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Milestone : The X-Plane.org has now 300,000 members!


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A milestone for X-Plane was passed this week with the 300,000th member signing on to our favorite simulator portal. Could you imagine our X-Plane universe without the .Org? No I can't either, as it is part and parcel of our daily online checkout. Cludo's go to the guy's that keep the wheels turning year after year in Dave, Brett, Andy and others, and of course Nicolas.


To celebrate the 300,000th member to the site there is a new screenshot contest that will be run from -  Sep 30th to October 12th 2014


This is the biggest contest X-Plane giveaway contest yet: They are giving away 42 payware aircraft and scenes from our partners including the upcoming Airbus A350 and A320 Neo By Peter Hager (will be awarded when ready).


Each day we will select 3 random winners from the posters in the 'What Plane Did You Fly Today?' thread.

At the end of the contest an additional 3 random winners will get a special prize (see below).


30-Sep-14: KFLL-Fort Lauderdale; AMX Fighter; Boeing 787

1-Oct-14: Boeing 747-8i; Mitsubishi Zero; Egod Airfield

2-Oct-14: ERJ-140; Seamax; KSEA-Seattle

3-Oct-14: Airbus A320  by JAR; DHC-3 Otters; Ultimate Glacier

4-Oct-14: Yeepee; Boeing 727; Wilmington

5-Oct-14: Bombardier CL300; Diamond DA-42; KMIA-Miami

6-Oct-14: Blackshape Prime; Instant Approach; Dash-8 Q400

7-Oct-14: RealHUD Transport; Grumman Goose; Bell 206

8-Oct-14: Spitfire; PC-12 STMA; Pacific Islands

9-Oct-14: Embraer E195; Robinson R-22; Superjet S-100

10-Oct-14: Mig-29; AS-350; KBUF - Buffalo

11-Oct-14: Lancair Legacy; PA-28 Arrow; Final Frontier

12-Oct-14: P51 Mustang; Canadian Rockies; DHC-2 Beaver        


Special  Prizes are also picked from any date: Peter A320 Neo; Airbus A350 and the Boeing 777 extended.



  • Contest starts on  Sep 30th and ends October 12th 2014  at midnight (US Central Time)
  • To enter the contest you simply need to post a picture in the 'What Plane Did You Fly Today?' thread. Pictures posted in other threads do not qualify.
  • Any picture will qualify as long as it follows the screenshot policy (see below). Pictures have to show a recognizable aircraft in x-plane.
  • Only 1 entry per contestant per day (midnight to midnight US Central time). If you post 2 pics, you are disqualified for the day.
  • Only 1 picture per post. if you post has multiple pictures, it will not count for the contest.
  • 3 random winners will be selected each day using a random time-stamp generator. whoever is closest to the random time generated wins.
  • Andy Goldstein will be the judge of this contest and will match the winners to the random time-stamp
  • A post that do not follow the rules will be automatically disqualified - You will not be notified if your post is disqualified

So lets celebrate the X-Plane.Org with style!


Stephen Dutton


30th September 2014



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