin Update - WorldTraffic update to version 2.1.3 by Classic Jet Simulations

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Plugin Update - WorldTraffic update to version 2.1.3 by Classic Jet Simulations

The excellent WorldTraffic plugin has been updated to v2.1.3 in the addition now that WT is being available now to Linux users. The conversion to Linux was done by Bill Sparker a well known Linux coder. The update is here: Attached File  WT_Update213.zip  2.5MB. The full version if you want to do a clean install is here: http://www.classicje...loads/WT210.zip

Again there was a list of tweeks, but the plugin has certainly matured very well since the update to the v2 series run. Full changelist is below.

While we are on the WorldTraffic page there was another great ground routes editor "AGRE Ground Routes Editor 1.2.1" released by Chopinet here: AGRE Ground Routes Editor 1.2.1

It is windows only and I have tried it out with WINE on my mac, but was not quite successful. But it uses the Laminar Research's WED WorldEditor and nodes to add in the routes, and quick it is...  worth adding to your toolbox.

Full WT changelog v2.1.3

- (2.1.3) - Added plugins for linux
- ATC Radar plugin for Mac now included
- Navigraph Approach data is now being used which is apparent for places like the old Kai-Tak airport
  or airports in mountainous areas.
- You can turn off Navigraph approaches if you want to use the automatic approaches which often work better
  for airports in flatter terrain.  There is an option for this in the preferences menu.
- The ground model has been enhanced so that aircraft now anticipate turns so that they will turn early
  before a waypoint with a sharp corner so as to roll out on the direct line between waypoints.  The aircraft
  will also make steering corrections to stay on this center line.
- Waypoint angles in ground routes can be any angle now.  A  waypoint is considered as passed if the relative
  angle to it is greater than 90 degrees and the distance is inside of the aircraft's turn radius.
- Code optimizations to eliminate pause when lots of flight plans were use tail numbers. This should allow you
  to run all of the Germany flight plans without pauses now.
- New SET_PRIORITY command for ground routes to override priority which by default is determined using the
  ground route distance with the shortest ground routes having the highest priority.  See the manual for details.
- Planes will now agressively try and get on the runway center line when landing which is evident for
  places like Kai-Tak
- On resynch make sure to put aircraft at the end of appropriate ground route files instead of picking any
  ground route file
- Limit taxi speeds to 54 knots for jets and 35 knots for prop planes so thrust reverers don't cycle on
  and off during landing and to ensure aircraft are slowing down enough to make their exits.
- Aircraft no longer have to land in between the first and second waypoints in a ground route, just after
  the first one. Many ground routes not following this old rule had aircraft back-tracking to missed waypoints
  on the runway.
- Make final STAR speeds variable based on distance to runway so they don't end up on final approach way too fast.
- Exit STARs early if necessary to not overshoot the runway center line.

- Fix freezing issue resulting from trying to read too many files from call to XPLMGetDirectoryContents function
- Fix problem loading flight plans from random folders when a new region folder is added
- When waiting to cross runway, don't hold for planes on runway unless they are in a state of taking off and moving
  otherwise planes can delay for way too long waiting to cross a runway.
- fix problem when adding a new region and they all end up getting enabled
- Fixed problem where aircraft could use SIDs/STARs from another airport after a resych due to airport id
  changing if different regions get enabled or disabled... store airport name instead of airport id with STAR/SID file
- Fix problem where ATC was ignoring user aircraft when it was a light prop
- (2.1.1) Fix problem on Mac when freezing trying to open hidden .DS_Store files
- (2.1.1) Fixed the Durian dataref - cjs/world_traffic/tracked_aircraft_id
- (2.1.2) Fixed overshooting problem with rising terrain before runway
- (2.1.2) Fixed SID processing to make proper use of VECTORs
- (2.1.3) Fixed STAR approaches using multiple runways to not always pick one runway, but instead pick one randomly
- (2.1.3) Fixed Overshooting planes to use ground routes instead of disappearing once landed

X-PlaneReviews have done a quick overview of WorldTraffic here: Plugin Addon Viewpoint : World Traffic by Classic Jet Simulations v1.2.3


World Traffic by Classic Jet Simulations is now available from the New X-Plane.Org Store here : World Traffic and is priced at only US$24.95

To use World Traffic in its full capacity you need a key (after purchase) that will be emailed to you from (Classic Jet Simulations) to install within the plugin to make it work.


WorldTraffic Extensive Features include :

General Features

    Now with Random traffic generation based on an airport definition file specifying traffic type, connecting airports, and traffic volume to allow you to quickly generate air traffic for your favorite areas.

    Sample flight plans and ground routes are provided for KSEA. These illustrate almost all of the functionality of the application and may be used as examples for your own flights.

    Several default aircraft are provided with many more to come. Users may create their own aircraft as well.

    Flight plans can be grouped into zones to enable/disable flights for a specific region or to enable/disable flights for a specific vintage of aircraft. You can organize the flight plan folders however you wish and enable or disable whatever regions you are interested in.

    Custom sound engine with directional, multi-track aircraft engine sounds with doppler shift.

    Simple ATC system to allow you to interact with the World Traffic application so that it is aware of your position and can vector you and and assign you arrival/departure runways.

    Flight information window allows you to quickly find active flights, flight information about that flight, and it lets you view that flight with the track camera.

    Collision avoidance features for ground traffic so aircraft hold for approaching and departing aircraft, aircraft will overshoot if they are too high or too fast or if there is a plane on the runway, and planes will enter holding patterns if the airport is too busy or their crosswind landing limit is exceeded.

Flight Plans

    User-defined flight plans to specify the flight path of an aircraft or a formation of aircraft.

    Settable altitudes for each steerpoint in the flight plan where altitude can be in feet above sea level or feet above ground level for terrain following flights.

    Flight plans can be defined for specific aircraft tail numbers so that a specific aircraft can be defined to follow a multi-leg route.

Ground Routes

    User-defined ground routes to specify specific parking locations for aircraft. Ground routes can be specific to a general type of aircraft, a type of aircraft, or a specific tail number so you can have planes park in the parking spots you want

Flight Model

    Simple, tunable flight model using aerodynamics and ballistics equations from the NASA web site to provide a natural looking flight model accurate enough that you can follow the World-Traffic controlled aircraft.

    Wind and turbulence affect aircraft so that they will bounce around in turbulence and crab into the wind in flight to maintain desired headings.

    Afterburner thrust is settable so afterburner-equipped aircraft can accelerate quickly when required, perform vertical departures, and fly supersonic.

Aircraft Object Animation and Lighting

    Custom datarefs are provided to provide your aircraft with full animation of control surfaces, landing gear, canopy, nozzle, engine blades/prop, thrust reverser, lights etc.

    All types of aircraft lighting is supported and the lights will function correctly depending on the phase of flight and aircraft type. Landing lights will go on and taxi lights will go off when the aircraft taxis onto a runway for takeoff. The strobe lights will turn off when the plane arrives and turns off the runway.

    Cabin lights will stay on and aircraft doors will stay open for a few minutes after an airliner parks until the passengers are all off the plane. Most other lighting turns off when the aircraft engines are shut down.


Developer Site : Classic Jet Simulations

X-Plane support Sites : World Traffic Downloads

                                      Support Threads

Stephen Dutton

24th October 2015

Copyright©2015: X-Plane Reviews


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