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Scenery Update : KDEN Denver International to v1.1 by Tom Curtis

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Scenery Update : KDEN Denver International to v1.1 by Tom Curtis


Tom Curtis has already updated his excellent KDEN - Denver Intl to version 1.1


The biggest change in v1.1 is the addition of 50 animations with ground routes...





Now you have a vast selection of vehicles all working around the ramps (and across the vast terminal area taxiways)...  Many items moving around are baggage trains, catering trucks, baggage loaders, vans and cars and a few more pushback aircraft. The animations also move into position around aircraft and raise and lower their catering loads and baggage belts, with the loaders loading from moving and positioning baggage trains

The animations have collision avoidance working in there as well, so the traffic will stop to let you pass as you pushback or park in the gate. The animations show off the latest improvements to the "GroundTraffic animated ground vehicle traffic kit" plugin by "Marginal" (Jonathan Harris) -See video below-


Buzzy, buzzy with lots of movement around KDEN there now is. It fills in a lot of the areas that I noted where very empty in our release review:



Tom shows us in a diagram of where all the ground routes go.




And it is comprehensive. He has also added vehicles to the Jeppesen Terminal ramps and passenger areas with the same animations.  It looks good there now as well.




Other additions include two new Fire Stations out between the runways.




Besides the new stations the fire trucks are animated, and move around periodically.


To the south more Car Rental buildings and buses have been added as well.




But still the majority of the carparks are still quite flat (photo).


I checked to see if the gate ground markings have been adjusted to match the autogates?




I checked two gates and they certainly looked better aligned...  but still slightly off.


All in all a great upgrade, I love it. And the airport doesn't look so empty (It is so very big), certainly the biggest improvement with v1.1 is while you are taxiing in or out of the terminal areas, the animations make KDEN far more active.


Here is a video to show the animations in v1.1



Yes! the Denver International Airport (KDEN) v1.1 by Tom Curtis is now Available from the X-Plane.OrgStore : Denver International Airport


If you have already purchased KDEN then check your account for the v1.1 update.


Price is  US$19.95 - note : X-Plane9 is available on request


Developers Site :  Scenery4xp

Stephen Dutton


26th February 2014


©copyright 2014 : X-Plane Reviews


Technical Requirements:

Windows , MAC or Linux

X-Plane 10 - X-Plane 9 available on request. Send us an email after you place the order


(Version 1.1 last updated Feb 25th ,2014)



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