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Update : World Traffic 1.1.4

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Plugin - Update : World Traffic 1.1.4


Classic Jet Simulations have updated their World Traffic Add-On to version 1.1.4


Greg Hofer has completed some bug fixes and done some changes on World Traffic. But the real point of this version is the release of the  "Random Traffic Generator".


Now you can set up a flurry of fights between the different airports on your list.


Set the main or host airport.




And that will then bring up the main menu screen.




Here on the main menu screen, you can set out the many different variables to create good automated traffic flows.


Settings include:


Minimum safe altitudes

Airport Classification (%) to Military or Commercial

Aircraft Type (%)

Connecting airports (routes)

A list of Operating Airlines, Air Forces and Aviation Companies and your selection.

And the percentages (%) of flights departing and arriving over 6 hour periods during a full 24hour rotation.


Once set your World Traffic plugin will then create random flights with three way points between the chosen airports with the selected airlines or aircraft.


Another highlight is the "Flight Plan List" has been increased from 400 plans to 1500 Flightplans, that is the now the full limit of the application (An X-Plane limitation).


The full update details:


  • Fix problem with starting aircraft using same ground route starting location when taxiing to different departure runways.  This resulted in departing planes appearing in the same parking spot.
  • Fix list size of displayed flight plans... it was only showing 400 flights.  The limit is now 1500 flights which seemed to be about the maximum size retrievable from the X-Plane getDirectoryContents function.
  • Helicopter flights have been fixed as they weren't displaying in the last test version
  • Make check dist longer for departing planes to decrease number of overshoots - increased from 1.5 to 2.5 miles

With one known issue noted as:

- The Random Traffic Generator may crash for some users when using the 64 bit version on the PC.  The 32 bit version is apparently ok.  The code crashing is in the stl:vector function so it may take a while to sort that one out.
You can download the new World Traffic version here: World Traffic 1.1.3
I recommend reading the World Traffic .pdf
And the support Forum is : World Traffic Aircraft - X-Plane
To use World Traffic you have to buy a user key.
$24.95 World Traffic(License Key sent by email by CJS)
This is available from the X-Plane .Org Store : World Traffic
All updates and support are free.
5th Aug 2013










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