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Scenery Review : KILM - Wilmington International Airport

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Wilmington International is an airport located in Wilmington, resting on the East coast of North Carolina.




This airport is about 5 miles from the Atlantic Ocean. It is a great starting place to exploring the eastern US coast.

From Wilmington, you can even fly to Kitty Hawk, NC (Birthplace of Aviation) which is about 200 miles away.


Wilmington International is the first airport designed by Drawbridge Designs. It is an ultra-realistic airport, similar to the airports designed by TruScenery.


Available: at the .org store

Current price: $24.95

Download size: 220Mb

Requirement: X-Plane 10 (XP9 not supported)



Although labeled an 'International' airport, Wilmington is not THAT large of an airport. It has the look and feel of a regional airport with only one terminal and plenty of room for general aviation.

This airport does daily flights to Charlotte, Washington DC, New York La Guardia, Atlanta and Philadelphia. These flights are operated by US Airways and Delta.


Wilmington Main Terminal:



Main terminal - Opposite view:



Airport from Above:


If you look closely you will see that Drawdridge Designs has a thing for German cars.


Airport details:


The best part about getting an airport like Wilmington is the amount of detail and uinqueness that comes with the airport. (designed in WED) It makes use of custom objects and textures that offer a super realistic feel.


Custom Objects:



Custom textures:



Aerial View and Tower:





Great job by Drawbridge Design with all of details. The airport feels 'life-like' and the quality is on par with TruScenery.

Given the size and location of the airport, it is a great fit for


  • VFR flights by the ocean/ coast
  • Short Commuting flights to larger airports (Charlotte, Washington DC, etc ...)
  • Absolute realism in your local airports



Maybe a lower price to give more users the opportunity to buy more airports.

More airports in the vicinity of Wilmington. Raleigh-Durham, Charlotte, or Myrtle beach would be a great addition to Wilmington. At this time, I do not know if Drawbridge Designs has any plans to create more airports for X-Plane. But it would certainly be nice to make a series of local airports similar to the way TruScenery does.


FPS and VRAM usage.

You will not experience any FPS slowdown with this package as long as you have a good modern video with at least 1Gb of VRAM.

On my system (GTX670), my FPS was always above 50.


At a resolution of 1600x1050, extreme resolution, the VRAM used was 1.9Gb

At a resolution of 1600x1050, very high reolution, the VRAM used was 710Mb



Available: at the .org store

Current price: $24.95

Download size: 220Mb

Requirement: X-Plane 10 (XP9 not supported)

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Guest breakingstufftoday

The strenght of your screen shots strongly influenced my decision to buy your airport. It is great work, however something happened in the translation from download to launch. Everything seems too be installed correctly, but all that appears are barren ramps, taxiways and runways. When I open this in WED I see the same thing. Your library is chock full of great stuff, but it just doesn't appear. If I had to, I could never arrange it exactly as you did in your rendition and that is what I want. Is there a hack for this?  

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Guest catrinkle

Hi, I had the same problem. Contacted Drawbridge Designs @drawbridgedesigns.com

Their response: "When you extracted the zip file, you created a KILM folder. Inside that folder there are 2 folders:

place THEM inside of your custom scenery folder. No need to have a KILM folder any more."

I opened the KILM file, that I had copied in the custom scenery folder, and copied the 2 folders into the custom scenery

folder. Deleted the KILM file. IT WORKED I now have objects, instead of barren tarmac.

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Guest Guest

Hey - just giving another affirmation that extracting the two folders themselves directly into the custom scenery folder is the way to go.  Scenery looks great too.

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Guest Sbloom

Just wanted to pass on the kudos. Great scenery. All of the small details and quality of the images makes it feel like I'm actually there. While it's a smaller airport, great loc to base most east coast flights from. Great job!

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