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X-Plane 10 : Japanese HD v2 scenery by AlpilotX


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X-Plane 10 : Japanese HD v2 scenery by AlpilotX
Alpilotx has released the next area to be given the HD (High-Definition) treatment for ground mesh. The area that gets the full treatment is Japan.
The coverage now of v2 HD scenery is getting quite comprehensive in X-Plane 10 as the download map now shows.



HD scenery includes a lot of improvements in: Water features (lakes, rivers, coastline),  roads, railroads, power lines, improved urban zoning and urban park areas, it also includes line rivers from OSM (not just polygons as before) tagged waterway/rivers. With some new classes added (in many regions), like: moraines, riverbeds, mining/dump sites and has added differentiation between ice (perennial) and snow (more temporal) to have an even more detailed representation of mountains.
The Japanese scenery also has the updated OSM data (Japan received a very big update trough government sponsored data) and vastly improved landclass data (© JAXA) with additional tree lines. You need to add in the new tree lines because it doesn't add in European/American farms that now dot our landscapes.
So what does the Super Improved HD scenery look like. AlpilotX has supplied some before (default) and after (High-Definition) v2 images.

Default                                                                 v2 High-Definition









The differences are quite significant, and well worth having, to note High-Definition will put more loads on your computer because of the detailing, they are also a much higher download.
The whole series can now also be downloaded via DVD disks with a fee via fspilotshop.com, cost is at this point US$39.95 and alpilotX has noted the Japanese scenery will be added to the collection (Note: The price might go up slightly to cover the extra disks)
You can download all the HD v2 scenery at Flightsim or via a file mirror from ISDG http://cdn.isdg.com.au/downloads/xp10_hd_mesh_v2_japan/ or if for the brave via BitTorrent (see AlpilotX site).
But don't forget to download the Japanese trees extension: http://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?app=downloads&showfile=22054 (both files!)
And alpilotX has done a tutorial on how to install the v2 scenery correctly : http://www.alpilotx....2/#Installation


All HD scenery is well worth the (heavy) downloads and don't forget to donate to the cause on alpilotX site : www.alpilotx.net
Stephen Dutton
24th July 2014
Copyright©2014 : X-Plane Reviews

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