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Laminar Research : Beta 10.30? what do we wish for...


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Beta 10.22


Beta 10.22 is final.. Finally and now that is all done then quickly all speculation will start on the next beta...  10.30.


In fact the speculation on b10.30 started a long time before beta 10.22 was even close to final. Because the few b10.20's dragged on and on. At the start of the 64bit change over it looked like it would be over in a matter of weeks, but instead the small gremlins got a hold and kept everyone scratching their heads for months. In the deepest part of it all was that it went to the very heart of everything that was not on the simulator itself, but what contributed to the simulator in scenery and aircraft. However in all of that it had the most impact as well, in the fact that unless the product plugin had been updated it didn't work in the simulator. A few worked fine with Plane-Maker origins, but the good money out of your pocket payware didn't.


Developers took several tacks on this, many would update the plugins as soon as anything was ready (In which did work quite well), but a few waited till the situation was absolutely concrete before changing anything.


The main work fell back on the plugin developers and as SASL (or as its real name is called in "Scriptable Avionics Simulation Library" was the most popular plugin that developers used, and it was up to Alexander Babichev to come up with the goods.


Certainly it was a collaborative effort with everyone helping Alex from the various developers and Laminar Research to fix the coding and then work their way through the issues. Then once that done they then found out that the LuaIT plugin was running out of memory (in other words the aircraft crashed and so did your simulation) or simply when the Lua plugin ran out of its assigned low memory count from X-Plane (10) it just crashed. Ben Supnik (Laminar Research's top Guru) took the hard decision to fix the Lua issue now and then and cause a little pain, than try to cover it later and cause more pain and changes. Once the Lua was finally fixed and done then X-Plane version 10.22 was final. And that is where we all are sitting now.  


But the change to 64bit had dragged on longer than even Laminar Research had wanted it to, in fact the change to 64bit was never a priority for X-Plane version 10 at all, and was expected to come in another version rollover in maybe XP11 or XP12 and even XP13.


But scenery and aircraft developers noted that with the extra memory allocated by 64bit would take many of the limitations away and the simulator would not be held prisoner anymore to the 32bit 3gb memory limit - but then to use how much memory you actually have installed in your computer. In other words it opened all the windows to let the sunshine in.


The effects now with 64bit are simply amazing, 32bit is still there, but who uses that, a few still do. But now most of all the add-ons are now 64bit v2.0 compatible and life is now back to the same as it was before b10.20 and all the changes are now almost complete.


Beta 10.30


Laminar Research have not announced what will be in Beta 10.30. On the forums the main topic was "seasons". In fact the majority of users want this as the main contender for b10.30. Nothing would make me more happier than having snow and ice to fly blindly into some Northern Winter, In fact the simulator should have a feature as important as this now.


Howdy did a great job in X-Plane9 with "WinterWorld", I loved it, it wasn't perfect - but at least you could fly from a hot and bothered Dubai to a cold and dull shivering London... up to this date "WinterWorld" has not appeared for X-Plane10 - but the reality is we need for seasons to really good, blowing snow, real hail and mist that closes airports and sends insurance company managers jumping off bridges. summer heat haze and the colours of autumn and spring.


So the reality is "seasons" won't come in b10.30, in fact it won't come until another version release of X-Plane and then be noted a new feature, so my guess is that it will come with X-Plane11. The main reason is that the tiles themselves will need to changed for seasons to work efficiently, in fact they would have to be integrated into the very core of the simulator. And you can't do that with out large files and very large files will still come on disks.


My personal issue is the high flight level viewpoint. Go above twenty thousand feet and your view turns into a Commodore 64 pixel quality...  Pretty it isn't and it needs to be fixed, but again are new tiles required or some clever coding to raise the quality of the distance. The good news is you have a lot of frame-rate headroom up there to cover the extra nautical mile area... but again can that be changed with out the required DVD disks?


So what should be really expected in b10.30 or even in a few more betas until Laminar Research turn their attention to the next version of X-Plane11.


If you look at the original X-Plane10 features then the answers are sitting right there. ATC will certainly be at the top of the list for attention, The ATC works, but it is painful and not very forgiving...  A shame because if you do use it a lot, and understand it - it is very good, but the rules are far too tight for it to be really effective and realistic. And the fall out from the ATC is spoiling over to into other areas that is not making its use effective at airports even if it you choose to use the ATC or not.


Clouds need work as well, they have great potential to be really effective in being gathered better for storms (Cloudbursts) and light drizzle, the moment you get near a cloud your world goes grey until you come out, or you are shaken violently by an angry cloud puff. The basic Idea of the clouds is very sound but it all needs a lot of refining to be really effective.


The "Plausible World" needs more refinement as well, you have huge skyscrapers towering over the approaches of runways, and caravan parks in Abu Dhabi. The night textures are coming anyway so that is a given, but the gaps are still to big as the green patches still show that the idea is still not complete or even close to being finished. The point made was that more default autogen couldn't be rolled out until 64bit could handle it, now it can and the focus is now needed.


Under the hood of X-Plane10 is harder to see. The new Multi-Core flight model is in there and so are the new systems for Jet Engines, Trim, Starter, Clutch, Hydraulic Pressure, Electrical and better dynamics...  coming also is Philipp Münzel's various engine dynamics.


The point will come when Laminar Research will start to focus on X-Plane11,(2014?) and the updates and betas will then start to taper off. Knowing Ben Supnik he will always throw something in there that we will not be expecting ( a code grenade!) and send us all in to a frenzy of love and devotion for our simulator of choice. But the main objectives have to be delivering and refining what was promised for this version of X-Plane before adding in new features that can be in reality assigned to the next version.


That doesn't mean that the beta development will slow down. There is a lot items listed to get through and the changes will be very exciting and will add enormously to our current experience of the simulator, above all we need some stable time to refine our simulator to be more efficient and be more crash-proof and that is just as important as the dazzling new features.


So hail the final of beta 10.22 and bring on beta 10.30.




WED 1.2 Final


Laminar Research's focus this year has not been totally on the 64bit change over, In fact most of the attention has been on WED (World EDitor) to make it a powerhouse in creating not only an .apt layout tool, but a full application to create scenery from scratch.  Already it has delivered some spectacular results. And from WED 1.2 final all created WED scenery can now be channeled through Robert Peel's X-Plane airport and navigation data distribution channel to every X-Plane user via their regular X-Plane10 updates, we have yet to see this in action. And my first thoughts is that it is going to be very interesting on how big the downloads are going to be and how they will fill out your custom scenery folder. No doubt we will visit this when the updates start filtering through.


The idea is that anyone can now create scenery and have the tools to do so, To be in X-Plane at this point in time is very exciting and to put the talents of users to work to create their own virtual world that everyone can share. Of which is really the heart of what X-Plane is really all about - us the users.


Stephen Dutton


(note: All information noted here is not from any source or Laminar Research. And are just my own conclusions and past stated facts)


7th August 2013













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Guest snagar

I'm a little pasemistic for x-plane,

Developer blog is quite for some time, no word from Ben, and the lawsuite is a big cloud over X-Plane owner.

The one thing that really bothers me is the knowledge that the main programming team is based on one highly talented person and the others if there are any left are not heared (Chris ?)


In any case, I hope I'm wrong and the community will continue and add to the sim what Laminar can't.




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Guest juanlife

xplane 11? but xplane 10 is not finish yet... sorry, I really love xplane, but i think is not finish yet, most of the exiting default features are unusable until now, atc, traffic etc....  think about a new version is rushed, xplane 11, maybe 2016?

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Time flies


xplane 11? but xplane 10 is not finish yet... sorry, I really love xplane, but i think is not finish yet, most of the exiting default features are unusable until now, atc, traffic etc....  think about a new version is rushed, xplane 11, maybe 2016?

Time flies in X-Plane land, I doubt X-Plane 11 will be coming along soon but the Laminar team have to start sometime... my crystal ball says 2015 and not 2016.

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My opinion is that XP 11 release should be not before 2017. The reason are:


  • XP11 should be way better than XP10 and use technologies that are mostly unknown today. XP10 with the 64bit support have opened a huge/wide window to the future. Also, a new simulator must be over the top of the existing top hardware. Now, XP10 loaded with addons can kneel down any hardware.
  • FSX developers and users migration. If Laminar wants to see a tidal wave of users to XP, must stay for some time still, or at least making small steps, to let FSX developers to learn and adapt their work. I'm developing the DC-9 and have in mind what is current to go on. Now if, within the developing phase, a big thing comes in, might give me headaches how to implement this.

Of course I believe that should start making lists with what to implement in XP11. 

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2017!...  that is 4 years away?...  A lifetime in computer speak....  you can't go on the changes of the last beta (64bit) because they were highly relevant to add-ons and that phase is now finished, any changes now on will be smaller and usually in the developers favor. Usually if a big "thing" does come in there is always a host of threads on the subject...  At the worst Ben Supnik will always help you out or pass you on to someone that can fix the issue... X-Plane devs are very good at sharing the help if you ask them nicely.


X-Plane is not a glacial simulator, some people will say it is too slow now, but overall the pace is quite fast...  That is why we love it :D

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Guest Daniel

My biggest problem with ATC, is that when you input extra aircaft into x plane-atc goes berserk and will always scream OFF COURSE. Please fix that. 

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