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News! - Update - FlightFactor A350XWB MAC version fixed and final

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Updated 22nd August 2015

FlightFactor has cleared the A350XWB for all platforms as the SASL issue on the Mac has now be fixed, Ramzzess notes:

"We are glad to announce that A350 Advanced for mac users has been fixed and should be considered a fully supported version.

First of all we would like to that all the people who bought the MAC version in beta and helped with testing. Thank you for you trust, support and patience.

For those more technically minded, here is a small explanation. Our planes run on a system called SASL which allows us to script code in a language called lua and run it in the sim. In order to run lua efficiently we do this inside a virtual machine called luaJit which is a 3rd party system. When we saw the gremlin code we started investigating our plugins, our scripts then SASL itself and when our way up to more global things. As it turned out, it was luaJit itself which had an issue with memory which led to completely random crashes without a good trace. We only understood that the bug must be there, or even higher up in XP itself, a few weeks ago.

Apparently, the luaJit provider already found this bug and fixed it two months ago.

All is well that ends well. Update to v1.2 on the store and enjoy the product."

X-PlaneReviews Review here: Aircraft Review : Airbus A350 XWB Advanced by FlightFactor

X-Plane.OrgStore here: Airbus A350 XWB Advanced


News! - FlightFactor releases patch for A350XWB MAC version

Ramzzess from FlightFactor has released a patch 1.1.4 for the Airbus A350XWB that is a fix for the MAC crashes that have cause issues with the aircraft...

Link is for patch 1.1.4 is here: http://forums.x-plan...showtopic=88287

Download and insert the "SASL folder" in the plugin folder and replace the "Custom Avionics" folder in the aircraft.

Feedback is important because FlightFactor want to know that this nasty has been quashed (hopefully for good) support thread is below.

FlightFactor: A350XWB Support Thread

Stephen Dutton

17th August 2015

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