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News! - Update : EDDM Munich v1.1 by ShortFinal Designs

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News! - Update : EDDM Munich v1.1 by ShortFinal Designs


EDDM_v1_1_News Header.jpg


ShortFinal Designs (Misterx6) has updated his EDDM Munich to version v1.1. This already outstanding scenery and X-PlaneReviews Best Airport Scenery : EDDM - Munich by ShortFinal winner 2019 🏅 has been updated and refined to it's current layout.


EDDM_v1_1_News Head 2.jpgEDDM_v1_1_News Head 1.jpg


Changelog v1.1 includes

  •     Added construction site at T1 and updated taxiway layout
  •     Added custom centerline lights for blue/orange taxi lines
  •     Added custom inset blue edge lights
  •     Added SAM Seasons compatibility, added fall and mild winter versions
  •     Added some missing buildings around the airport
  •     Improved runway textures
  •     Improved taxiway lines
  •     Improved vegetation textures
  •     Updated GroundTraffic plugin for X-Plane 11.50 (Metal/Vulkan)
  •     Updated layout of apron 5 and 13 (East of T2)
  •     Updated mesh and O4XP patch: more resolution, drainage ditches, fixed lighting issues
  •     Updated jetway textures with new o2 advertisements
  •     Updated several airport vehicles with new PBR models


Construction site at T1 and aprons 5 and 13


EDDM_v1_1_News Head 3.jpgEDDM_v1_1_News Head 13.jpg


Improved runway textures and vegetation textures


EDDM_v1_1_News Head 5.jpgEDDM_v1_1_News Head 8.jpg


Custom centerline lights for blue/orange taxi lines and custom inset blue edge lights


EDDM_v1_1_News Head 6.jpgEDDM_v1_1_News Head 7.jpg


Updated jetway textures with new o2 advertisements


EDDM_v1_1_News Head 9.jpgEDDM_v1_1_News Head 10.jpgEDDM_v1_1_News Head 11.jpgEDDM_v1_1_News Head 12.jpg


A nice update to an already brilliant scenery, a must have!

Full compehensive X-PlaneReviews review is here: Scenery Review : EDDM - Munich by ShortFinal Designs



X-Plane Store logo sm.jpg Yes! EDDM - Munich by ShortFinal Designs v1.1 is now Available from the X-Plane.Org Store here :


EDDM - Munich Airport

Price Is US$26.95


The v1.1 update is free to all current SFD EDDM-Munich purchasers, just go to your X-PlaneStore account...  Download is 1.9Gb



News by Stephen Dutton

8th January 2021

Copyright©2021: X-Plane Reviews


(Disclaimer. All images and text in this review are the work and property of X-PlaneReviews, no sharing or copy of the content is allowed without consent from the author as per copyright conditions)

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