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Developer Update: World2Xplane

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World2xplane is a stunning new development for creating an even more "plausible world" for Xplane 10. This new application uses OpenstreetMap data but in a new an unique way which will provide greater complexity of buildings than before, not only that it will be able to generate sloped roof's and also correct height buildings. It has only been in dev for a few months but already it is showing some very promising results. It is still only in alpha phase which means it can be unstable and may not produce results as you desire but it is a WIP and so can only get better. 

A number of high profile developers from the xplane world have become interested in this project and are offering help to the developer so I feel that this application will soon gather a pace and become a must have for developers and users a like. being a thin application it doesn't need a huge high end machine to run although iw ill say I can't find any min specifications indicated anywhere on the site.


Developer Notes 

World2XPlane is an application under development which can be used to generate scenery for X-Plane (www.x-plane.com) using data from (OpenStreetMap).

World2XPlane will add forests, regional houses and landmarks using a list of highly configurable rules. The model library used for regional buildings is opensource and available here world-models. The application currently supports the following features:

  • Placement of forests, parks, orchards and other OSM data using X-Plane forest files.
  • Wrapping of facades around OSM buildings, including complex buildings (i.e. OSM multipolygons).
  • Placement of X-Plane 3D models into OSM building footprints. This can be used to create very realistic looking towns and villages
  • Regional rules, e.g. Placement of regional houses or forests based on country/county codes. These regions are configurable.
  • Advanced rules for parsing OSM data. Rules can be chained together to produce convincing scenery. e.g. All buildings inside a landuse=residential zone can use only house models, and industrial other rules.
  • Random placement of objects using collision detection. e.g. Trees placed inside residential zones or cattle inside fields.
  • Line rules for surrounding items with 3D objects. e.g. Surrounding fields with trees or hedges.
  • .. and more features to come.

As you can see the developer has a fairly comprehensive list of features and with help from friends I think that feature list will grow. 


There are a number of comparison shots on the web site so rather than reproduce pictures here I will simply place the link to the site and suggest that you have a jolly good look around.





Staff Reviewer

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Guest blacky75

Hi there :-) This tool has greatly improved since! Trying to help the programmer 'tony' by creating a wide variety of (eurpean-for-the-moment-)houses... Check out his site for continious news... it's advancing fast!


If anyone wants to contribute with 3D makings, contact us, we'd be pleased to get helped out with it!If your regions seams empty, it's mostly because it's not filled with OSM data... you all can contribute :-)


For the latest tool (BETA!), visit: World2Xplane.com, for the 3D House library here some infos: http://blacky75b.wordpress.com/3d-4-world2xplane/


have fun!



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