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Scenery Upgrade : UUEE Sheremetyevo Airport XP v2 by Drzewiecki Design

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moscow- UUEE Header v2.jpg


Scenery Upgrade : UUEE Sheremetyevo Airport XP v2 by Drzewiecki Design


Early in 2015 the Drzewiecki Design studio released X-Plane's first Russian scenery in UUEE Sheremetyevo Airport XP. Personally I was very excited, in that of what X-Plane can do in allowing you to explore new frontiers, new countries, new areas. So a trip to Russia was going into another brand new frontier with finally with a quality payware scenery as a destination.


If any scenery shows the explosion of detail in X-Plane over the last five years it is UUEE - Sheremetyevo. That first review visit was really to an isolated scenery in a barren wilderness in more like Siberia than Moscow... read the full original review here to see huge differences between the original and current visual detail of UUEE Sheremetyevo Airport.


Airport Review : UUEE Sheremetyevo Airport XP by Drzewiecki Design


But remember that at the time it was pretty good...


UUEE Sheremetyevo Airport XP v2
So here is the upgrade (finally) to that release in the v2 X-Plane11 version of Sheremetyevo. The previous proclamation is in relation to the changes around this original scenery. Drzewiecki Design has been on a sort of mission statement to recreate Moscow in it's entirety. Their release of Moscow XP did a huge service in recreating a city out of nothing...   Scenery Review : Moscow City XP by Drzewiecki Design and another brilliant addition was JustSim's excellent UUWW - Moscow Vnukovo v1.2 which was constructed to fit within the same framework as DD's Moscow XP scenery, the funny thing was the only airport scenery that was now the odd one out was actually the older UUEE Sheremetyevo?


UUEE Sheremetyevo_v2_Head 1.jpgUUEE Sheremetyevo_v2_Head 2.jpgUUEE Sheremetyevo_v2_Head 3.jpgUUEE Sheremetyevo_v2_Head 4.jpg


The approach now to Sheremetyevo makes you shake your head, "oh wow" as this is so, so different from the original...


UUEE Sheremetyevo_v2_Head 5.jpgUUEE Sheremetyevo_v2_Head 6.jpgUUEE Sheremetyevo_v2_Head 7.jpgUUEE Sheremetyevo_v2_Head 8.jpg


If you have the Moscow XP scenery (highly recommended here) then the installer will fit in the new UUEE to merge perfectly with the city scenery... if you don't have it there is an option to blend into the standard default textures, but why not have the full Russian monty, it is excellent, but there is also a lot of objects now running in your system, so you will need at least a 8K graphic card to run the full Moscow layout.



Drzewiecki Design uses a .exe installer to install your Sheremetyevo, for Mac/Linux there is a manual .zip option, but the manual version is complicated in that you have to place certain files for certain options in there manually. And there are a lot of options...   there are three options on the style of the "Borders" or the way you want the scenery to fit into your current layout (i.e. with Moscow XP or not), second set of options that cover Static aircraft and Ground Photoreal textures, there is another option to use the volmetric 3d grass (recommended) and if you want the manual to appear when the install is done. All options with the installer can be changed by just running the installer again and selecting your new options, it works very well in changing around options quickly...


UUEE Sheremetyevo_v2_Install 2.jpgUUEE Sheremetyevo_v2_Install 1.jpg

UUEE Sheremetyevo_v2_Install 3.jpgUUEE Sheremetyevo_v2_Install 4.jpg


.... the installer will also check if you have the SAM (Scenery Animation Manager) installed, which is required by the scenery, it did pick up I was a version out of date (I was away traveling) so I was impressed by that. Finally it will install the scenery into your custom scenery folder (on the fly as noted it asked me if I wanted it to install the correct textures for use with Moscow XP, again impressive). So you can see how hard it would be to set up manually, however there is full instructions in the manual for Mac/Linux users (note I am using the static off (WT3) and photoreal/grass on).


First new view of UUEE - Sheremetyevo shows a major airport change in a new runway 06L - 24R (there are a set of charts provided with the scenery)




06L -24R is set a fair way from the terminal zones, I mean really far away from the southern Terminal D, E & F complexes to the south so expect a long taxi...


UUEE Sheremetyevo_v2_06L_24R 1.jpgUUEE Sheremetyevo_v2_06L_24R 2.jpg

UUEE Sheremetyevo_v2_06L_24R 3.jpg


...    detail along side including a runway tower complex is excellent, in fact all detail around the airport is now highly elevated by a lot of local objects.


UUEE Sheremetyevo_v2_06L_24R 4.jpgUUEE Sheremetyevo_v2_06L_24R 5.jpg


Visually the surrounding areas around the airport are very realistic, note the Moscow City well into the background as the objects coverage over the whole area to the Moscow city centre, so the question has to asked is that if you have the full set of Moscow XP, UUWW Vnukovo and this scenery is then the question is of do you have the most detailed complete city layout in X-Plane? I personally now think so.


It is really very hard to imagine the basis of this version is still many the older objects, and yet that is the case but most have had attention, as this is now a far more comprehensive and dynamic scenery than before...


UUEE Sheremetyevo_v2_UUEE 1.jpgUUEE Sheremetyevo_v2_UUEE 2.jpgUUEE Sheremetyevo_v2_UUEE 3.jpg


...  to highlight this aspect are the new PBR (Physical Based Render) reflective runways, and in the right light they are excellent, add less light and wet conditions and they go mindblowing.


UUEE Sheremetyevo_v2_UUEE 4.jpgUUEE Sheremetyevo_v2_UUEE 5.jpg

UUEE Sheremetyevo_v2_UUEE 6.jpg


South Sheremetyevo


UUEE Sheremetyevo_v2_UUEE 17.jpg


The original iconic Sheremetyevo-2 Terminal now Terminal F looks now even better with PBR and reflective glass, although I see a few areas of marching ants on the windows in some lighting conditions.


UUEE Sheremetyevo_v2_UUEE 7.jpgUUEE Sheremetyevo_v2_UUEE 8.jpg

UUEE Sheremetyevo_v2_UUEE 9.jpgUUEE Sheremetyevo_v2_UUEE 10.jpgUUEE Sheremetyevo_v2_UUEE 11.jpgUUEE Sheremetyevo_v2_UUEE 12.jpg


The adjoining Terminal E has also had the reflective glass treatment, but also internal detail added, as usual it is quite basic, but it all looks good of where it counts in the external view. The internal detail is also on the futuristic Terminal D, this futuristic terminal looks so much better here, it was certainly well modeled originally, but the average surroundings didn't give it the attention it deserved.


UUEE Sheremetyevo_v2_UUEE 13.jpgUUEE Sheremetyevo_v2_UUEE 14.jpg

UUEE Sheremetyevo_v2_UUEE 15.jpgUUEE Sheremetyevo_v2_UUEE 16.jpg


Like the new runway, new infrastructure landside has also been included, including new hotels and administration buildings, so the scenery is now completely up to date in it's current form. The Park inn hotel has been remodeled, and is far better and not as gaudy as before and the Holiday Inn Express is all new and both are excellent.


A big feature now included is the SAM (Scenery Animation Manager) plugin for VGDS gate docking and remote parking and every airbridge is now active, that is EVERY airbridge at SVO.


UUEE Sheremetyevo_v2_SAM 1.jpgUUEE Sheremetyevo_v2_SAM 2.jpgUUEE Sheremetyevo_v2_SAM 3.jpgUUEE Sheremetyevo_v2_SAM 4.jpg


Approaching Terminal F is now a real occasion if an historic one as this terminal is steeped in history, to dock at the red airbridge just completes the Russian arrival.


North Sheremetyevo

If any area of Sheremetyevo that has had the most changes it is on the older north side.


UUEE Sheremetyevo_v2_UUEE 18.jpg


Gone is the old iconic "Sheremetyevo-1" or the original first terminal built at Sheremetyevo in 1964 with it's unusual spaceship-like design, and it has been replaced with two new terminals in B and C. They have sort of done a modern glassed in replica design of the older terminal as part of terminal B, but in reality it is not the same as the iconic design.


UUEE Sheremetyevo_v2_UUEE 19.jpgUUEE Sheremetyevo_v2_UUEE 20.jpgUUEE Sheremetyevo_v2_UUEE 21.jpgUUEE Sheremetyevo_v2_UUEE 22.jpgUUEE Sheremetyevo_v2_UUEE 23.jpg


The advantages however are that you get a lot more active gates to choose from and as you can't stop progress and passenger demand. It keeps Sheremetyevo as an active modern airport as well, and not sinking away into a relic of the past. But the differences here in facilities compared to only five years ago is quite comprehensive.



The lighting of UUEE has had a full overhaul and "thank god for that".


UUEE Sheremetyevo_v2_UUEE lighting 1.jpgUUEE Sheremetyevo_v2_UUEE lighting 2.jpg


Most of the original terminal night textures were just simply really "plain awful" and to the point I hit the Photoshop app to make them at least more realistic, mostly all the glaringly bad textures have banished to be replaced with the see-through glass lighting, but there are a few areas they still brightly protrude from.


UUEE Sheremetyevo_v2_UUEE lighting 3.jpgUUEE Sheremetyevo_v2_UUEE lighting 4.jpg

UUEE Sheremetyevo_v2_UUEE lighting 5.jpgUUEE Sheremetyevo_v2_UUEE lighting 6.jpg


The worst offenders were the Terminal's D and E and thankfully both have had serious attention, D is nice now, and E is lovely on the landside arrival side. The hotels at night look excellent as well and very realistic...


Terminal F night texures are the same, but the new ramp lighting sorts of dilutes the age. But a bit more attention to detail here to make it blend in better would have helped.


UUEE Sheremetyevo_v2_UUEE lighting 7 LG.jpg


As 80% of the north Sheremetyevo is new then so is the lighting...


UUEE Sheremetyevo_v2_UUEE lighting 8.jpgUUEE Sheremetyevo_v2_UUEE lighting 9.jpgUUEE Sheremetyevo_v2_UUEE lighting 10.jpgUUEE Sheremetyevo_v2_UUEE lighting 11.jpg


It looks great and very modern, and the ramps are well lit. The highlight is the control tower lighting which is very effective by the side of the older tower building. Control Tower view however is not set, but ground focused...  overall the lighting here at SVO is very good.


WT3: Any old ground routes don't work with the new runway layout, so they have to thrown away. The new generation is not bad and works but needs refinements in a few areas to make it perfect, but overall WT2 works very well and some approach views are excellent.


A note that the older waypoint issues have thankfully gone as well, having current or newer Navigraph data will fix all the old misalignment issues.



The first really good payware scenery for Moscow has had a complete refurbish. Originally the scenery was a speck in an area of X-Plane blandness, but not anymore. Now you have the extensive Moscow XP and JustSim's UUWW - Moscow Vnukovo to compliment this highly updated UUEE - Sheremetyevo and what a grand plan it all is now.


There has been a lot of changes at Sheremetyevo in the last few years, with a new runway 06L -24R  and most of north Sheremetyevo being totally rebuilt with two new terminals, and all the changes and a lot more of the new infrastructure is all in this scenery, so UUEE is totally up to date with the current conditions with this upgraded scenery. SAM animated airbridge plugin and dynamic PBR textures with 3d volumetric grass gives the scenery a huge dynamic lift as well as has most of the lighting also being thankfully redone. Full ground vehicle and radar animations are well done as well so this is now the full complete and highly optioned package of SVO.


Moscow as a destination city is one of the best served in X-Plane if you are willing to invest in all of the three principal sceneries of Drzewiecki Design's Moscow XP, JustSim's Moscow Vnukovo and now this totally updated Drzewiecki Design UUEE - Sheremetyevo, and the totally outstanding vista is married by some of the most sensational airport scenery with this Sheremetyevo now also a highly developed and usable scenery...  Only earlier that Sheremetyevo suddenly felt very dated, but now fits in beautifully with the the whole context of the scenery, yes you will need a bit of computer power to run the extreme amount of objects created here so a 8K Graphic Card is a must, other wise it is perfection...  a must have (all of it).




X-Plane Store logo sm.jpg


Yes! UUEE Sheremetyevo Airport XP v2 by Drzewiecki Design is now Available from the X-Plane.Org Store here :


UUEE Sheremetyevo Airport XP v2


Price is US$26.00

Owners of UUEE v1 by Drzewiecki can get 25% off this new v2 version: Coupon code can be found in your UUEE invoice at the X-Plane.OrgStore





  • High quality model of UUEE Sheremetyevo airport in Moscow, featuring the most up-to-date version possible including airport parts that are still under construction
  • Extensive though performance-friendly interior modeling at most terminal buildings, control tower and some hangars
  • Animated jetways, VGDS, marshallers (SAM plugin), custom animations, advanced dynamic lighting, static aircraft and people
  • Highly advanced performance-friendly design, numerous optimization techniques used
  • Fully compatible with Moscow City Scenery





Download is 980mb and the scenery package is installed via a .exe installer or a download .zip and deposited into your X-Plane Custom Scenery folder:


  • DD UUEE Moscow Sheremetyevo XP V2 Documents
  • DD UUEE Moscow Sheremetyevo XP V2
  • DD UUEE Moscow Sheremetyevo XP V2 INSTALLER
  • DD z Moscow City XP


The "INSTALLER" provides the different options for static aircraft, photoreal textures and volmetric grass


Note: if installed the previous version UUEE v1 it is to be removed


Total scenery installation is 2.81Gb (not including the Moscow City XP option)


Requirements :

X-Plane 11
Windows, Mac, Linux
4Gb VRAM Video Card - 8Gb+ VRAM Recommended
Current and Review Version 2.0 (December 7th 2019)
Install manuals in English, Polish and Russian, and a full English manual (3 pages) and basic UUEE Charts
  • Mac and Linux manual install - English.pdf
  • Mac and Linux manual install - Russian.pdf
  • Mac and Linux manual install - Polish.pdf



Scenery Upgrade Review by Stephen Dutton

18th December 2019

Copyright©2019: X-Plane Reviews


Review System Specifications:

Computer System: Windows  - Intel Core i7 6700K CPU 4.00GHz / 64bit - 16 Gb single 1067 Mhz DDR4 2133 - GeForce GTX 980/SSE2 - Samsung Evo 1Tb SSD 

Software:   - Windows 10 - X-Plane 10 Global ver 11.41r1

Addons: Saitek x52 Pro system Joystick and Throttle : Sound - Bose  Soundlink Mini : Headshake by SimCoders

Plugins:  WorldTraffic3 US$29.95 (recommended) : Environment Engine v1.13 by xEnviro US$69.90

- Airbus A319 by Toliss (X-Plane.OrgStore) - US$69.00


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