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News! - Update : KTPA - Tampa International Airport v2.1 by VerticalSim

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News! - Update : KTPA - Tampa International Airport v2.1 by VerticalSim


KPTA_V21_News Header.jpg


VerticalSim have updated their KPTA Tampa International Airport scenery to v2.1. The changes are mostly a retexturing of the terminals and buildings and also a switch to the more efficient .dds file system. It is noted for preparation for the introduction of KPTA on to the MSFS platform as well as X-Plane11.


v2.1 Changelog

  • Fixed up some missing concrete
  • Whole new revamped airside textures (A, C, E, F)
  • New PBR mapping for realistic material rendering
  • Fixing some lighting errors
  • Changed all textures to dds in order to save VRAM

All the terminals as noted have been retextured, and they do look certainly far more gritty and more realistic.


KPTA_V21_News Head 2.jpgKPTA_V21_News Head 1.jpg

KPTA_V21_News Head 3.jpgKPTA_V21_News Head 4.jpgKPTA_V21_News Head 5.jpgKPTA_V21_News Head 6.jpgKPTA_V21_News Head 7.jpgKPTA_V21_News Head 8.jpg


The Tampa Airport Marriott is impressive, and now better with the HOPE that was spelled out in the windows being removed.


KPTA_V21_News Head 9.jpgKPTA_V21_News Head 10.jpg


The scenery certainly feels lighter (frameweight) with the move to .dds system...   but if you want to develop for MSFS, then certainly there are still some serious errors in this scenery that REALLY need to be fixed....


A lot of the scenery is floating, a no, no today....


KPTA_V21_News Error 6.jpgKPTA_V21_News Error 7.jpg


On Taxiway J a taxiway bridge is completely still not fixed and sits quite upwards and awkward on the taxiway? Orthophoto ground images are really dark, horrible in fact and make the use of the scenery feel very dark and dull....


KPTA_V21_News Error 1.jpgKPTA_V21_News Error 2.jpg

KPTA_V21_News Error 5.jpg


....  these same phototextures still also break abruptly, creating a poor join to the default scenery, and again horrible to look at? Autogen coverage around the stadiums is also a serious eyesore, and very noticeable on RWY 28 approaches.


KPTA_V21_News Error 3.jpgKPTA_V21_News Error 4.jpg


KPTA_V21_News Final.jpg


I really like this scenery, but still these polarising negatives outweigh the high number of positives....


Full compehensive X-PlaneReviews review is here: Airport Review : KTPA Tampa International Airport by VerticalSim



X-Plane Store logo sm.jpg Yes! KTPA - Tampa International Airport by VerticalSim is now Available from the X-Plane.Org Store here :


KTPA - Tampa International Airport

Price Is US$22.50


The v2.1 update is free to all current VerticalSim KPTA purchasers, just go to your X-PlaneStore account...  Download is 2.14Gb



News by Stephen Dutton

9th January 2021

Copyright©2021: X-Plane Reviews


(Disclaimer. All images and text in this review are the work and property of X-PlaneReviews, no sharing or copy of the content is allowed without consent from the author as per copyright conditions)

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I have this scenery and have updated it and am not having any issues. I am using the TE Orbx Florida mesh though. 

Your issue sounds like an Ortho issue - the floating items. Did you look at the manual, that should have cleared the floating bridge?

There’s also freeware for the city of Tampa that might create issues - it adds airport buildings. Again you using that? There’s a link to a Tampa city freeware that removes the issue in the documentation.


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Let us be clear, the Orbx ortho is an addon, not the default textures...  so it is not an issue as the scenery should fit within the default imagary, if the developer wants to add in extras to fit the payware then that is fine, but the default should be the default or the phototextures need to blend in correctly...   personally anyway I don't like the dark photo images that these textures create, they are not realistic and make the scenery look dark and unrealistic.

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I know that the Orbx ortho is an add on. I made sure, that in saying I had no issues with the scenery I did identify my different usage to you. However it appears that you haven’t taken my feedback in the spirit that it was made in. It’s interesting that in a scenery that does present some options - and important options no doubt for many users - they aren’t mentioned in your review. Nor is the fact that the scenery is a lot cheaper on the developers own site. 

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