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News! - Released : ToLiSS A319 BSS IAE soundpack

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News! - Released : ToLiSS A319 BSS IAE soundpack


BlueSkyStar (BSS) have released another version soundpack for the ToLiSS Airbus A319, called "Baby Bus Symphony". This is an addon to the Current CFM soundpack, and note you have have already purchased the CFM version to add in these newer IAE Engine sounds.


To add into the confusion then ToLiSS already do host a comprehensive package of sounds for the IAE Engine version that available for purchase provided by Turbine Sound Studios (TSS).


This is a BSS Sound pack currently only for the Toliss A319
It includes 3 models of IAE V2500
  • IAE V2522-A5
  • IAE V2524-A5
  • IAE V2527M-A5
Important: The BSS CFM soundpack is required for this product to work
All sounds recorded from real aircraft with advanced sound recording equipment, all real volumes kept, all stages of flight and rest.
  • Honeywell 131-9 Apu operation with igniters, apu door, combustion, exhaust, all stages, contactors, heard differently from outside inside, with open and closed exit doors.
  • Safran UBCF Brake fans with start shutdown and running 360 degrees outside and inside with exit doors open dependent volumes.
  • Brake release and set sounds (mechanism) as well as brake "singing" on high speed usage.
  • All electric sounds of "Electric Bus" such as transformers rectifiers, cooling air fans, coil whine, the 28DC whine and 400Hz whine. Many sounds from E&E bay, contactors, relays, resets and much more.
  • Flaps motor sounds start, stop and run, hydraulic state dependent sounds, flaps wind (drag) sound depending on degree of flap and speed
  • Fuel Pumps Center right and left aft and forward sounds
  • Hydraulic pump sounds for all three systems, typical sounds heard in A320 family of modulations with pressure change. PTU sounds - bark, self test, PTU gear sounds, fast and slow dependent on state. Generally PTU can only be heard from mid cabin with engines on. From all cabin with engines off and even from cockpit with cockpit door opened, engine shut and no other loud sounds on the way. Externally of course they can be heard too. Typical Y pump operation during cargo doors opening etc.
  • Oxygen mask test and use sounds, purge and flow
  • Packs sounds, internal and external with open and closed exit doors, all areas. Typically with running avionic fans in cockpit packs are more "felt" than heard and in cabin you can hear them work more louder since it is more quiet environment there apart from cockpit.
  • All vents, blowers, extractors, inlet, outlets, start run and shut as well as cabin fans and recirco fans all placed in correct locations and sound both externally and internally. You can also hear toilet fans, galley fans aft and forward galley equipment sounds, best heard when parked engines off.
  • All switches, knobs, selectors, small and big buttons, levers - everything that is present in aircraft sounds different. There is a specific sound for each position of those, so there is no "general 5 sounds for all pushbuttons", each position sound different, so if there is a three way switch, all three positions will sound different, all recorded in quiet environment in A319 cockpit. Everything is present, so if Toliss A319 has a button that is not working yet (dummy) we already have sound for it, so it will get updated when Toliss will make them all available.
  • EGPWS, FWC, TCAS enhanced sounds. Same thing if system wise Toliss doesn't have certain EGPWS sound, we cannot have it done until these get programmed in aircraft code by Toliss.
  • People sounds, Flight Attendant sounds, exit doors, cargo doors, everything bumps and clicks. People talk, seatbelts get fastened unfastened depending on stage of flight
  • Attendants will automatically announce as per stage of flight. You will be able to control general volume of those to turn them off and on completely.
  • Turbulence sounds, depend on actual turbulence and your smooth flying, yes these overheads will shake if you fly abrupt.
  • All sort of ambiance sounds such as airport outside, the cabin ambiance
  • Wind external and internal, cockpit is a loud place, it is calculated and measured by decibels and cockpit wind will be according to real thing.
  • Fuselage wind flow, engines wind flow, gear flow, flaps flow. All dependent on where you at inside the aircraft.
  • Correct bumps on the tarmac will include bumps, cracks, panel shakes, plastic inside cabin will shake all depending on whats going on with the aircraft. Centerline light will sound if they are present, all depending on speed.
  • Gear mechanism with gear doors slamming and gear transfer with gear rotation vibration and stoppage.
  • Rudder pedals will sound when fully depressed each, trimmer sounds, hydraulic variation when pressured hydraulic demand
  • Wipers all speeds and park, seatbelt and no smoking dings, seat motors, horns, beeps, self test beeps etc.
  • Touchdown sounds, depending on the force, each separate gear and magnitude
  • Weather wind, rain drops and many other sounds, all quality and perhaps are too many to list.
  • Generally the whole aircraft sounds, anything that can produce sound, everything that you will hear flying as the passenger in every seat different as a pilot.CFM56. No explanations needed. You can find any video out there on internet and if you see N1% compare. It will always sound
  • exactly the same as per videos from any position inside this aircraft. Made separately with N1 fan and N2 core sounds, jet blast. Reversers.
  • Jet Rush, Vibration, Jet Bass, exact spool up and spooldown speeds. Sound of engine will change per speed and altitude, simulated
  • jet blast of tarmac into gear compartment when open. 6 years of development, endless days and nights of making it sound exact the same as the real prototype.
The benefits? Well mostly to keep all the higher graded BSS sounds of both engine types packaged all together in one place and as from the list it is a highly comprehensive package or set of packages. I have always been a big fan of the BlueSkyStar packages and the enhancement they bring to the aircraft so for a deeper more involved experience these sound packages provide. Highly Recommended



X-Plane Store logo sm.jpg


Yes! the Baby Bus Symphony A319 BSS IAE soundpack is now available from the X-Plane.Org Store here :

Baby Bus Symphony A319 BSS IAE soundpack


Price is US$13.85 ...  Yes! you do need both the:


Airbus A319 by Toliss - US$69.95

and the:

BSS Baby Bus Symphony A319 CFM soundpack



Toliss A319 is required for this sound pack.
The BSS CFM soundpack is also required for this product to work
Will not work on any other A319-A320 aircraft

Current Version: 1.0 (March 6th 2020)



Blue Sky Star Developer Site : Blue Sky Star Simulations

News by Stephen Dutton

9th March 2020

Copyright©2019: X-Plane Reviews


(Disclaimer. All images and text in this review are the work and property of X-PlaneReviews, no sharing or copy of the content is allowed without consent from the author as per copyright conditions)

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