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Competition! : X-Plane Reviews first anniversary competition and win either a Boeing 748i, 777 or 757


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Congratulations on one year guys! I think my favorite aircraft that you reviewed was the 732 twinjet. I had been looking at that plane for a while but was very skeptcial about purchashing it for $40. Luckily I found a review by you guys and read through it! I'm not the best at using the autopilot but when I found out how easy it was to use I knew that I would love this aircraft. I now fly the 732 twinjet all the time and I LOVE it! It's great that you guys have all these awesome reviews to help people in the community spend their money on the aircraft that suits them best. Keep up the awesome work guys!

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Happy birthday X-plane reviews :) !

My favourite review you have ever done is the VMAX 777. That review is the best! The detail of it is incredible just like the time you put into studying and learning the aircraft to make the review. You outlined all of the aircraft's features, and all of it's capabilities and made me switch my favourite aircraft from the JARDesign a320neo to the 777. It has all the real 777's features and all of it's flight characteristics (at least from what I've seen on Youtube) you really nailed that one :). Although I was an Airbus fan, the extreme detail of your review has won me over and I really want to spend time and experiencing for myself this great bird. I decided to enter this competition in the hope that I could possibly win the 777 and start making my wish of becoming a real 777 pilot a reality.

I am a junior with plans to become a pilot in a few years time.

Again, happy birthday and good work guys. Keep it up and take care. :)

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REVIEW OF THE 727 - in review  :)


One of my favourite planes: the Boeing 727. And one of my favourite reviews too.


With excellent choice of graphics and easy-to-follow insights, this review covered all of the interesting angles.

A good mix of interior and exterior closeups kept me glued to the page and wanting to read more. I loved the fact that the review was in two parts.

Giving more details and insights was a great way to engage the 727 enthusiast - as it takes two parts at least to really discover this fantastic plane.


After reading the review, I was very satisfied. Simple to follow, engaging graphics and text makes for a great review.


Congratulations on your 1st X Plane Reviews anniversary. It's off to a great start!!

I'm looking forward to a review of the Boeing 777 as good as this.



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Happy 1st anniversary X-Plane reviews, i just read a few of your reviews and i all like them, but the 757 sounds the best for me, i have the 757 and your review is very accurate and clear, i hope to win the 777 because it is very expansive but also very beautiful.


I hope this website will exist for a very long time because it is very useful.

Let's go to the second anniversary!


(sorry for my bad english)

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Just wanted to thank you for having this competition and all your success this past year! While I never registered before, I've used your site regularly for reviews on payware aircraft, whether it be debating a purchase or just something I was curious on the quality. Every aircraft I own that you have reviewd is spot on so right there is why I trust you guys as my go to source. It's actually quite funny, but your very latest review on the Bell 412 is my favorite. Why you might ask? Simple, because for as long as I can remember the Huey has been my absolute favorite helo.. and after Clear and Present Danger came out the 412 has been king of the hill for me. As soon as it was made available I purchased it. Now I can fly any fixed wing like none other, but helicopters are my weak spot so it's taking me a while to get used to the 412. X-Trident is a great group, but they know what they're doing so most of what they say goes over my head.. then I stumbled onto your review. Not only did you describe my experience, but you went into detail on a couple areas that helped me greatly, for example, autopilot usage with pictures!


I could go on, but I don't want to bore you with all the details, you've got a lot of reading to do in here. You guys are a great asset to the x-plane community and look forward to future reviews.. keep on rockin' on!

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Happy 1st Anniversary! My favourite aircraft that you have reviewed in the last 12 months is the SSG Boeing 747-8i! The plane looks phenomenal, and of course, it is probably the most well-known aircraft in the world. The Queen of the Skies!! :) I absolutely love the 747. According to your review, it has a working FMC that is very good! I think that takes the aircraft to the next level closer to realism, which is what I look for in a plane. This is why the SSG Boeing 747-8i is my favourite plane that you have reviewed! Happy Anniversary once again!

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Well, since I've found X-plane 10, my life became a simulator. It is the best simulator ever and when I read that even Boeing,Nasa,Cessna...are using it, I felt special. And of course it wouldn't be that cool with the planes you can buy and add in the sim. They are incredible! I have to buy all once hehe. So yeah, congrats X-plane reviews!


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From the mind of an aspiring 13-year-old:

The favourite add-on which I have reviewed is the

KIAH George W Bush Houston International Airport

I reviewed this airport when it was first uploaded using my old account

(I forgot my ID and password)

I think that this is the best airport add-on available for this awesome simulator.

This is because it has great graphic quality and hi-res textures.

In addition to this, it also has all gates fitted with Marginal's amazing Autogate!

~Just my point of view~

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My favorite aircraft reviewed on this site is the Boeing 732 Twinjet by FlyJSim. The attention to detail that the developers have is astonishing. From the animated exterior lights and flaps to the instrument panel and furniture of the cockpit inside, this product is the closest thing to the real aircraft that you can find. Appart from the eye-candy, the flying experience is great too. The aircraft's response to commands, and the way it executes the commands in different environmental conditions, make it stand out from other aircraft in the simulator. 

The only defects I can see with the aircraft are temporary, educational defects that become obsolete with more practice. The first issue is the difference in cockpit from the glass cockpits of today, and the second is learning the limits of the 732. Once you have practiced enough, though, the old cockpit becomes the preferable option and over-stressing the aircraft isn't a problem anymore.

Everything about this aircraft is fascinating and pleasing. I can say that it is the most satisfying aircraft I have flown in X-Plane. If it weren't for the review on this website, I would have never purchased it. Thank you all, and may you have many years more contributing to this fantastic software.



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JARDesigns A320neo with ČSA livery over Austria                     3 hours of work with vector graphics in school, even school can

                                                                                                    be sometimes fun 


My favourite add-on aircraft is JARDs A320neo (new engine option). A320 is my favourite aircraft and i love everything about it it is simply like small baby. But too small to fly over oceans. On JARDs A320 you can change sharklets and wingtips and you can change first officers voice. Also JARDs support is amazing. Next great thing is first officer saying thinks like V1, rotate, gear up, reverse green, etc. JARDs A320 also features dubbed checklists. Only downside is price because I'am poor because I'am only 15 years old. That is also reason why i havent bought B777, E-170 and CRJ-200. If i won something and if there was a choice i would go for 777. Sorry for terrible English, thank you for bringing to live site with XPLANE10 reviews and HAPPY BIRTHDAY FROM CZECH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Congrats for anniversary and thanks for your reviews - it's one of the main sources of information when want to buy new add-on to X-Plane.

That's pretty tough task to pick just one. Anyway, I'll choose 727 probably because the real think is one of my synonyms for an airliner - she's flying beauty.

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Congrats X-plane reviews on your 1st anniversary!

Without a doubt, my favourite aircraft would be the 777. Any one of the four, depending on the mood I'm in. The attention to detail is phenomenal!! Sometimes I enjoy taking a little in-flight peak at the outside of the plane, so graphics are very important as far as I am concerned. If youre a bit like me, you shall be thoroughly satisfied. it is such a beautiful plane!       As I mentioned above, very detailed. so prepare to be confused by the FMC. But with a little bit of research, and a lot of trial and error, youll be flying the bird in no time. It's actually the plane i fly 90% of the time, so many other planes are restricted by their 2D cockpits and it just feels so good to do things properly. In a nutshell, its an awesome plane, worth the money

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First of all, congratulations on your 1st anniversary!


Although, where to start? I spent quite some time scouring the website's reviews - And had to make the tough decision between the Boeing 732 by FlyJSim, and the Airbus A320 VC package by Peters Aircraft.

However, I came to a final decision, that the Airbus A320 appeals to me more.


This is mostly because I prefer modern airliners, mostly because they are better in every way (apart from old models such as the Boeing 707, which will always be a historic icon).

I've always been fascinated by Peters Aircraft - And the Airbus A320 doesn't disappoint. Every aspect of the aircraft, from the beautiful 3D cockpit, to the preferred fashion of the sharklets, have been replicated with extreme precision and detail. To add to this, many liveries have been designed to suit the aircraft - Both versions - And not one lets me down.


The cockpit is very user friendly throughout, but as mentioned, the 2D one does seem a bit squashed. However, it is the level of detail and attention paid to every aspect of the cockpit that makes it so attractive.

The aircraft performs amazingly in terms of what you can control from the cockpit. Combining X-Plane's default FMS with the aircraft seems like a good idea - No more pain of having to do the same thing twice. Of course, this goes that little bit further, by adding in things not in X-Plane's default FMS - Another reason why it is such an amazing aircraft.


So, to sum things up, I have chosen the Airbus A320 from Peters Aircraft for its distinct attention to detail and comprehensive systems that make every aspect of flying an aircraft in X-Plane so close to reality. There is a real sense of dedication in the cockpit especially, which has been modelled so fantastically, it makes you feel almost 'at-home' whilst flying the Airbus A320 (VC), produced by Peters Aircraft.


- Alexander John

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I think that 757-2 is the best because it's very, very accurate model and all the sounds from the cabin are nice. I love those little plugins like the stairs and the pushback truck. The whole combination is very realistic and good piece for Xplane plane collection. Shame that im not having it at the moment for this computer. It was literally hours and hours of fun experience!



And congratulations on your 1st anniversary! :)

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I've always been so happy to read your reviews it helps me decide where to invest my money and what products are rip-offs. I will always look over any of your reviews I can find before purchasing anything. My favorite of your reviews will have to be the Aerosoft ATR 72-500 because you leave insight on its cons but also what its pros and the performance of the aircraft. I was especially happy to find a FijiLink livery for the aircraft smile.png. Thank you for this amazing chance to win such beautifully constructed aircraft & your reviews in which help me decide the value of some payware aircraft!

Cheers /FijiAirways4Life  

(I posted this on the x-plane.org forums but I wasn't sure if you wanted it here so I posted a copy here sorry if this isnt valid)
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Congrats on your 1st anniversary!
I'm new, not only to X-Plane Reviews but also to X-Plane itself. Last Flight Simulator there before was FSX, but I never was really serious (only some VFR Sight Seeings, mostly flying aimless through the world).

X-Plane Reviews was for a Beginner like me actually an invaluable aid, deciding for my first payware aircraft.

Although I decided at the end for another first aircraft, my favourite plane is actually the "". I loved it from the first glance and my mainsource for information was aside the Planemakers Website your review.
After reading your review I decided that I definitely need this, but also, that I maybe should have a bit more flying experience, before I try to fly the Albatross.
Together with the fact, that there isn't much more to find about the Albatross on the net while Carenado is a well known brand, I preferred the Carenado King Air B200 on my first purchase, but the Albatross is on top of my List and is for certain my next Plane after that.


- Arestris


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My absolute favorite review on this website is the 737-200 by FlyJsim BECAUSE the review has a variety of different pictures and GREAT review. Along with all of the other reviews on this website the 737-200 by FlyJsim review helped my decide wether to pay for an aircraft of look for a freeware version. Thank you for what you do and the QUALITY at which you Review products. I also like the "community" feel of the website!



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Hello X-Plane Reviews! Congratulations on one year of great add-on reviews! Of all your reviews, I must say that my favorite review of your is the 747-8, mainly since it is one of my all time favorites. The author put in a great balance of information and visuals that give a the reader a great idea of they're buying along with the pros and cons. The first few paragraphs explaining the history of this graceful bird really gave me a sense of her long and storied history. It also made slightly sad realizing that this will be the final form of the Queen of the Skies. From there, the cockpit review and the start up procedure is simple, and easy to to follow with a good number of pictures to show you what you get to work with. What truly got me hooked though was the explanation for the FMS. I'm pretty awful at using any FMS, including the default one :P, but I could quite simply follow what was going on. The actual review of the flight was pretty much what I expected, but I was grateful that the author put a note about the frame rate hit. The night lighting was shown well, and I impressed with the way that SSG managed to implement it on such a big aircraft. In conclusion, your review persuaded me to get the aircraft, I was not disappointed. It was exactly like the review said. The accuracy of this review has convinced me to continue reading review from you guys and will surely tell other readers what they getting if they purchase this aircraft. Thanks for all your reviews, and happy birthday! :)

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To all those who entered this contest, good luck! 


What is your favorite aircraft to add-on we reviewed in the past twelve months? 

I never created an account here before but I always read the reviews.  The review I chose was for my favorite aircraft: The 777 Worldliner. There are multiple reviews and previews here, but I enjoyed reading all of them. 



Reading a review is like getting your questions answered by a friend.

The review for this aircraft addresses [like every other review] not only the looks, the interior, and the exterior of the aircraft, but the function as well. 

The FMS, the features, ground services, and especially the experience flying it. 

When I read a review I don't want it to advertise the product too much, which is precisely what happens most of time, but I want to know how it handles, the features, the system, I want to learn the experience of someone who has flown it, who can honestly tell me whether or not I should purchase this, or download this. That is exactly what I get from X-Plane Reviews. Reliability. 


Flying the Boeing 777 Worldliner, my favorite aircraft in the real world and X-Plane. 



Congratulations on a successful first year!  :) 

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Hi, folks! Happy anniversary. Now it's our turn, us the readers, to give some thoughts.


My choice goes to the amazing FlightFactor 757 (which I actually purchased right after reading the ASN review from Angelique)


Now the problem is: My wife thinks I'm cheating on her with a 757. But why do I love this aircraft so much?

Because this bird goes beyond the act of flying in X-plane. It is a whole flying school in itself !  You open it, you can interact with almost everything, and the model's user interface takes you hand in hand to teach you how to master the beast from scratch. It even shows you where to click ! ! How sweet…

But it sets the bar since the beginning: it calls you "captain", but you are NOT a captain. You're just a student entering the academy. Your classroom is one of the best 3D-designed cockpit ever made. It is so crisp, with so sharp and neatly baked textures that you can almost "smell it" with your eyes. A true masterpiece (well.. Ramzzess is behind it). So you humbly progress through tutorials toward more complicated systems, up to this engineering beauty which is the FMS.

And that's precisely what I love on those complex models: the rewarding feeling of learning improvement, working through the challenges and deserving the right to be called "captain".

It can be tough, sometimes even discouraging, but the hilarious chief flight attendant gives an entertaining realism that makes you stay more to know what his next crazy quote will be. No other aircraft in X-plane has ever given such a level of experience.


The FF 757 has that right stuff. So this is it, this is my winner! Not my wife's, obviously. I suspect she is planning to complain to the FlightFactor team to stop them from making amazing add-ons which turn her sweetheart into a virtual aviation geek, instead of repairing the house / cooking / feeding baby / etc, etc... Well, another challenge…


Happy anniversary again, and all the best for the second year to come!


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Happy Birthday dear X-Plane Reviews !


I read every review and I can't choose only one, I like your reviews of the Bell 412, the FJS 722/732, FF birds, ...

I read them cause you help me to buy only the really good ones "for me" !


So, thanks to you, for your time and work.


See you in the comments of a review or another ;-)




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