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NEWS! - AirSim3D updates Citation C-560XL XP12 to version 2.0

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NEWS! - AirSim3D updates Citation C-560XL XP12 to version 2.0


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It is always debatable on what is the "best in category". But certainly the AirSim3D Citation C-560XL is certainly at the top of the list for the X-Plane 12 Simulator. The aircraft was released in the dying months of X-Plane 11. So the release for X-Plane 12 was a complete revision of the aircraft, and that leaped this Mid-Sized Business Jet into a new higher and premier position.


The Cessna Citation Excel (XL) is an American midsize business jet in the Cessna Citation family. Announced in October 1994, the Model 560XL first flew on February 29, 1996, certification was granted in April 1998, and over 1,000 have been delivered. The 2,100 nmi-range (3,900 km), 20,200 lb (9,200 kg) MTOW jet is powered by two 3,650–4,080 lbf (16.2–18.1 kN) PW545 turbofans, has the cruciform tail and unswept supercritical wing of the Citation V (560), and a slightly shortened Citation X stand-up cabin.


The Excel has the roomiest cabin in its class of light corporate jets and can seat up to 10 passengers (in high-density configuration; typically the number is six to eight in a corporate configuration), while being flown by a crew of two. To power the aircraft, Cessna chose the Pratt & Whitney Canada PW500 turbofan.


It is hard to believe, but the 560 Excel is still the first aircraft by AirSim3d, but the latest update is very far removed from it's initial predecessor. Comments have suggested the cockpit textures were not a reflection of the quality of the aircraft. To a point I disagree with this aspect on two counts, one, this is a first design, but also the design is created to reflect a period. However in response to the comments, v2.0 has had a very big revision of the internal aspects, in Cockpit 3D-occlusion, shading and a coloring Texture update, it also has had glass updates, in that the glass is not now brightly coloured, but clear and more realistic, the annoying rear mirror reflection has also been removed.


There are also new Startup and Anti-Icing annunciations, and the Autoland has been fine-tuned and the update comes with also better FMOD2 volume tuning. The results are of an even more well-rounded and quality aircraft, so the title of  "The best" goes up another notch higher.


Version 2.0 (July 1st 2024)
  • Major Cockpit 3D-occlusion, shading, coloring Texture updates
  • Major Glass updates
  • New Startup annunciations
  • New AntiIcing annunciations
  • Minor updates to RMU test, Popouts freezing, Checklists content
  • Removed mirrors (since XP can not do that)
  • Autoland fine-tuning
  • FMOD volume tuning


AirSim3D Citation C-560XL_V2.0_XP12_v2.0 - 2024-07-01 13.35.30.jpgCitation_560XL_XP12_Flying 8.jpgCitation_560XL_XP12_Flying 9.jpgCitation_560XL_XP12_Flying 10.jpgCitation_560XL_XP12_Flying 11.jpgCitation_560XL_XP12_Flying 12.jpg

  AirSim3D C-560XL_XP12_Internal 10.jpgAirSim3D C-560XL_XP12_Internal 11.jpgAirSim3D C-560XL_XP12_Internal 12.jpg




The full X-Plane 12 C-560XL review is here: Aircraft Update : Citation C-560XL X-Plane 12 by AirSim3D
  • “My main interest is flying bizjets, and this one is an excellent addition to my ''hanger".... Also, Support responds very quickly on this forum too. Thanks for that."
  • “Just doing a night flight, the night lighting is excellent. I do like this airplane a lot”
  • “Engine sounds are really good inside and out. I live near an airport, and it sounds like the real Citations as they take off”
  • “The best aircraft of my hangar .. and I have all the other more popular biz jets and Airliners!!
  • From the XPlaneReview: “Having flown the XL a lot over the past month, I now really love it, even miss it a lot when flying other aircraft. Recommended.”
  • “Are ya'll thinking about making other AWESOME models like this one? 5 Star (support) service!”


Designed by AirSim3D



X-Plane Store logo sm.jpg


Yes! the Cessna Citation 560XL X-Plane 12 v2.0 by AirSim3d is NOW available from the X-Plane.Org Store here:


Cessna Citation 560XL XP12

Price is US$59.95


Cessna Citation 560XL XP11

Price is US$49.95


Cessna Citation 560XL XP12 + XP11

Price is US$79.95



AirSim3D C-560 XL: Real-Jet authenticity

  • Real jet visits at Boeing airfield were extensively used to inform build and design decisions
  • 100’s of pages of real POH manuals, specs, drawings, pics used
  • Real pilot tested and extensively beta tested
  • Result: real-world systems, lighting, functions, modeling and procedures authenticity



X-Plane 12 Only

Windows, Mac or Linux
4 GB VRAM Minimum - 8 GB+ VRAM Recommended
Current version : 2.0 (July 1st 2024)

There are 3 purchase options for the 560 XL



News by Stephen Dutton

1st July 2024

Copyright©2024: X-Plane Reviews


(Disclaimer. All images and text in this review are the work and property of X-PlaneReviews, no sharing or copy of the content is allowed without consent from the author as per copyright conditions) All Rights Reserved


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