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Aircraft Thoughts and Opinions: FlyJSim 732 TwinJet


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Aircraft Thoughts and Opinions : Boeing 732 TwinJet by FlyJSim


Test Route: LSZH (Zurich Airport) to EGGD (Bristol Airport)


The FlyJSim 737-200 TwinJet is a massive release for the x-plane community, its not often that somebody makes a massive jet! This 732 is special; its not as technologically advanced as its bigger brother the 777, yet it is easier to fly than a 757. This aircraft has been long awaited by many of us, and finally its here! If the "200" part of the name (737-200) puts you off, be assured that the systems have been greatly modeled. And you can also wait about another few months or less for the new release of a 737-CL by IXEG, but that "classic" model still classes as a 737-100/200.


 Today I am going to give my views and opinions of certain features on this fantastic jet, starting with aesthetics.


Exterior Aesthetics:

This aircraft looks almost vintage from outside, its a shame some of the liveries do not support this and look "clean". However from its design you can clearly tell that this aircraft is old and well maintained. One of many of my favourite features are the long sloped Pratt and Whitney JT8D's, with their reflective mirror like look, nowadays by chance it is very unlikely that you will see these engines attached to a 732 as normally airlines choose the later updated 737-700/800. I also like the thickly shaped fuselage with the fat nose, it looks and feels like a tank when flying! Despite all of that there is one thing that I do not like about the exterior of the 732, the passenger windows. In my opinion the window textures are to clean and repetitive. The glass texture that jack and the team chose for the passenger windows looks dull and to bright, I believe that to improve the texture FlyJSim should use more of photo-real glass texture so it feels as though you are looking in when viewing the aircraft exterior. But an argument against that is when you fly you sit in the cockpit, not outside the aircraft ;-)



Another thing I also like about the 732 exterior are the landing lights! These lights are amazing and greatly animated and designed! The lights under the wing hang off of the flap runners and move when the flaps are extended etc.. A great feature!


Interior Aesthetics:

Pictures do not do justice for the 732, you need to see it to believe it. The B732 is very immersive, with a slight window reflection on the captains and first officer side in the cockpit and high resolution textures, I nearly forgot I was sat at my desk and not flying high in the sky! My favourite part of my journey from Zurich to Bristol was having to go-around at 600ft on my landing due to a casual yet annoying feature in x-plane, deer on the runway! My normal reactions would be to click "local map" and move the deer far, far away, but I forgot I was in a simulator so I decided to go-around at 600ft when I spotted them. This turned out great as the low 6200ft sharp turns over the city of Bristol looked great! So you can relate to my previous comment about being immersed in the B732. When looking behind toward the door to the cabin the back wall texture in the cockpit is slightly blurry, it still is at a high resolution just not as high as the main panel textures. It would be great if the circuit breakers were modelled just like in the FlyJSim 727, but unfortunately they are not. However the photo textures on the back walls of the cockpit have been taken in the pilots perspective, this means that the photo real textures on the back wall look slightly 3D.





The yoke looks phenomenal, it has an amazing worn look which looks very realistic. I also like the fact that you have the option to disable viewing of it however it is much easier to click on it to disappear such as in a Carenado aircraft. The gauges also have nice textures, a slightly worn affect.


Jack Skieczius (lead dev of FlyJSim) did comment during his live stream of the 732 that he is planning on adding another seat texture where you will be able to switch between the two. The new seat texture will be "fluffy" it will look near enough identical to the seat texture in the 757 by Flightfactor.


Despite the great things listed above the cabin is not modelled? The closest you can get to the cabin is through the "call flight attendant" the button simply plays the PA sound. I did ask Jack during his live stream why the cabin was not modelled, he replied with something like:  "well, the cabin wasn't modeled because I simply don't go there in flight, I sit in the cockpit". This is a very fair point by Jack, sometimes though I think its nice to have a look back there in flight whilst the pilot is 'stretching his/hers legs'! Across the main panel you also get reflections from the sun, I am not talking about shadows, no, I am talking about the sun leaving a white cast on the gauges. This is a fantastic visual effect, the only issue I have is that it is a bit bright and when holding short at Zurich I could not monitor my engine gauges as I could not see them! Overall though I suppose all visual effects add to the great realism.




The overhead panel contains many switches and knobs that all have the same cream texture, this looks great but it could be even better if some have a weathered look. This point is just being really picky and it doesn't matter really.


The cockpit floor is pretty detailed, you can see the dirt and mud engraved into the groves of the metal, in my opinion when entering the cockpit the dirty floor adds to the realism.


Overall the interior looks very close to reality which makes this 732 cockpit/plane one of the best modelled and available for X-Plane 10.






The in-cockpit lighting is truly first class! You have many options for lighting, my favourite is the overhead moveable light (map light), you can spin the light and it will cast a spill on wherever you have positioned it. Ass well as this you get your general lights such as "dome" , "overhead switch" lighting, "main panel" lighting etc.. all of the lights look great as you would expect. There is not a lack of lights but it would be even nicer to have a few more such as the orange lighting which casts over the A/P panel. Apart from the main lights you expect I find not much more here.





Nearly all of the systems aboard the aircraft are modelled in detail which I think is great and therefore worth the $47 price tag. The following systems are simulated:


. Air system

. Anti-ice

. Autopilot (SP77)

. Com/Nav Radios

. Electrical

. Fire protection

. Hydraulics

. Fuel

. Warning Systems

. Weather Radar


My favorite three systems are the Sperry SP77 autopilot, the weather radar system and the warning system.




The SP77 Autopilot is very simple to learn and use. For a detailed explanation read The autopilot is easy to operate and see, despite its simplicity the autopilot is very effective. my second favorite system aboard the aircraft is the weather radar. I love how you can adjust lots of options you have for the weather radar! Next to the radar on both sides is a yoke. The yoke itself isn't really a system that FlyJSim spent many months on but it is connected to a system that they did, the A/P (autopilot). The yoke moves around by itself as the autopilot navigates the plane, it's phenomenal seeing the yoke and the trim wheel both working together in unison. Another system that I think should also be implemented is ground services. The a320neo does a fantastic job of this, it would be great to see moving airport utility vehicles around the 732 also.


If you would like a detailed explanation of all of the systems and how to use them then I suggest for you to check out Stephen's 732 review.


Overall I believe that the systems are simulated spectacularly. 



First the warning system. The sounds of the warning system are very realistic, especially the altitude call outs. I believe that the altitude call out (500, 100, 50, 40, 30 etc..) have been recorded real time and refined. I also like the sound of the over speed warning, the loud repetitive sound will surely grab your attention! Also the autopilot disengaged sound is near enough perfect to match the real thing, according to youtube videos!  Another thing I noticed was the v1 and rotate call outs! After hearing Jack's voice from his live stream I think that the call outs are actually him! so your virtual cop-pilot is Jack ( lead dev of FlyJSim) and he is with you for every flight you go on! The call outs that you hear are v1 and rotate, it would be great to hear many more of these whilst flying such as 'positive rate of clime' and 'gear up'.





The engines sound great this is because the sounds are from dream engine and turbine sound studio. Although my personal opinion is that they sound a bit strained, the engines still look and sound realistic. 


The only other sounds the aircraft makes are the knobs and switches. They all make clicking sounds that sound okay, maybe a bit quiet?


Sidebar menu:

The side bar menu comes with many different options. You have four boxes that you can select to bring up options, the level of options is great but it could be even better if you have the options of service vehicles like I mentioned above. Despite that there are still many different options you have. I think that the options menu can feel a bit basic after a while but its still a great feature that's there. The artwork behind which looks good. The blue and cream colour scheme for the release of the 732 can really be seen here especially behind the weight and balance manager.




The weight and balance manager is also great, my favorite feature is the one to click in the blue rectangles to fill up the passengers, the same is applied to the cargo which is nice.



The aircraft comes with 7 liveries that are all at a high resolution. only including 7 is a bit strange, but not to panic there are many extra to download for free on x-plane.org. Here is a list of the default liveries included:

  • blank (white)
  • Southwest 
  • Westjet
  • Aer lingus
  • Air france
  • Aloha
  • KLM



My favourite livery has to be the Westjet, don't you agree? if that's not enough then there are many to download for free:

There is now also a category dedicated to all new painted liveries for the B732: on the x-plane.org


Landing at Bristol International:





Overall this aircraft is truly phenomenal and you have to experience the simulation in x-plane yourself to agree to the praise I have gave it. The FlyjSim team have really gathered all of their talents for this plane and it that is shown throughout the plane. There are many sounds that play behind the scenes but it would be nice to have a few more such as the extra co-pilot call outs! You have a range of options to chose from but it would be even better to have more such as:

  • changeable cockpit textures from 'worn' to 'clean'
  • the option to change the seat texture
  • options for service vehicles such as 'catering' and 'stairs'

But apart from those small picky points not much more can be changed. It was a shame that the interior cabin was not modelled however Jack gave a valid reason for not doing that! This aircraft is most definitely worth $47, every cent is well spent!! Especially when you also receive a free copy of KILM Wilmington worth $30!


I would urge you to grab a copy for yourself just to experience this amazing aircraft, I forgot I was sat at my desk and not at "27'000ft"! Just imagine this with the oculus rift virtual reality headset! Here is my personal list of my favourite features: just to list a few:

  • cockpit textures
  • flight dynamics
  • aircraft systems
  • sounds
  • night lighting

So there are all of my truthful thoughts and opinions of the B737-200 TwinJet by FlyJSim.


If you are looking for a full review please read


Price : $47.00 - Boeing 732 TwinJet 


You also get a free copy of KILM Wilmington with your purchase!!!!!!!


This"thoughts and opinions" post for the B732 was conducted in x-plane 10.25. If you wish to find out about the B732 in 10.30b1 you can refer to the bottom of


Scenery used for the test route:


LSZH : Zurich Airport


EGGD : Bristol International 


Copyright©2014 : X-Plane Reviews


Review System Specification:

Computer System:

- Intel Core i5 3330 @ 3.00GHz

- 4.00gb of RAM

- Geforce GTX 650 


- Windows 7 64 bit

- X-Plane 10 Global version 10.25

- Saitek Pro Flight Yoke System

- 732 TwinJet by FlyJSim

- Skymaxx pro



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Hi Joe,

I bought the plane, its amazing feel and textures are great. I do have one problem though , my aircraft keeps loosing power after about 4 minutes flying. I can restart the engines but hydraulics are gone, rudder is gone, reverse thrusters gone. Can you advise? I have turned off random failures. 



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Hi Leo,

I have not experinced the problem myself. If you have turned off random failures the problem is not there. The only other reason I can think of for engine loss is maybe you starting up the plane wrong?

I have started from cold and dark, and with the engines running already, both times I did not experience complete engine failure. Try starting with the engines pre running. You can change this setting in the options menu provided by FlyJSim or you can change the option in 'net connections' (I think) when I have a chance I will check were the option is in the sim.

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Hi Joe,

I bought the plane, its amazing feel and textures are great. I do have one problem though , my aircraft keeps loosing power after about 4 minutes flying. I can restart the engines but hydraulics are gone, rudder is gone, reverse thrusters gone. Can you advise? I have turned off random failures. 




These engines are very old fashioned!...  you just can't push up the power and let the engine management do the job of protecting them. You are now the engine management as the engines will burn out quickly. So easy does it on the throttle, yes you can give 100% power on takeoff, but then get the power well back into the safety zone as quickly as possible. And then manage the power...  SD

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Thanks Stephen,


That seemed to work. I have a habit of flying fast. When I brought the engines back into the safety zone the issue went away.



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Guest Chris Norman

The IXEG 737 is a 300 belonging to the 3-4-5 series which has significant technical differences to the 1-200 series. The 1/200 series are analog aircraft, the 3-4-500s are a mix of analog and digital (the 7-8-900s are digital). The most obvious difference when looking at a 300 is the CFM engines rather than the PW JT8D,s.  

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