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Competition! : X-Plane Reviews first anniversary competition and win either a Boeing 748i, 777 or 757


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Competition! : X-Plane Reviews first anniversary competition and win either a Boeing 748i, 777 or 757!


To celebrate X-Plane Reviews first year anniversary we are holding brilliant competition to win either a :


FlightFactor/Vmax  Boeing 777 Worldliner Professional

FlightFactor/Vmax  Boeing Aircraft:757 Professional

SSG/Vmax  Boeing Aircraft:747-8i Advanced


Great prizes and well worth a few minutes of your time to enter:


Well what we want to know is - "What is your favorite aircraft or add-on we have reviewed on X-Plane Reviews in the last twelve months and why?"


Just write in the "comments" below what your thoughts are....




Only one entry only, more than one will be deleted...  so make it count.

You must be a registered as a member with X-Plane Reviews to give a valid comment...   "Guest" comments will be deleted.

Keep the comment to around 350 words, monologues will be deleted. (unless very funny!)


The best three will of course win one of the prizes in no order, Judges decisions are final. 

The winners comments will be posted as a separate post on the X-Plane Reviews site.


Competition runs for 14 days till midnight 14th August 2014 (winners will be posted on the .Org)


Have fun and lets us know on how really great the X-Plane Simulator really is.


Stephen Dutton


X-Plane Reviews


Note! to sign up as a member then use the Account link :



1st August 2014


Copyright©2014:X-Plane Reviews



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Happy 1st Anniversary X-Plane Reviews!!! I might be a new member here but i've reading your reviews since last year. I really like all your reviews, so it was very hard just to pick one. But in the end i decided to go for your Aircraft review of FlightFactor Boeing 757RR-200, Cause It really is just mindblowing your review is 100% accurate describing this add-on. The Details in the 757 is just gorgeous, I enjoy looking at every detail of this 757. I also like how it handles it is a very nice and fun aircraft to fly. I also like how its nit really complicated and very user friendly. I really think all the measurements in this add-on is perfect. As soon as the FlightFactor B757RR-200 I was really excited as it was one of my 4 Favourite Aircraft. Since it was a new release I need to get reviews first before bought it, I could not find a very Detailed review till i found your review. As soon as I red the review over and over again I decided to go on and buy the add-on. Your review is different. Its more reader Friendly, It made me easier to understand for I'm still a learner to Xplane. Your reviews are very 'light' but has very deep and detailed information users should know. I like how you Divide the parts by sharing your first Impressions and share people who and what is FlightFactor. Pictures!!! Your Pictures are top notch shows the detail of the aircraft form beginning to the end. Your exterior and interior Pictures of the Aircraft is quite a lot so it gives the user lots of pictures to see before they buy the add-on. I also enjoy reading cause you tell us how the plane works so we sure know when we own the add-on. When I first tested my FlightFactor B757RR-200 I did not regret it at all thanks to your review I was sure to buy this add-on. I really like your Conclusion it gives the readers mind a confident and ready feeling when buying the add-on. X-Plane is a great game with your reviews its even better. Thank you for all your Reviews! Two Thumbs Up! Wish you all the best for xplanereviews.com and Happy Birthday!!! Hope I can be one of the 3. Thanks.  :)

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Reviewing a plane is always difficult because you can't really put away the kind of pilot you are...


Some will rather be a touch-button-and-fly-pilot, other will be hardcore pilot (what some would call gut-feeling-flying-pilot).

At first I would have gone for the 732 just because of the plane but nahhhh... Definitely, it will be the 727! And this lucky old lady got a two part review :)


The luxury of having a flight engineer panel is clearly putting me back in the old fashioned concorde chair and making me long for such plane on X-Plane (but I digress)


I enjoyed this review and it will for sure keep me flying this 3 engine beauty!

Now the shared cockpit is available for this plane, we are just missing the 3 connection for the FE and the crew would be almost complete...


See you in virtual skies!




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Congratulations X-Plane reviews!

My favourite aircraft reviewed by X-Plane reviews is the 777, and by that I mean the whole 777 family. It is just simply an amazing plane to look at and fly, and the review on the 777 reflects it perfectly. With all it's capabilities, it is amazing, as stated in your review.

All your reviews are just simply amazing, and I'd love to see more. Again, congratulations, and look forward to seeing more reviews soon!

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Congrats on a very successful 1st year X-Plane reviews! Your website is extremely helpful and if not almost too competent. My favourite aircraft is the Boeing 787-4i Advanced as there are loads of well laid out liveries that complement the aircraft. Also I love the way most of your planes' undercarriage tilt, for example this plane. I find when this so much more realistic so thanks so much for choosing such great planes for easy choosing for your members. :lol:

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My favorite aircraft review was for the B200 King Air. I had been eagerly awaiting the B200 having once flown a full motion B350 sim before. I was hoping that the file would be an accurate modeling of its flight dynamics and the details in the review gave a great impression of how it flies. I love how the details of the review are presented in the context of a multi-leg flight. It gets all the details in there, but gives I nice narrative to keep it interesting. The thing that I loved most about the B200 review in particular was the not only the history of the development of the B200, but the history of the Royal Flying Doctor Service. It was a neat bit of history that gave the aircraft a mission other than the executive hamburger run. It was also great how that mission lead into the context of the review flights.


Thanks to the descriptions of the review, I purchased the aircraft. The review accurately captured the nuances of the aircraft and it's my favorite turboprop in X-Plane. The aircraft hits a great sweet spot in my hangar. I love that I can get in and out of nearly any airport with it, but still be fast enough that I don't get bored with long stretches of en route flight. It doesn't require nearly as much setup time as the CRJ that I also fly regularly, but still offers enough performance and complexity to be a handful and keep me engaged. On top of all that it's an absolutely gorgeous model with great cockpit ambiance.


Congratulations on one year of great reviews!

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Congratulations to X-Plane Reviews..


My best aircraft is the Flight Factor 757. I love it not only because it is well done, very realistic, and dynamically perfect, but because it mix the modern aviation features with the old fashion. We can fly it using FMC or just VOR to VOR. We really fly the aircraft. When starting at cold and dark, as I always do, we can follow a complete checklist, step by step. It also has a great failure support where we can simulate and deal with technical problem. Definitely it is currently the best aircraft for X-Plane.

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Hi X-PlaneReviews, congratulations on your 1st anniversary celebrating a year of great reviews. My favorite review… I would put my favorite as the 757 review, very well-done, but because I don't own the 757 in my hangar, my favorite review has to be the Carenado C208B Caravan/Cargomaster reviews. Awesome review, it made a great impression of the aircraft on me, after reading I went to buy a copy of my own. Keep up the good work X-PlaneReviews, and if I win I hope to win the 757!

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Hello and congrats on your 1st anniversary!  I would have to say my favorite aircraft is the 777, but since I don't have that aircraft, my second favorite is C195 Businessliner. You have expert taken photos of the inside and out that made me want to get that aircraft. Well done! If I do win, hopefully I'll win the 777! 

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Choice of Review

Although I'm very new to this website (I was introduced via forums.x-plane.org).

I've had a quick look at the content and I've chosen the since it is the review that I can most relate to.

I've bought other products from this developer, and was considering this aircraft as a result.



Motivation for Choice

Speaking as a 13 year old wannabe pilot, one of the most exciting things about this article is how it

links the simulation to the real world with historical references. The down to earth nature of the review raises its credibility

and motivates me towards considering purchasing the 732.

The fact that Stephen Dutton has conducted a full documented flight also adds value.

His balance between opinion and fact is just right. eg."The chunky (and quite worn)

Pilot and Co-Pilot yokes do take up a lot of the panel view, removed you can now see the instrumentation clearer."

Good terminology, paints the picture, combined with vital information, exactly like you'd want it!



Due to the quality of add ons and reviews here, I will be visiting this site often as long as I still fly on X-Plane

(likely a long time, as I am starting gliding training this year!). Also, the community here is just superb, so far I feel very at home here and

I admire how much effort the managers of the site put into communicating with the brilliant community they've created.



· Stephens review of the 732 offers an excellent balance of information, and personal opinion

· Immersive and thorough review

· Helpful when comparing products

· Adding confidence to the consumer

· Supplying advice/feedback to the seller/developer

· Overall positive contribution to the X-Plane Community.

Thanks for taking the time to read this,


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My favorite review is the Final Frontier Scenery review.  The reason this is my favorite is because the reviewer understood my plight it felt like when he started off with Juneau (Juneau being where my wife is from an somewhere I am familiar with and enjoy flying around).  Every sim I have tried the fefault Juneau is usually way off.  Heck half the time I couldn't even find mesh scenerey that didn't incorrectly render the Juneau area.  So when I saw X-Plane had an nice Juneau scenery upgrade I began my migration to X-Plane 10 (Ever so slowly)  I hadn't bought the scenery however because I was worried that there would be issues with it or it would look too dated in X-Plane 10.  Then I found xplanereviews.com and boy was I glad I did.  You guys have single handily reviewed everything I had the slightest interest in an helped me make clear and informed decisions.  The final frontier review was just what I needed to jump head first into X-Plane finally after many many month of waffling and retreating back into the safe comfortable arms of the familiar.  So I reformatted my PC a week ago have only X-Plane installed as my civilian sim and started buying up add-ons.  The Final Frontier review is an excellent example of the work you guys do so well.  It is objective; it shows the clear issues (Such as the texture blurriness of the add-on) but also compares it across the spectrum to add-ons available elsewhere and explains to me as a consumer why this is the one I should spend my money on.



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My Favorite Review (probably because I'm just a C206 freak) is the 


CT206H Turbo Stationair review.

Located Here: 

Awesome Detail, great layout and the amount of detail in the pictures. Very good! I really enjoyed reading the play-by-play of the flight. It was very well put together. 

I really appreciate it when you bring up every slightest detail in the product you are reviewing. I would have never known* that the GPS530 was in a different folder! 

Giving us the history of the aircraft, as well as specs,and many, many pictures just put icing on the cake.


 When it comes to detail, you got it for your reviews! In the CT206H Review, you went all the way to awesome when you noted this:


That was a cool fact that I would have never known.



*Now I do not own the C206 since I have v9. But I am a C206 fan, and I wanted to look at it more for information purposes. I do, however own other Carenado Aircraft. 


I was impressed that you took careful note of the navigational details of the flight. Examples are:


"....and track North East until I was 17nm past to a final 180º track back to RWY 24 at 1200ft."

"Using the DIR (Direct) mode on the GNS530 put me on a direct course with the fix, and then when close to NEGEL I did another DIR direct back to EICK and RWY 35...."


Of course, the actual play-by-play was not vital information for us who do not fly that same route, but explaining the reasons why you did what you did, I found to be good information for owners of the aircraft to know to help them better know the GPS and IFR equipment of the airplane.


I found it quite adventurous reading the play-by-play of the review's flight. I do think that this review fits the bill for the best. It's a great review for a great plane.


Over all, I believe that this is my favorite review. I applaud you for the detail, adventure (of the flight) and the layout of the review.


Tha onli thang i fownd rong was that u speld "sumery*" rong.  :lol: 



Thanks for the great reviews my friend!


Toby Rice


P.S.  I have seen some good posts on this thread. I hope mine (as from my heart as it is) is "up to snuff" for one of those addons you are offering. If I win, I will donate the aircraft to a pilot of an airline of

AeroFlight Alliance, through a contest.

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Hi, so this is indeed my first post, but only because reading the reviews didn't require a account.


My favorite review was of Peters A320 series V6. Peter seems to be a bit unpopular because people tend to think his aircraft are somewhat outdated and not up to todays "demands". I don't think so, there rather seems to be the habit to add more and more eye candy to the aircraft. Some of them useful, others...not so much. One also has to keep in mind, that Peter is working alone most of the time.  Anyway, but you gave him a fair review, pointing out the pros and cons of this great addon. Some only seem to focus on of the above. So it's not always easy to get a objective review. I, for myself, always want to be pretty sure on what I spend my money. As a student, you have to think twice before spending 60$ or more. 

The review was documented with lots and lots of pictures, really showing the details of the Airbus. Which I found to be important, if one makes a purchase based on this review. After reading this review one should not be negatively surprised, because one definitely knows what to expect. I actually owned the A320 before you posted your review, so I was able to compare your experience with mine, flying his A320's and A321's for quite while now. What I liked as well was the fact, that you offered additional information about the two different types of engines available for the A320. This might not be necessary for a review, but a nice to have! What I cannot confirm where your frame rate problems of them being allover the place. Whats true however is that it is quite frame rate heavy, it has a bigger impact than the A320neo and the B757 on my system. But they are stable.

Also one last thing in general, I like that you do update reviews, like you did on the great B757. Another candidate for a follow up review could be the A320neo, now being in V2.2, V2.3 is in beta now. Might be worth a look, as you reviewed the V1.5.

Thanks for taking the time to read through my review.

Keep yours coming.


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X-Plane Reviews,


          Congratulations on your one year anniversary.  Though I am very new to this website, I have read a couple of your reviews, and I am impressed with their accuracy and exhaustive description of every detail.  This attention to detail is most evident in your review of the freeware A-4 Sky Hawk by Midnight7.  


         Personally, I think this is one of your most brilliant reviews because of its accurate description of the airplane's agile flight characteristics, and because of the amount of time you spent talking about the real aircraft's historical significance.  You describe the airplane as being so sensitive and agile that you could fly it with your "finger and thumb on the stick."  This nails the sensation you get while flying this plane.  Also, I appreciate that you gave us so much background information about the real airplane: its historic significance and role in naval aviation.  As an aspiring naval aviator, I love to find out as much as possible about a naval aircraft's history before I fly it in the sim.


        As an X-Plane enthusiast, I appreciate the time you spent reviewing this freeware aircraft.  I am grateful of the detail included in your description of one of my favorite airplanes available for the sim, and I look forward to reading more of your pay ware and freeware reviews.  When I read a X-Plane Reviews review, I know exactly what I am buying before I make my purchase.  




                                                                                                                                                              Swimmer Pilot

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Happy 1st anniversary X-Plane Reviews and I hope there are many more to come, I’m relatively new to the world of X-Plane and my biggest challenge after purchasing the software was “now what”? With just so many aircraft and add-ons out there I just didn’t know where to start, I knew I wanted to spend my money on quality add-ons and soon discovered X-Plane Reviews.


I would like to say firstly thanks to Stephen for such detailed and in depth reviews, I can well imagine the time and effort it must take to prepare them, they’ve been a very useful guide in the purchasing of my add-ons thus far.


The metal beast that has commanded my attention thus far is of course FlightFactor’s Boeing 757 Pro, I love the level of detail that has gone into creating this product and its a joy to fly, the flight manuals are very detailed and it gives the user a greater understanding of the aircraft, to complete the package is the cumulative wear that can occur from flight to flight, and finally the ability to kill the chief flight attendant amuses the hell out of me because he’s always bothering me when I’m flying, all things considered the 757 is by far my favorite add-on that’s been reviewed here on X-Plane Reviews.     

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For me, my favorite review from you guys, has to be the Sikorsky S-92 review. Reason being you guys helped me decide what to buy, I bought the S-92 and couldn't be any happier. Also another one would have to be the Bombardier Challenger 300 for the same reasons. "X-Plane Reviews" are the best reviews that I have ever experienced for X-Plane, and has helped me make two great purchases. Thanks guys!

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First of all, Happy 1st anniversary X Plane Reviews. We all look for a website to get our information about the best planes and new updates, etc in the world of X Plane. You guys have provided that for the many people in the small industry that is Flight Simulation. I know many other companies have done reviews for aircraft and scenery and many other My favorite plane that you guys have reviewed is the Flight Factor 757. It, along with the 777 (you didn't review it), Is one of the most advanced X Plane aircraft available and its simulation and smooth flying are amazing. That plane is a dream to fly and its cockpit is so realistic as well as the advanced FMC. That is my favorite aircraft you have reviewed and why I love it so much. Happy Anniversary X Plane Reviews!!!!!!!!

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Congratulations and I'll echo others comments - you know how to describe the nuances of each piece of work, call out the unique and special features and generally encourage us to part with our £££s and invest in the payware economy! You've also saved me a few quid by telling it how it is when developers can do better...


For me, the best review has been the I would never have played around with the auto-hover so much if you hadn't called this out in your review:



Like all your reviews, this has the "scene setting" info to get me interested, the install details, critique of the modelling detail, a walk through of how it flies and excellent screenshots of the included liveries - all your screenshots are fabulous and really add to the articles!


Well done on the first year and thanks for all the effort and time you're giving to all of us!

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Hi All, Fellow Entusiasts of the virtual and real flying of these crazy and wonderful machines.


That said, i whish a Very Happy 1st anniversary for X Plane Reviews, the place (virtual, but the result of human work...), where to find out, the hows on virtual aviation, about the best aircraft and scenery for the X Plane thing.


As for me, as i just love the Boeing´s aircraft and besides the wonderful and powerful 777, i´m still in love with the 757, as i still think and feel, besides his age, that still is the most beatiful aircraft flying today.


So, and leaving a word of encouragement for all the professionals that work at this small niche, i choose the Flight Factor 757 Professional review, as for me, is the most complete and deeper review about a plane that is marvelous to fly, together wit his almost real systems and behaviour.


Many Cheer´s, and a big Gooooooo for the next year´s!!!!

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I love the B757-200 from FlightFactor, and I believe that it was the best review I have every seen here on X-Plane Reviews. The plane itself is a work of virtual art. I have flown many planes but not anything like this one before, even the B777 was nothing like this one. Furthermore it flies just like the real airplane, which concludes my evaluation of this great plane. 

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Happy first anniversary guys and thanks for all your awesome reviews so far and im looking forward to you next works. The best review in my opinion is the 757 pro from flightfactor because it was intresting and gave me alot of help before i purchased it the best parts was that it gave me a good idee how it is handling in the air at diffrent speeds. Once agian thanks for a great year and happy anniversary :)

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