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X-Plane 10 : HD v3 scenery by AlpilotX


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X-Plane 10 :  HD v3 scenery by AlpilotX


The update to X-Plane scenery with High Definition scenery has turned one of the big issues surrounding X-Plane as a simulator on its head. In the most crucial areas since the launch of X-Plane10 in no doubt Laminar Research have made huge strides in filling in the black holes of the aspect of scenery.

The v2 scenery compared to the default Global Scenery (v1) which ships with X-Plane 10 is a more higher resolution base (one could say: approximately 2-3-times more dense) And it is based on completely new Openstreetmap (OSM) data (approximately end of September 2013), which brings (compared to default GlobalX-Plane10 Scenery) a lot of improvements in:

Water features (lakes, rivers, coastline), roads,

railroads, power lines, improved urban zoning and

urban park areas.

It also includes line rivers from OSM (not just polygons as before) tagged waterway/river.

Some new classes added (in many regions), like: moraines, riverbeds, mining/dump sites

added differentiation between ice (perennial) and

snow (more temporal) to have an even more detailed representation of mountains.


The areas already covered by v2 scenery is already quite significant in that mostly all of the Northern American Continent, Most of Europe including the top of Africa, Japan and New Zealand are well represented. But already a v3 (version three) of the these areas have now been put into the process and the first images of the v3 landscapes are now trickling out, and in this case European Alps (Northern Italy, Western Austria, parts of Switzerland and a few tiny bits of Southern Germany).


Spectacular is not the word... 







The differences between v2 and v3 HD scenery is not as significant as it was between v1 and v2 which was quite a jump in the denser amount of data that was in there. The more biggest point on v3 is that the data will be more up to date than v2 and light years away from v1.

It is noted that in the images that this more recent OSM data has yet not been overlaid but will be done as the rollout of this update procedes in the coming 4-8 weeks (if everything goes as planned).


An addition to the current scenery that will be updated is also a new v3 area in Australia that is also in the works as shown by these images here:





I live in Australia and have found the more I fly around this huge continent, the more diverse it gets. It is one of the very best places to fly in X-Plane and these HD scenery upgrades will certainly do the country justice. But Australia is just that, big...  very big.


You can go here on AlpilotX's photo sites and you can see all the images of both the European v3 PREVIEW - Alps (Europe), HD Mesh Scenery v3 and Australia v3 upgrades : PREVIEW - Australia, HD Mesh Scenery v3


And they both pages are well worth checking out...  for any future release information then go to Andras Fabian’s (AlpilotX) web site: Alpilots l X-Plane Scenery

Stephen Dutton


All images are courtesy of Andras Fabian’s (AlpilotX)

17th October 2014



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A list of the fixes / improvements can be "deduced" from the "Known ISsues" list of "HD Mesh Sceneryv2" ... It mostly sums up the changes coming to v3 (add on top of this some more detailed forest data in Europe + improved forest representation in all areas du to improvements in the scenery generator code):

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Just now, Wings999 said:

Hi Stephen


On reading your review regarding Alpilotx's X-Plane 10 HD Scenery V3 is it necessary to have to turn on X-Planes HD rendering


No, the HD scenery is not connected, however for the built in autogen lighting to work (light throw) then yes the HDR has to be on, but that is the same as with the standard default scenery. SD

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