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News! - Now Available! - Cirrus SR20 by vFlyteAir

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News! - Now Available - Cirrus SR20 by vFlyteAir


Now available at X-Plane.OrgStore from vFlyteAir is a very nice modern General Aviation success story in the Cirrus SR20. To date more than 6,000 Cirrus aircraft had been delivered of this excellent four-or-five-seat, composite monoplane built by Cirrus Aircraft of Duluth, Minnesota. The aircraft is powered by a Continental IO-360-ES engine that provides 200 hp (149 kW).

X-PlaneReviews has exclusive images of this great new aircraft.


Beautiful modeling is coupled with great quality design.


The highlight is the inclusion of a full G1000 glass avionics suite. Although based on the X-Plane FMS system, it is very comprehensive and excellent to use and programme.


Features Include:

 Primary Flight Display (PFD):

  • Artificial Horizon with high-resolution attitude indicator, flight director and roll scale
  • Speedtape with custom display of reference speeds
  • Altitude tape with custom vertical velocity indicator and minimums display
  • Enhanced HSI with turn indicator and three fully configurable bearing pointers for GPS, NAV1, NAV2 and ADF
  • Switchable inset windows for timer/references, minimums, wind, ADF, map, nearest airports, and flight plan
  • Cirrus-style top bar with power setting, frequencies and detailed GPS & autopilot information

Multi Function Display (MFD):

  • Engine information system with switchable trim status
  • Detailed system page with engine parameters, declutter mode, used fuel, remaining fuel, remaining range, remaining time, anti-ice & oxygen gauges, density altitude, temperatures, ISA deviation
  • Custom user interface for creating and editing flight plans (accessing X-Planes navdata and default FMC)
  • “Nearest” page for airports, navaids and related frequencies
  • Cirrus-style top bar with destination window, frequencies and GPS information
  • X-Plane default map with weather radar and traffic warnings with custom icons
  • Interactive checklists and user-definable charts


System-wide PFD and MFD specific features:

  • X-Plane autopilot with ROL, HDG, NAV, APPR, ALT, V/S, IAS modes and detailed status information
  • Custom calculations for ground speed, true airspeed, fuel & ranges, bearings and distances
  • Reversionary mode with engine information system and system summary (aircraft reacts on fuse & MFD failure)


Certainly one of the classiest and well laid out panels I have seen, beautiful place to fly.




  • Package comes with 10 liveries, Tutorial, Avionics Manual and Avionics features
  • Simulated CAP® Parachute system
  • Custom Sounds
  • Custom 3d Cockpit
  • Fully Animated
  • Selectable animated co-pilot
  • Functional Fuse Panel
  • Hi-Resolution Graphics

Other Notable Features:

  • Hypoxia is simulated at above 12,500’ cabin altitude. The screen will begin to dim if you are flying above 12,500’ MSL. Use the OXY switch on the lower center console to turn on oxygen supply and avoid hypoxia!
  • Oxygen supply is simulated – you have approximately 3 ½ hours of usable oxygen on board. The oxygen supply will begin to deplete slowly when the OXY switch is ON
  • Anti-Ice fluid is simulated – there are 3.5 gallons of anti-ice fluid available. The supply will deplete when anti-ice switch is ON
  • ICE lights are modeled – use the ICE light switch to inspect the wing leading edges for ice build-up at night
  • The Cirrus BRS® parachute recovery system is modeled – click on the BRS handle on the cabin ceiling to deploy the parachute in case of emergency. NOTE: Engine should be OFF, and airspeed should be below 120 KTS when deploying the parachute!
  • Cirrus “Single Lever Throttle Control” is modeled – the SR20 automatically adjusts propeller speed through the use of the throttle lever. There is no separately-controlled propeller lever.
  • Customized HDR night lights – there are four dome lights inside the cockpit that will provide white flood lighting with HDR on in your rendering settings
  • Custom exterior lighting – all lights on the exterior (landing lights, strobe lights and navigation lights) are modeled using X-Plane parameterized lighting.
  • 10 Factory liveries provided – because Cirrus uses a special heat-resistant paint for their airplanes, the 10 liveries provided are based on Cirrus originals.
  • Custom sounds – try opening the passenger or pilot door while the engine is running!
  • Photo-realistic textures by Igor Kirilove – all textures are very hi-res (4K), providing a very realistic look
  • Fully animated model – all the details are in this model. Check out the door hinge mechanisms when you open and close the doors!
  • Super accurate 3D modeling – the model is extremely accurate in scale and dimensions.

For more information then visit vFlyteAir


Yes! the Cirrus SR20 by vFlyteAir is now available from the new X-Plane.Org Store here : Cirrus SR20 Perspective® G1000 - Price is US$27.95


X-Plane 10.36+ (any edition) - Windows, Mac or Linux - 64bit mode - 1Gb+ Dedicated VRAM Video Card

Stephen Dutton
Updated 12th October 2015
Copyright©2015: X-PlaneReviews


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