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News! - Laminar Research releases beta 8

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News! - Laminar Research releases beta 8

Beta 8 is out to replace the average Beta 7. I was simulating along and soon it was apparent that the beta(7) was not good, not good at all in a bit of a mess. So it was canned and the work continued in 10.36 (All reviews are still done in 10.36 stable, but testing is also done in the beta)

Out with the old and in with the better...   notes are.

Fixes for Beta 8

  • Fixed DRM for Windows users that were asked for their product key repeatedly. File a bug if this is not fixed for you.
  • Fixed scenery clipping at 300,000 feet.
  • QPAC A320 now resets correctly.
  • Fixed EHLE tower frequency in default apt.dat.
  • AI controls small planes better.
  • Extended DSFs now load at sim start up.
  • Demo region now uses extended DSFs.
  • Livery options are back in Plane Maker.
  • Re-scan button added when choosing a plane.
  • Text-to-speech ATIS works with all frequencies.
  • Windows text-to-speech ATIS uses US-English regardless of system language.
  • Panel instruments are back to correct locations.
  • Using METAR weather works again.
  • Better warning messages when using old situations files.
  • Aurora borealis option only displays between 45 & 60 degrees north.
  • Black line removed in air refueling scenarios.
  • Using arrow keys in local map scrolls as in planet map.
  • Flight Factor CDU/autopilot works again.

Run the installer and have the beta checkbox ticked to update to 10.40b6 (Steam users cannot update betas).

X-Plane Developers Blog : http://developer.x-plane.com/

Stephen Dutton

X-Plane Reviews : 14th August 2015


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