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News! - X-Plane 10.40 goes Final!

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News! - X-Plane 10.40 goes Final!

Yes Girls and Boys X-Plane is now up another version to 10.40 Final. Laminar Research has also released a Control Pad app with the release as noted here by Ben Supnik.

X-Plane 10.40 and Control Pad now available

"The latest update for X-Plane 10 is now available for all users. X-Plane 10.40 is a major release that includes a new DSF loader, ATC functionality, digital download, and multiple performance enhancements. Scenery updates to almost 500 airports, including major locales such as London Heathrow, Hong Kong, and Atlanta, are also included.

Visit the briefing page for more information on the major features in X-Plane 10.40.

Instructions for Updating

To update your copy of X-Plane, simply start the simulator and choose to update. It will automatically download and launch the latest installer.

Free for X-Plane 10.40 Users: X-Plane Control Pad

In addition, the new Control Pad app is now available as a free download in the Apple App Store.

Control Pad allows you to control X-Plane dynamically without pausing or interrupting flight. You can change weather, position, and more with the app, or even use it as a portable instruction station to throw emergency situations into the mix."

X-PlaneReviews have done a full review of the 10.40 version that breaks the version down and explains the details...   Here:

X-Plane Version 10.40 : What is New

For the full minute details on the release then go here to the X-Plane Developers notes: X-Plane 10.40 Release Notes

Details of the release of the Control Pad App are here: News! - Control Pad App

Stephen Dutton

1st October 2015


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