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News! - Laminar Research releases X-Plane Control Pad

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News! - Laminar Research releases X-Plane Control Pad

Out of the blue Laminar Research have released an X-Plane Control Pad to change your X-Plane menu settings while still running the simulator!

Details from Austin Meyer...

I have recently found the X-Plane interface to be slow, cumbersome, and distracting.
And, no matter how good I ever make the X-Plane interface, we STILL have to STOP the simulation to change the weather, time of day, selected aircraft or location, etc.
This is quite simply because we have to bring up a window that stops all the action to change anything in X-Plane!
And, once we have invoked the new window, we have to creep around a bunch of tiny boxes with the mouse to see what we want to change!

But what if we could blow right past all that and have a lightning-fast touch-screen interface to set up X-Plane WHILE IT IS STILL RUNNING?

I envisioned something like the interface in Minority Report, where we could rapidly touch, grab, and zoom about to get to whatever we want, instantly, while the action we are controlling is never slowed down at all.

And the way to do this is obviously with an iPad or iPhone that runs WHILE X-Plane is running, so anyone (either you or an instructor!) that likes can adjust all manner of weather, weight and balance, failures, etc, all WHILE X-Plane is running, WITHOUT stopping or even slowing down the flight!

And just to add the last level of craziness, I added a little AI instructor that lives inside the App that can set weight and balance and weather and failures for you, so you have a little AI instructor demonically failing systems and setting weather in flight, all without your knowledge, to maximize the challenge in flight in X-Plane… all WITHOUT slowing or pausing the flight to fiddle with various settings in X-Plane itself, since this is all done on your iPad or iPhone, which is connected to your copy of X-Plane for Mac, Windows, or Linux by WIFI.

So, I am thrilled with "X-Plane Control Pad”, because it is simply so lightning-fast, light-weight, user-friendly, and still capable.. all much quicker and easier than the current X-Plane interface, which is always bound to stop the action whenever you want to consider changing anything.

Anyway, give it a try and let me know how it goes… this actually lets you set up X-Plane like a multi-million dollar flight training sim, where they use touch-screen interfaces to control each element of the simulation while the the flight simulator itself never stops! Multi-million dollar power for $19.99 on an iPad or iPhone: That is one of the amazing things about this wave of technology!


The App is available on the iTunes Store now for iPhone and iPad

itunes Details iPhone/iPad

Images and text courtesy of Laminar Research

Stephen Dutton

16th August 2015

Copyright©2015: X-PlaneReviews


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