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Aircraft Update : Pipistrel Panthera version 2.0.9. by Aerobask

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Aircraft Update : Pipistrel Panthera version 2.0.9. by Aerobask


As X-Plane goes final on the 10.30 version of the simulator a lot of the aircraft are being updated to the new version. Quick out of the blocks is Aerobask with their excellent Pipistrel Panthera.


panthera_V2_Head 1.jpg  panthera_V2_Head 2.jpg


panthera_V2_Head 3.jpg  panthera_V2_Head 4.jpg


X-Plane Reviews did a full review of the Version v1 (release version) of the Pipistrel Panthera very early in 2014 here:


So I am back in Ljubljana, Slovenia to find out what is new on the Panthera. On the ramp at LJLJ - Ljubljana-Brnik the aircraft looks the same but has a new livery in Panthera 2. This is an extra livery to the original seven liveries that came with version one.


panthera_V2_Ramp 1.jpg  panthera_V2_Ramp 2.jpg


Jumping in the aircraft as it warmed up the first thing you notice is the second large screen to the right...  It looks different because it is. This right hand screen is now a GPS screen and a version of the X-Plane GNS 530 GPS. So yes you will need X-Plane version 10.30 for the new Pipistrel.


panthera_V2_GPS 1.jpg  panthera_V2_GPS 2.jpg


panthera_V2_GPS 4.jpg  panthera_V2_Dep 3.jpg


And how brilliant it has been integrated into the aircraft. It take a minute of so to work it out, as the knobs are the wrong way round and the direct button is on the far right of the panel. But it is brilliantly done in the way it looks so realistic and not even an add-on to the aircraft. And BIG, its huge!

It you want the standard 10.30 GNS 530 then that is there as well if press the center of the screen, so for functionality this is a great addition to the aircraft. The engine display is still on the left of the screen (this was the old MFD (Muliti Functional Display), but the engine display can be moved to the right hand PFD (Primary Filght Display) screen if you want them. To a point you do need to know your way around the controls of the GNS530 to see where the repositioned knobs and buttons are now situated. You soon pick it up, but there are laid out in slightly different places. The map is now in with the Garmin GTN screens, which are touch menu driven panels in the center of the panel and the weather and map has had some great fine tuning to make both far more sharper.


panthera_V2_Weather1.jpg  panthera_V2_Weather2.jpg


I didn't really like the old MFD Map display, It wasn't bad, as the colours were nice, but the actual map was set off centre and too low, and the zoom is still quite wide even at the low 10miles setting, so making very close navigation decisions is was hard. The new version is perfect in every respect and I love it.  Another point is that with the change in the right hand screen, is that the left hand screen is far better as well. It is far sharper and better coloured than before and now looks the part as the EFIS has had many improvement textures.


panthera_V2_Dep 1.jpg  panthera_V2_GPS 3.jpg


panthera_V2_Dep 2.jpg  panthera_V2_Dep 4.jpg


I had set up a (very) simple flightplan to fly again to LJPZ Portorož Airport. And the large display showed me my route. There is a great G meter that replaces the heading rose, and an instrument you don't want to look at while doing tight manoeuvres. Again very realistic.


panthera_V2_Dep 5.jpg  panthera_V2_Dep 6.jpg


panthera_V2_Dep 7.jpg  panthera_V2_Dep 8.jpg


Powering up and you realise the Panthera sounds different?  That is because in the nose is a new type of engine in the Lycoming IO540v - 260HP instead of the 210HP Lycoming engine in the first version. It sounds more haughtier and growling and of course you have more power to pull you up and through the air.  The sounds now are simply far better than the original version, the aircraft feels more heavier and more realistic. And power into the sky you do...  This light-weight composite aircraft now just builds up speed in a way you are hanging on more than taking off...  it goes fast.


More fixes and changes include the radio frequencies now goes as low as 8.33KHz, there is a bearing "To" Indicator arrows on the HSI and the textures and night lightning have been touched up and improved.


panthera_V2_ARR 1.jpg  panthera_V2_ARR 2.jpg


panthera_V2_ARR 4.jpg  panthera_V2_ARR 3.jpg


panthera_V2_ARR 5.jpg  panthera_V2_ARR 6.jpg


panthera_V2_ARR 7.jpg  panthera_V2_ARR 8.jpg


The flight model has had some tuning as well, so the aircraft feels better, in fact overall the aircraft feel slightly different, more solid and real. It is a real enjoyable ride in there and the aircraft is very nice and posed to fly.


panthera_V2_Seats 1.jpg  panthera_V2_Seats 2.jpg


There are some new and even more modern and fancy bucket seats, the seat cover textures are simply very good and I love the bright orange, sliver and black colour scheme.


Update Summary

Outwardly this is not just an update to the aircraft but really a new variant of the Pipistrel Panthera. The changes are quite significant, and in many ways this is a different aircraft from version one. I would if you are upgrading then keep both as you may want a different version to fly for various reasons. Certainly this v2 is far superior and now better refined. The insert of the GNS530 GPS is a masterstroke, and the way it has been implemented into the flight display panel is sheer genius. Priced still below US$20 this aircraft was a great buy before, but now with this update it is simply a bargain...  If you already have the original Pipistrel Panthera then update now, if not then what are you waiting for if you want the best in a lightsports cruiser aircraft.



logo logo sm.jpg


Yes! the Pipistrel Panthera update 2.0.9 by Aerobask is now Available from the X-Plane.OrgShop : Pipistrel Panthera


Price is  US$19.95


To upgrade to version 2.0.9 then go to your account at the X-Plane -.orgStore and download the new version.


Installation : Download is 291.80mb, and installation size in your aircraft folder is 348mb.


Documentation : Documents.jpg


Support: Pipistrel Panthera

Update Review By Stephen Dutton

27th September 2014


©copyright 2014 : X-Plane Reviews


Technical Requirements:

Windows, MAC or Linux. X-Plane 10.20 or higher - 32 and 64 bit compatible. (X-Plane 9 not supported)

Current version: v2.0.9 Last updated: September 26th 2014


Review System Specifications:

Computer System:     

- 2.66 Ghz Intel Core i5 iMac 27”

- 6 Gb 1067 Mhz DDR3

- ATI Radeon HD 4850 512mb


- Mac OS Mavericks 10.9.4

- X-Plane 10 Global ver 10.30 (final)


- Saitek x52 Pro system Joystick and Throttle

- Bose Soundlink Mini


- LJLJ Ljubljana-Brnik - tdg (.org LJLJ)

- LJPZ Portorož Airport - Aerobridge (Aerobridge)


X Plane reviews logo 200px.jpg

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